The new stuff...

9th of February 2014
You probably already noticed it: there hasn't been updates for half a year. I do apologise and I think it's time to announce that official Hiatus: a pause, a break. Though, plenty of pages HAVE been updated, so there's plenty of stuff to browse and see.
Too many things have been going on with my life. The positive change has been that I finally found the love of my life. He helped re-coding this site, making it more suitable for different screens. Not all pages are re-coded yet, but he too has a life.
The other changes were that I lost my job, finally found a new one, started a course about illustrating children's books (just a few more weeks!) and organised an educational exposition about how to create a comic. All combined that's stealing too much energy for writing, drawing, website building...
Do not get me wrong: I do plan to continue this site in the future. My love would also hate me if I would quit art and writing. As soon as I have a glimmer of time again, I will first focus on writing again (since I am still drawing, thanks to him). If I still find time after that, I will most likely continue this site.
I will still attend many (Dutch) conventions, so don't worry, I will never quit my passion. I just need some more time than expected to get things back on track. To get regular updates, you can follow my twitter: Kitty Ocean, also to know when I'll be livestreaming. You can check out my recent art through: DeviantArt. You don't have to be a member to see my art (only if you wish to see my mature art, which is probably only 2 pieces...)!
So, I'm not dead! And I do hope to see you on this website in the future again :)

17th of June 2013
Whoa, almost a month no updates! Sorry, guys, totally didn't plan that. Things got more hectic than expected. The end is in sight, though, and then I can get back to updating.
I started with updating the Live/ Appearances list, only 1 event left!!

13th of May 2013
This weekend will be the Fantasy Bazaar in Beverwijk. I wonder how things will go! It'll last till monday, so for obvious reasons there will be no update next week XP.
This week I updated the Twitter Archive (Social Media) with Mah-Lin's twitterfeed.

6th of May 2013
I thank you all for your patience; the Elf Fantasy Fair was wonderful! In 2 weeks I have the Fantasy Bazaar in Beverwijk (Netherlands). It's the first time it'll be held, so no one knows what to expect.
I updated my collection pages: Comics, Winx Club, Disney, How to draw, Clamp, Pokémon, Takeuchi Naoko, Tanemura Arina and Manga. Enjoy!!

15th of April 2013
This saturday and sunday is the Elf Fantasy Fair - Eeks! So excited! But also super nervous. Who will I meet? What will people say about my art?
The update is not big, but that doesn't mean it's not important. We have an update in Zach's Gallery! Yes, the hero of Serenay Moon has a new image!!

8th of April 2013
The Convention Season has started! I have 3 upcoming conventions: Elf Fantasy Fair, Fantasy Bazaar and Animecon, though Animecon isn't 100% confirmed yet (They said okay, but they didn't send the paperworks yet?). 3 Really big conventions and honestly, really important ones as well. So, this means the website will be a tiny bit neglected for a while, sorry ^_^'. I'll do my best to update it, but conventions mean income and such.
Anyway, this week's update is a character reference, from the character Iri. Enjoy!

25th of March 2013
Whoa, my birthday was like super busy XD And because my boyfriend is born on the exact same day we had birthday parties all week long XD Gotta admit though, that is tiring XP.
So, I'm sorry that the updaye is not that special. I'm putting a few people into the spotlight through a linkage:

Tiamat Dragon
Rocket Stevo
Rose 74 (Stories)
JA/Sailor Energy
Go visit them and give them all your praise!!

17th of March 2013
Lazy me posted something to the twitter archive: All about Eternity 1, from Forever Young.

11th of March 2013
Sorry I'm late; I was gone this weekend. I plan to update next weekend, but the week after that (around the 24th)... sorry, it's birthday time then :)
I will take a longer hiatus around April-May, because of the many conventions then. And then, then... I will post 'The Four Elements', one of the Serenay Movies that has never been posted before! Everybody, yay!
But for this week... The Serenay Moon Group Gallery is updated with 2 drawings by Rocket Stevo =D. Marked with ** NEW **!

