Serenay Moon
Episode 75: Past, Present, Future
©2004 Rocket Stevo


It was a warm sunny day in one of the grassy fields. A young boy lied down as he watches one of the clouds go by. He picked up one of the flowers and sniffed the sweet smell of Mother Nature. Yumoja were eating grass and making their funny noises. A young girl went up to the young boy laying on the ground and sat down.

“Such a lovely day in the summer.” The young girl with a lot of braided pigtails said. “Soon we will be able to settle down here and create our village.”

The boy nodded. “Indeed! It is very peaceful and I hope it will stay this way.” He turned to the young girl. “I feel so bad we couldn’t save the other people against…”

The young girl held a finger to his mouth. “Hush Fanen! We did the best we could. The NightWing shouldn’t be able to find us here.”

Fanen smiled as he looked up into the sky. “You’re right sis! No worries!”

Suddenly the ground started to shake. Fanen got up and turned to his sister. “This cannot be!”

They turned to see black soldiers running towards them. A young girl with a brown ponytail held a sword in the air. “Attack everyone! For the Queen and King of NightWing! Courage commands you!”

Fanen turned to his sister. “Warned everyone before they arrived. Protect all the women and children! Have the men get ready for battle. Quickly! I’ll try to hold them off.”

As Fanen’s sister ran off, Fanen stood up and watch as the group of men head towards them. From his side, he pulled out a sword and glare, as the men got closer.

A young boy in a Chinese outfit floated beside the brown ponytail hair girl and pointed at Fanen. “What’s is this Courage? A fool who believes he can take on all us?”

“Quiet Ryu! Geez you’re so annoying!” Courage pushed the boy away.

“Focus, my niece!” A guy in green robe floated beside her. “We must do as we are told.”

“That’s right Tempus sweetie!” A young girl with black hair floated above the green robe guy. “Then we better get it done.”

The group of people except the brown haired girl all used their magic powers on anything. Fanen quickly dodged the attack and leap in the air after the group of people. Courage seemed to notice and took out her sword and the two clashed against each other.

“Forget it boy!” Courage grinned as she pushed harder on her sword. “You’ll never defeat us!”

Suddenly all heard a loud trumpet sound. All turned to see the  young girl with a lot of braided pigtails with a group of men in armor. She pointed to the group and shouted something.

“For DayWing! Good will be triumph!”

The men all roared and charged at high speed. They all drew out their weapons and held them forward. The young girl ran besides them giving them orders as she held onto her spear.

Courage pushed Fanen away and yelled at her group. “What are you men doing? Attack them!”

The men all roared and charged at the DayWing Rebels and soon they was a big clash. Although DayWing had more soldiers, NightWing’s soldiers were creaming them. The black haired girl laughed. “They should know better than to messed with the Ancient Warriors!”

Suddenly the young girl started singing causing the NightWing’s soldiers to back away. All Ancient Warriors covered their ears to block the sound. The young girl smiled knowing no one can back down from her powerful singing.

Before she could continue, a black fog caused her to stop. She grabbed her throat and coughed hard. Then something light came from her mouth and it floated into a tiny bottle where a lady with black feathers was holding onto. The girl tried to speak, but couldn’t make a single sound.

“Continue my dear warriors! We must do as Lord Inferno tells us.” The lady said and then turned to the girl. “Too bad the beautiful bird cannot sing anymore. I hope they kill you before you can sing your last death.” Then she disappeared.

Fanen ran to her sister. “Lyric! Are you all right?” But Lyric couldn’t say anything to her.

Courage started laughing. “Too bad she can’t talk anymore. Now men attack!”

Fanen looked worried as many men came closer to them. “Retreat!”

But the men were too scared to follow his directions and scattered everywhere. Fanen tried to get everyone, but no one listened. The men got closer and before Fanen could say anything, everything went black.


 “NO!” Fanen shot up.

His group woke up seeing Fanen sweating a bit.

“Are you okay?” Ariës looked worried.

Fanen suddenly got up and dressed himself. “No! They cannot get away with this.”

“What are you talking about?” Vola said.

“I sense Zach and his group are taking on Lord Inferno! They don’t know what they are up against.” Fanen said.

“No!” Lyre stopped Fanen. “My brother, I know how you felt when this place was invaded by NightWing’s soldiers. I too want to defeat them. But it is best to let Zach and his friends do it. For they have much power than we do.”

Fanen nodded and smiled. “Then the only thing we can do is pray that they make it alive.”


