Ah, the good old days...

This site has been made with the help of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (Present)/ CS 2 (Past) and Frontpage (Past)/ Notepad (Present). All images have been made by me.


About (Studio) Tsunami:

I picked this name in November 2004; a month before a Tsunami disaster in December 2004. If I knew the Tsunami would have come, I would have probably picked a different name. I've been accussed of being careless, only thinking about myself, and unthoughtfull because I lived on the other side of the world. This is not true. I have not been personally affected, but I do care. I tried the best I could to help, donated money, and before you accuse me of being careless because I am Dutch: 1953; the year half of the Netherlands was flooded. Only a few kilometres further, and my parents could have drowned, resulting in me not existing. I do care, a lot, but changing the name now would be hypocrit in my eyes.
What happened should not be forgotten. The ocean is strong. It gives life, but can also take life.
I am keeping the name. As a symbol of respect to nature and so I won't forget what happened.

Why I picked the name in the first place? My online name is Kitty Ocean, and I love water. I respect it, and I wanted a sitename that would match my love for water. I didn't pick it so I would offend people; that has never been my intention.


Previous Layouts:

November 2004 - September 2005: Mermaid Bubbles

September 2005 - Februari 2006: Naraku; Ready for Battle - Shortest layout thus far!

Februari 2006 - September 2008: Witch Question?

September 2008 - May 2009: In the deep

May 2009 - July 2012: Tablet - Due to the closure of the host I had to combine all my sites into one. Would have loved to have kept the old layout. Longest layout thus far!

July 2012 - Present day: Sand Turtles - Merged the sites even more!