3rd of March 2013
Yay! Update time! And I have lotsa lotsa Forever Young fanart pieces for you. 5 drawings from various artists.

24th of February 2013
I wanted to make some fancy beginning of this entry, but I couldn't make anything up. So, I just type something less thrilling: I posted something to the twitter archive (Social Media): all about Seken!

17th of February 2013
Phew, Tsunacon was a lot of fun! I made 3 wonderful drawings (will be posted eventually) and saw a lot of familiar faces and new faces. I hope to attend next year again!
I was also invited for a few new events, so I updated the 'Live'/'Appearances' list. It's a busy year - eventwise.

3rd of February 2013
Next week I will attend the Tsunacon in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Will you say 'hi' if you see me?
I updated my How to draw collection and Comics collection. Things are slow in 2013; sorry.

27th of January 2013
Special update! 1 Fanart Image in the Serenay Moon gallery! (aka: Kitty is laaaazy XP)
Other great news: Rocket Stevo wrote a new Serenay Moon special! No, it's not online yet, it needs some finishing touches. But I read it and it was YAY!

20th of January 2013
I'm lazy, wanna write. Updated the Legacy Gallery with 5 images. Tsunacon is around the corner, by the way. Won't update then, because that's on a sunday (February 10th). But maybe I will see you there? Say 'hi' if you see me!

13th of January 2013
All right, I added old tweets to the Tweet Archive (under Social Media), about the horses of Forever Young. I hope to finish that Archive soon XP Just 15 more!

6th of January 2013
Welcome to the new year and best wishes! I've got a lot of new things in store for the year 2013, like the Dutch story 'Maryoku', more art, perhaps even more Serenay Moon stories.... But we'll start calm. I updated 2 collection pages: Disney and How to draw. Don't worry, there's still plenty to post!

9th of December 2012
There we go, the annual winter-break :) Each year I'm so afraid I forget to update due to the holiday season, I just take a li'l break. That means no more updates until the new year (and probably the second week as well). But don't worry, I won't leave you without a big update. I posted a new Serenay Moon story; a movie! I posted a movie dedicated to The Guardians and mainly Lady Ignis: The things I never said to you. Like the previous movies, I split the story up in scenes, so you don't have to read it all at once. I hope you'll like it. Happy Holidays and the best wishes for the new year!

2nd of December 2012
Yes, I remembered! And I even updated the Eternity 7 Gallery :) It's the last month of the year; I wonder what will happen. And what will be my last drawing of the year?

25th of November 2012
I updated the twitteracrhive again, with Shadowhunter's tweets.
Next week I will celebrate St. Nicolas Eve with my family and you know me: if there is a holiday or celebration, I tend to forget to update ^_^'. I'll try to not forget it, but if I do forget it... sorry!

18th of November 2012
And it's official now! Updated the 'Live' list and all! Elf Fantasy Fair 2013 is officially official! *dances*
I also spoiled myself with lotsa new manga and other books. I updated my collection pages: Manga, Books, How to draw, Tanemura Arina, Takeuchi Naoko, Disney, CLAMP and Winx
Just a question and I hope someone will reply... would you prefer me listing new collection objects as ** NEW ** as well? Or could you care less? I don't mind if people don't care about it, but if people would like to know what is new, I won't mind doing that tiny bit of extra work for them ^_^.

11th of November 2012
Elf Fantasy Fair 2013 is a GO! They accepted me back for the 4th time - YAY! I won't make things official until I got the contract, though.
As for the updates, Serenay Moon still has some hidden treats: added a new image to Tiamat's gallery!

4th of November 2012
The 'H.V.C. Creatieve Handen' webstore is being updated with a lot of new things... including new things with my art, Copic Ciao markers... and I made the coloured preview images for the markers =D. You can check it out here.
Also, I updated the Eternity 6 gallery. 3 new images; two of Naraku, one of Graven!

28th of October 2012
Updated the Twitter Archive again, this time with Clover's tweets. Getting that backlog out of my sight slowly as well...