Lord Inferno grinned as the girl wiped the blonde hair from her face. His eyes narrowed down at this young girl. “Oh!” He said. “Another soldier is what I see.”

Derak came towards the blond girl with tears in his eyes. “Lizzy…sister…You’re a soldier?” The blonde girl nodded her head. Derak didn’t know what to say or do except just gaze at his sister in her outfit.

Zach was surprised too. “You mean all this time you’ve been helping us, you’re a soldier.”

“Wow!” Mika looked happy, “Derak’s sister has a good sense of fashion.”

Derak grabbed his sister and hugged her as he started crying. “Sis…why didn’t you tell me? All these years I haven’t seen you. Dad was getting worried and thought you ran away.”

Liz held his hands. “I don’t know! I have kept this secret to not let you know about me. I didn’t know how you would react.”

“Oh Lizzy!” Derak sniffed.

“What a nice reunion to the both of you.” Lord Inferno grinned. “Get to see each other before you die!” Lord Inferno placed his hands together and shot his palms out. “Nightmare Destruction!”

A black beam headed towards Zach’s group faster than they can blink. What could they do to defeat him without their weapons, when he has them? They all dodged the attack, but ended up getting hit by it. They struggled to stand up.

“Great!” Kitt huffed. “He gets first attack and I’m badly damaged.”

Zach charged up his attack. “Even though he has our weapons, doesn’t mean we are powerless. Zako Y Chosen!”

The fireball headed towards Lord Inferno, but when it hit him, it didn’t do much damage.

“I believe this was the results you wanted!” Lord Inferno held his palms out again. “ Venom Vortex!”  Shot out of his hands was a black ball similar to Zach’s fireball. It smashed Zach away and shocking him at the same time.

Mika rushed over to him and began to heal, but Zach smacked her hands. “Don’t! Attack him! I’ll be fine!”

Mika quickly send her attack without thinking. “Pretty Puff!” She cried out sending a pink puff at the Lord Inferno.

Lord Inferno laughed as he swiped his hands at the attack making it dissolve. “This is going to stop me? Perhaps I underestimated you, Soldiers.”  

Mika looked worried at Zach, who didn’t look too happy as he tried to shake off the power. “I’m sorry!” Mika cried. “I had to do something.”

Derak got up after protecting Liz from Lord Inferno’s first attack. “That does it! He’s going down!”

Suddenly he felt someone grabbing his jacket. “What?” He turned around and saw Liz grabbing it. “What are you doing?”

“Like I said. Think first!” Liz said. “Don’t attack him without knowing his weaknesses.”

Derak nodded and send his attack. “Pineapple Canon!” His massive of green powers strike everywhere at Lord Inferno to find where he is weak, but he pushed them all away with his powers.

“Forget it kiddies! There is no way you can destroy me as I’m powerful than you are!” Lord Inferno charged at the group and knocked them towards the wall. He began to punch his fist at the group and they scattered away.

Moka rolled to the ground and aimed for his chest with his hand. Suddenly he pulled it away and grabbed his hand. “Ow! This guy must have work out too long.” Before he could react, Lord Inferno swiped his fist at him causing him to hit the floor.

“Hey! Leave Moka alone!” Mika cried and jump on to Lord Inferno’s body and wrapped her legs around while punching his back. “Take that and that!”

Zach followed Mika’s motions and began kicking at his body with all his might. “Dog pile on him!”

Kitt and Moka furiously punched everywhere on Lord Inferno. Derak and Liz tried to pull Lord Inferno’s arms from hitting them. All tried their best to slow Lord Inferno down.

At that moment, Lord Inferno was ticked off. “Enough of this nonsense! Universe Explosion!”

A great black power knocked Zach’s group off Lord Inferno and send them falling to the ground. Lord Inferno used his powers to grab two of the weapons from the pile. “Let’s see you tried to stop me now!” Lord Inferno grinned as he held onto the Crystal Wand and Opal Trident.

“This does not look good!” Zach backed away.

“Why can’t there be a rule on not using other people’s weapons?” Kitt tried to hide behind Zach.

“If you didn’t hear me before little lady, I am more powerful than you are.” Lord Inferno used both the trident and the wand together sending a blue and pink beam at the group. It was more powerful than using just one of the weapon.

“He may have both weapons, but we countered it!” Moka said determined and grabbed Mika’s hands. “Cosmic Tornado!” They cried out sending their wind attack.

Quickly Zach grabbed Kitt’s hands from behind and held their hands outward at Lord Inferno. “Steaming Shower!” They cried out launching their attack along with Mika and Moka’s.

