Serenay Moon
Episode 73: Lord of the Inferno
© 2003 Rocket Stevo

He gripped his hands and placed them on his knees. As tears went down his face, he remembered all the people he had known who were killed or disappeared. His mom, Lyric, and now the one that he loved; all are now gone. Derak shook his head thinking it was a dream and his hands gripped harder.

 “No!” He said softly and then suddenly punched the ground leaving a big hole from where he punched. “NO!” Derak kept punching the ground that soon everyone though the castle was going to collapse.

No one knew what to do until Derak got up and started to walk off. “Where are you going?” Zach ran after him.

“I’m going to find that Lord Inferno and make sure he’s dead.” Derak said.

“You can’t do that!” Mika went after him. “You saw what he did to Vena. You’ll be killed.” Then she thought for a minute, “Actually you’ll be dead!”

“Then so be it!” Derak said. “I don’t care what it takes, but I want him to pay for killing Vena.”

RB sighed as she wrapped the jacket around her. “He’s cool and brave! I wish I had him as a boyfriend.”

Zach tried to hold Derak back even though Derak was stronger and bigger than he was. “But you don’t know much about him. You don’t know how you’re going to defeat him.”

“I don’t care!” Derak pushed Zach away.

“Don’t die Derak!” Mika grabbed onto Derak’s leg that he couldn’t move his legs.

“Don’t make me change my mind.” Derak shook his leg sending Mika flying into Moka’s arms. “There is nothing you can do to stop me.”

Before Derak could burst out of the door, an electric shock hit him in the back. He collapsed to the ground as if he was a fallen statue.

All turned around and saw Rocket Stevo holding up his arms and then placed them down.

“Stevo!” Mika gasped as she ran over to Derak to heal him.

Zach grabbed Rocket Stevo by the shirt collar. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

Even though Rocket Stevo looked scared, he calmly pushed Zach’s hands from his shirt. “Calm down! I just stunned him before he starts to do something, and face something he has never faced before.”

“It would be nice to tell us first.” Kitt sighed relieved and patted her chest as if she had a heart attack.

Rocket Stevo felt embarrassed by his actions. “Well your friend doesn’t know who he is up against! He thinks he is strong enough to take Lord Inferno down, but he doesn’t know how much Lord Inferno’s powers are more powerful than he is.”

“He’s that powerful?!” Zach grabbed Rocket Stevo again. “You must know all about him. Tell me all you know about him. What about his powers? Tell me!”

Moka tried to get Zach to let go of Rocket Stevo. “Don’t try to force it out of him, if he doesn’t want to tell.”

“But we have to know!” Zach yelled back at him.

“What good will it do to beat the crap out of him in order to know the information?” Moka countered his argument.

Before Zach could come up with another explanation, Rocket Stevo’s eyes suddenly turned black and hollow. He shocked Zach away from him with his powers, that Zach got thrown to the wall.

“Okay!” Zach shook his head. “I know I wasn’t thinking, but…” It was then Zach noticed that Rocket Stevo wasn’t fooling around. He didn’t look human, but look as if he was under control.

“So you are the great warriors the Guardians have sent for!” Rocket Stevo seemed to say as if he had a double voice. “Such a pleasure to meet you all. I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself. How rude I am? But it seems my loyal servants have revealed my name.”

“Lord Inferno!” Zach gritted his teeth.

Rocket Stevo’s head turned towards him and smiled. “Very good young fire warrior, and I thought all blond men had tiny brains.”

Moka and Kitt had to calm Zach down, while he started to get pissed off. A loud laugh came from Rocket Stevo as he looked at the warriors.

“The Guardians must be joking! Sending little kids to save them and their pathetic planet from all the evil I have created.” Rocket Stevo started to walk towards them. “But they are so weak that when they face their own fears, they cannot win.”

He turned to Moka. “A young orphan boy who lost his parents in a disappearing plane. His brother is nowhere to be found when looking for their parents. Now he is alone and cannot even cry like a baby.” He turned to Mika who was still healing Derak. “A young girl who also lost her mother and father in a burned down house. Lost her friends too and is an orphan. And another young boy who lost his mother in an earthquake and lied to his true love.” Rocket Stevo turned to Zach still gritting his teeth. “This dumb blond who caused death to a school and even killed someone he cared for. His powers are very dangerous, that it could even kill all living things in the universe.” Lastly he turned to Kitt. “You, my dear, has a temper that I have never seen girls have. To think anyone cares about you. You’re just selfish, more than ever before.”