21st of October 2012
I updated a few Collection pages: How to draw, Comics, Disney and Pokémon.

14th of October 2012
So much left to do... I finally posted the drawing of Lady Ignis I made :)

8th of October 2012
Sorry for the late update. I'm very tired from the Art Fair. It went well and I started an awesome drawing. But for now, I updated the Eternity 6 Synopsis. Things changed a bit during writing ^_~.

30th of September 2012
I updated both the 'Live'/Appearances section, as the Twitter Archive page with Hane's tweets. I know that's Forever Young-stuff, but I am way behind with the Twitter Archive. You can reach the Twitter Archive through Social Media.

23rd of September 2012
I almost forgot to update. I'm such a procrastinator! Updated the following collection pages: Disney, Winx, How to draw, Comics and my Wishlist!

16th of September 2012
You probably noticed there is less to update on the Serenay Moon side. I apologise, but there's not that much I can do about it ^_^. Forever Young is my main priority and, even though it may not seem like that, the story of Serenay Moon is almost complete.
But don't you worry! I still have a few goodies and stories before I start posting season 4. One of those goodies is in Lady Ignis' gallery. Drawn live at Abunai 2011 (Dutch Anime/Manga Convention).

9th of September 2012
I wrote a lot of Forever Young the past 2 weeks. And I edited a lot! So, the re-release of Eternity 1 (English) and the Dutch version are on their way. Still, things are not going as fast as I'd like *sighs*.
Anyway, the update: Posted 4 images in the Eternity 5 gallery =D.

1st of September 2012
On the behind-stuff-side, I posted a few new Pen-i comics in the Pen-i Archive on DeviantArt. With transcripts, so you non-Dutchies can read it too!

26th of August 2012
I finally updated the Twitter Archive (in Social Media) with the Tweets about Kai. I'm way behind with that one. So much left to update...

19th of August 2012
Well, my publisher accepted my cancellation. I just need to sign the 'cancellation'-contracts and send them back. So, soon I can republish the books to my liking!
As for this week's update, I have 2 pieces of fanart for Serenay Moon. I love them both, so hurry up and head to the Serenay Moon's Fanart section! Everything new is marked with ** NEW **.

12th of August 2012
I have decided to cancel my contracts for my Forever Young books with my current publisher. I will start self-publishing them afterwards. This means that my books will be out of print for a while, but no worries! I still have some stock and I'll do my best to get the books reprinted as soon as possible.
For this week I updated the Eternity 4 gallery with 5 images. I am always worried I draw too little for my series, but I guess I have nothing to worried about!

5th of August 2012
So, we're one month further and I think I managed to find all the errors. If I missed anything, please let me know! For this month, I updated the following pages from my collection: How to draw (and added links to the reviews of 4 books), Winx Club, Comics, Disney, Manga, Pokémon, Tanemura Arina, Elfquest, CLAMP, Takeuchi Naoko and my Wishlist!

15th of July 2012
Welcome to the new site layout! I hope you'll like this one. As you can see, things merged a lot more. It should also be a lot less clicks till you get to your destination. Just browse around, there's a lot of new stuff to discover. Too much to mention, by the way. Content-wise things should still be the same, though. So no new stories, no updated profiles... Except the About me-section. That went from 3 pages to 1 page XP
For this layout, I decided to combine the updates into one big file as well. To make things easier, I made 'code-images' for the updates.
This image will be used for updates concerning me, like my collections, appearances, plain site updates...
This image will be used for updates concerning Serenay Moon. Stories, art, the usual.
This image will be used for updates concerning Forever Young. Art, book releases, stuff like that.
This image will be used for the 'Other stories' section. The one that won't be updated a lot. I hope to host ALL my stories one day, but that means a LOT of work then. I will first host 'Maryoku' (Dutch), then 'Your Wave is My Command' and then 'Endless Rain'. After that, we'll see. I could also upload it in The Story Vault...
ANYWAY, because I have to look for broken links I won't update this site for at least a month. Please, do tell me if you find a broken link! I can test a lot, but I could overlook something.