Liz quickly grabbed Derak’s hand and held it outwards. Derak looked surprised at first, but when Liz nodded to him, he seems to understand what she is trying to do. They both held their hands and shouted with all their might. “Nature Soul!” Their combined attack sided along the other two heading towards Lord Inferno causing a huge explosion.

When the dust cleared, Zach and his group were on the floor as they protect each other.

“Did we get him?” Kitt coughed and waved the dust from her face.

“I hope!” Mika huffed. “I want this all to end.”

Suddenly something shiny came out from the dust and hit Mika on the shoulder. Moka screamed as he held Mika from falling to the ground. He noticed it was an arrow the one he used on his diamond bow. “Take Cover!” He cried. From the dust, more arrows shot towards the group as they all dodge it. No matter what, they all got injured from it.

Lord Inferno stepped from the dust and held onto the Diamond Bow. He watches at the group taking the arrows from their shoulders and chest. Liquid blood red came out slowly onto the floor. He laughed and was ready to aim more arrows at the group.

“Crystal Heart Fury!” Liz yelled letting her crystal heart sending power at Lord Inferno.

The attack blinded Lord Inferno who tried to block this amazing power letting go of the bow. Quickly Moka grabbed it and shot an arrow at Lord Inferno in the arm. “Payback time!” Moka grinned as Lord Inferno grabbed his shoulder in pain.

Lord Inferno quickly used his powers with his other hand grabbing the Emerald Axe. He ran forward towards Moka swinging his axe. Moka tried his best to dodge his attacks. He didn’t want to lose any parts of his body.

“Hah!” Lord Inferno grinned as he used the Emerald Axe’s power at Moka. “Emerald Forest Night!”

Moka quickly called upon his powers. “Wings of Air!”

His back growed wings and soon everyone else did. They all floated in the air to avoid Lord Inferno’s attacks from below.

“This guy is so powerful!” Zach groaned.

“Isn’t that what he already said?” Mika reminded, but everyone was too much in pain to argue at her.

“Liz did say we need to find his weakness.” Derak said turning to his sister.

“You have to be kidding. This guy has no weakness!” Kitt said. “Did you saw his powers and how he used our weapons?"

“All bad guys should have weakness!” Liz replied. “We just need to attack him with whatever we have. Somehow we need to get the weapons back and use them against him.”

“Okay sounds good!” Zach said. “One problem! He has them and is using them!”

“Okay! We’ll all attack him and then someone gets all the weapons okay!” Liz said hoping her plan would work.

“Okay!” Zach said. “Another problem. We can only pick up our own weapons. I tried to pick up Moka’s weapon, but I just couldn’t do it. All the weapons are made for our own, therefore we can only get our own weapons that are made for us.”

“Dang! You really are smart for a blonde guy!” Kitt joked.

“What is with the blonde jokes?” Zach growled. “Is this what everyone thinks of us blonde people?”

Suddenly fire rings burned everyone’s wings as they started falling to the ground. Lord Inferno waited and then held his hands in the air.

“Inferno Portal!”

A blast of fire and dark power hit the group and they all collapse to the floor. Not one of them moved. All were badly hurt and sore.

Lord Inferno laughed loudly as can be. He took the sword and grabbed Zach’s hair tightly with his hand. He held the sword high in the air getting ready to chop off his head. Zach opened one eye watching as the sword shines bright in the lights above.

“No…” He whispered and shut his eyes.

“Since you’re all weak and about to die, I might as well tell you one thing.” Lord Inferno smiled as he whipped his hair from his face. He loosens his grip on Zach’s hair, but didn’t let go. Lord Inferno opens his white pearly teeth and smiled. “I hurt the ones you loved.”

Everyone was puzzled. What the heck is Lord Inferno talking about?

“What do you mean?” Mika coughed as she tried to speak. 

A loud laugh came from Lord Inferno again. “Well miss Spirit girl…don’t you get it! I killed your parents!” Mika’s eyes wide opened and a tear came out.

Moka’s eyes opened too surprised as Mika. He remembered the scene he saw when they were on Earth. The black person that was in front of Mika’s house is him. Then he also remembered Lord Inferno having her friends and Kitt’s sister as Black Soldiers to destroy them. Was he the one that kidnapped her friends?

Lord Inferno grinned, “I can tell by your reaction Air boy, you seem to have a good memory of this incident! You also remember a certain airplane accident that I destroyed. You know what funny is that when they died, they look just like your older brother who I left dying in the desert for the vultures to eat.”

