What is 'Serenay Moon'?

Serenay Moon is an online novel; a story written between friends and posted online. It is free to read and open to all. The recommended age is PG-13, because of possible suggestive themes here and there.

Serenay Moon is a story written by Rocket Stevo from the USA and Kitty Ocean from The Netherlands. They started their project over a decade ago and while they grew, so did the story. Not only file-size, but also content-wise. While both artists would never involve (explicit) adult themes, they do add themes like death and forced to kill. However, through all stories, the questions 'what is good and what is evil?' and 'can light exist without darkness?' are asked more than once.

The world of Serenay Moon takes place in a not so far away future of Earth. Because of an exploding nuclear plant, some people gained 'magic skills', being called 'Gifted Ones'. Alongside, Space Travel has become reality and a planet with humanoid creatures called 'Serenay Moon' is discovered. On this planet, the Moon Tournament rises; a fighting Tournament that decides the strongest person in the galaxy. Because so many people wish to join, only the strongest creatures are selected by the Moon Tournament 'Council' and if you miss your chance to fight, you won't get a second chance.

Zach Tanner is such a Chosen One. Having practised his entire life, he finally sees his dream coming through. He doesn't care he was the last to be chosen; he finally got to fight. Zach just didn't know that with winning the Tournament, he would get other responsibilities dumped on him as well... like, for example, protecting the galaxy from the Big Bad Evil (it wasn't in the fine print, I swear!).

Luckily, Zach gets help from the rebellious Kitty Ocean, the highly intelligent Moka Washi, the sweet and naive Mike Ai and the strong Derak Green. Zach and his friends' new 'employers' go by the names Lady Aqua, Lady Gaia, Lady Luna, Lady Ignis and Lady Kim. Together they have to protect the universe, but can't let anyone know Armageddon is knocking on the door and would really, really like to get in!

The story was written with the intention to entertain the writers and others, as well as practise for one's writing skills. Because of this intention, all stories are free to read online, but Rocket Stevo and Kitty Ocean will always own copyright of the series.