Tears came out of Moka’s eyes and then his eyebrows turned down. “You…You…”

Lord Inferno turned to Derak who was trying to protect his sister. “The Earth boy! Ahh yes the one who controls the ground type. Hmm! Let’s see you have a sister right there and a father. But what happened to your mother?” Derak started to grit his teeth. “Oh yes she got caught in the earthquake when you were young. All because you couldn’t tell anyone about the earthquake.”

“That’s not true!” Liz yelled out. “My brother wouldn’t know and he made up with his father a while ago.”

“Liz?!” Derak looked surprised. Now how did she knew about this?

Lord Inferno laughed again that Derak wished he had enough strength in him to knock him out. “Ahh! Yes that is true! It wasn’t his fault because I started that earthquake to hit on that house.” Derak was really mad now. “Too bad, Earth boy here couldn’t find that power of his to save his weak mother from dying. Speaking of dying, don’t you remember your friend, Bryan, whom I decided was too weak as well. He may look strong, but not tough against the powerful Inferno!”

He walked down to Kitt enjoying watching every single soldier suffered from his hatred. “The aqua girl! Don’t seem as calm as a river, but more of a boiling type as a pot of water on a stove.” Kitt tried to stand up, but Lord Inferno used his powers to push her down. “See what I mean! You should be more like your sister, who I though I could killed with that illness I gave her.” Kitt’s eye opened wider than Moka and Mika’s. “That’s right, I thought killing her would also mean killing you. Separating her from you also made no difference. Too bad when I’m done with you, she won’t live much longer as well.”

Finally Lord Inferno turned to Zach who was trying to set his hand on fire to throw at him. “And this blonde fool!” Lord Inferno said as he jerked Zach’s hair causing him to lose his concentration. “His hair represents how small his brain is. To think he caused the fire to the school with his powers. If it weren’t for me to set it up, he wouldn’t have learned this deadly power to scorch the face of a beautiful girl. Kimi right? Means beauty? Such a pretty name, but now we should call her Scorchy because of someone playing with fire caused her face to crisp.”

Everyone by now was mixed with hatred and sadness. But they all cannot do anything because they are injured and hurt. All they could do was suffer the death they were about to face. They now knew the truth about Lord Inferno and everything that he did to make them suffer. Now they had to breath the last of their life.

“This is the end!” Lord Inferno cried as he lifted the sword high above Zach’s head. “Good-Bye Soldiers! Guardians! Earth People! Serenay People! Bow down and hail Lord Inferno, the Universal God!”

Derak shut his eyes as a tear came down. “This is it! I have failed you, mother, father, Lyric, and Vena.”

“Mom and Dad!” Moka cried. “Denko!”

“Mommy, Daddy,” Mika cried also. “Rocket Stevo! Kem! Rini!”

“Star! Mommy!” Kitt cried also. “Father! My friends!”

As the sword came down, everyone closed their eyes. Lord Inferno’s eyes widen as he laugh loudly as the sword came towards Zach’s head. Within minutes they heard a scream and the clatter of the sword that dropped to the floor.

“Zach!” Kitt cried as tears came down her eyes. She cried and cried feeling her heart slowly dying. This couldn’t end right now. Zach, the one who had protected her and was always there for her. Dead! He was  now with Courage and maybe getting annoyed in death. 

“My hand!”

Kitt opened her eyes and saw a burst of flame standing before her and Lord Inferno. It was Zach inside the flame and he looked very pissed off. He grabbed the sword with his flaming hand and started to change as his skin became red. “You just pissed off a hot blonde guy.”

Lord Inferno tried to attack Zach with his attack, but Zach knocked it away with his sword. He leap up in the air and sliced the sword at Lord Inferno. Quickly, Lord Inferno knocked Zach away and kicked him towards the wall.

“No matter!” He replied as he puffed on his hands from the flame. “You won’t defeat me with the other weapons I have.”

As he turned around, he slipped to the ground and fell on his bottom. He felt water dripping on him similar to a rain. He looked up and saw Kitt dripping wet like a river holding the trident in her hand. She had blue skin and didn’t look happy. On the other side, Mika had pink skin and was very bright and shiny as she holds onto her Crystal Wand. Moka had gray skin as a tornado surrounded him and he was getting ready to shoot his arrow with the Diamond Bow. Derak’s skin turned green as branches and leaves grow around him as he held the Emerald Axe in his hand. Finally, Liz looked faded as she held the heart crystal with her purple skin hand. Lord Inferno started to look scared as they all gathered around him.

“It’s time for the Universal God to get a taste of its own medicine.” Kitt grinned.

All of them surrounded Lord Inferno. It was the battle that they thought would never happen. This battle would determine the balance of the universe would be. Evil or Good? Neither one would back down from the fight. They would do whatever it would take for their side to win.

Zach and his friends all charged at Lord Inferno. They slashed their weapons at him. Lord Inferno was sent flying to the wall.

He growled at them and used his night powers again. All jumped away to avoid his attack. Even though they were badly damage, not one would give up.

We must work as one


What the Guardians had told us


“Time to end this!” Lord Inferno cried. “Universe Explosion!”

The attack came closer as Zach and his group crowded together. A big explosion blinded Lord Inferno as he covered his eyes from the flying debris and parts of the floor. When the dust cleared all that was left is a black ring where Zach and his group were.

Lord Inferno laughed loud. “Fools! With your pathetic powers you cannot defeat the all mighty Lord Inferno!”

“Think again!”

Where the black ring was Zach and his friends reappeared. Lord Inferno gasped surprised. “No! This cannot be! No one can survive that!” He held his hands out. “Nightmare Destruction!”

Before the attack can appear, Zach and his group held their weapons in the air. They were all in a circle, but facing outward from each other.

“Soaring of the Arrow!” Moka held his diamond bow in the air.

The attack smashed Zach and his group, but was reflected by a white light.

Derak held the emerald axe in the air. “Growth of the Forest!”

Mika held up her crystal wand. “Love of the Innocence!”

“I will not be defeated by children!” Lord Inferno looked worry. “Venom Vortex!”

Liz held her crystal heart. “Heart of the Dream!”

A pink, green, and purple light deflected Lord Inferno’s attack. 

Both Kitt and Zach held each other’s hand as they held their weapons in the air.

“Rising of the Sun!” Zach cried.

“Falling of the Ocean!” Kitt cried.

They all turned a certain color. Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, and Gray.

Lord Inferno looked scared as he backed away. Suddenly the combined attack headed straight toward him. Before it hit, Lord Inferno heard a voice.

We weren’t strong to defeat you…

We weren’t as one as they are…

Now it is time to end this…

Go back where you came from…

Never to return…

“Phoenix…” Lord Inferno growled. “Buku…Aura…Pan…Tsunami…”

Before he could even say anything, the attack blasted him and soon what was left of him is his cape.

Zach and his friends all collapse to the ground. They all were tired and badly damaged.

Kitt turned to Zach who lay on the ground looking at the ceiling. She smiled at him. “I thought you were going to be dead. Then I could have place to put my fish tank.”

Zach turned around and grinned. “You want me to do the same thing I did to Lord Inferno?”

They laugh a bit, until they passed out and went to sleep.

On the other side, Mika was in Moka’s arms as they held each other.

“Thank you for being here Moka.” Mika smiled.

“I’m always here!” Moka smiled. “Forever and ever!”

Then they close their eyes as they fell asleep still in each other arms.

Next to them, Derak moved his hand slowly to touch Liz’s face.

“You look so grown up now than when I last saw you.” Derak smiled.

“You too!” Liz smiled, “Just like mom from what daddy told me.”

Derak laughed. “I take you to see him again when we get back.”

“If he can recognize me!” Liz giggled.

They turned around and close their eyes to take a long sleep.

A light circle surrounded them as they dissolved away and were now in a large white circle floating into the galaxy. Following it were Lady Kim, Tiamat, and beside them Liberty went along.

“You have a brave mother, Liberty!” Lady Kim said. “Soon you’ll be just like her.”

Liberty smiled. “I hope I can meet her again.”

Tiamat smiled. “Of course you will. Only time will tell.”

They watched as the white circle headed towards Earth. Once again, they would return and hope it would stay that way. Evil has been defeated, but for how long?

Lady Kim smiled. “I thank you again Inner soldiers.”

Suddenly she snapped from her happiness. Tiamat and Liberty looked worried at her.

“What’s wrong?” Liberty asked her.

Lady Kim suddenly headed in the other direction towards Serenay Moon.

“IGNIS! You better not messed up my work on the Moon Tournament! Oo! That does it, I’m keeping a password on that computer!”


Back on Umbra 6, where the cape was flapping in the broken down castle, a loud laughter was heard.

“Those fools! To think they can defeat me. They never know this is what I have calculated in my plans. By the time we meet again, I will have the real weapons of the Ancient Gods and I will destroy those children. Soon the whole Serenay Moon, Earth, and the universe will be mine to control and NightWing will be born again.”


End of episode 75
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