No one could say anything except feeling sorry for each other. Zach shook his head and stood up. “That is not true. You may be the greatest and most powerful person in the universe, but we won’t back down on you. We will defeat you and end the evilness you have caused to the Guardians and to the people who you fooled.”

“I applaud your courage, blondy.” Lord Inferno’s voice said. “It is very true that I have fooled Princess Vena into believing I worked for her. Dumb as you are!”

“Enough with the blonde jokes!” Zach was starting to boil. “Come out and fight!”

Lord Inferno’s voice laughed from Rocket Stevo. “I’ll be waiting to finally defeat you warriors. Until then, I have to be prepared for your arrival.”

At that moment, a black light shot out of Rocket Stevo’s eyes and burst down the doors.

“Let’s follow it!” Zach growled, “It might lead to this Lord Inferno person!”

At that moment, Derak had woken up as he saw the black light vanish through the door.

“Lord Inferno!” He cried and pushed Mika away from him as he ran out the door.

“Derak!” Zach and Moka gasped as they dashed after him.

“Wait for me!” Mika cried running behind them.

“And me!” Kitt yelled, who hasn’t said anything. She turned around to her sister, “Stay right here! Make sure nothing happens to Mika’s friends!”

“Hey, I’m not a babysitter!” Starleen yelled back.

“You are now!” Kitt said as she ran out of the doors leaving the three girls and Rocket Stevo in the castle.

“So………” Kem started to say, “What now?”

RB shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know? I guess we stay here since that is what the orange haired girl said.”

“I say let’s follow them. They might need our help!” Starleen said.

“No!” Rocket Stevo got up. “You don’t know anything about Lord Inferno! You can’t defeat…”

“Does it matter?” Starleen said as she grabbed him. “Let’s go!”

Suddenly the lights went out in the castle. The sound of punches and kicks were heard until the lights were turned on. There laid Rocket Stevo and the girls on the ground knocked out. Loud footsteps came closer to them and a hand picked them all up. “This time!” Lord Inferno grinned, “I cannot fail now!”


Zach and his group followed the black light and tried to keep up with Derak. Derak continued on without stopping as he pumped his legs to make him run faster.

“I will kill him and make him pay!” Derak growled.

“He is really pissed off!” Kitt huffed and puffed. “Don’t you think so Zach?”

Zach was too angry to talk to Kitt. “Dumb Blonde? I’ll show him I am not dumb!”

On the other side, Moka and Mika were trying to catch up with the group since they had been so tired to keep up with the group.

“I hope we can defeat this person, so he won’t hurt Derak!” Moka said.

“You know it’s funny!” Mika gasped a few airs. “Lord Inferno’s voice seemed familiar. It is if I have heard it before. I think when my friends were taken away...”

Before Moka could ask, the black light had already taken speed and disappeared in the sky. Derak kept running until he almost fell off a cliff. Zach and Moka quickly caught him and lifted him back up.

“Great!” Derak said, “Now how are we going to follow the black light?”

Without thinking, Moka chanted some words and suddenly he grew wings out of his back. Soon everyone else had wings growing out of their backs and now they were able to fly.

“Wow Moka!” Kitt said surprised. “How did you do that?”

“I’m not sure!” Moka said, “It just happened!”

“We’ll find out later!” Zach said as he zoomed off. “Derak has already gone ahead of us. We'd better make sure he doesn’t take Lord Inferno alone!”

Kitt followed beside him. “It has been a while since I have had wings to fly. Remember I was that mermaid, angel, genie person.” Kitt smiled.

But Zach was still pissed off, more than ever before. His eyes were narrowed down and he was grinding his teeth from side to side.


As all were flying, they saw a floating land with a huge castle on the top. It was bigger than the castle Princess Vena was in. The sky became very dark, as they all got closer to the land. Thunder rumbled in the clouds as light flashed bright.

“Oh! It’s pretty!” Mika’s eyes widened. “We should get a castle for our house. Then we can be like those fantasy people and hunt for food. I can even make clothes like that elf and…”

“Let’s stay focused!” Zach yelled. “Because we have got company!”

At that moment, bats started flying towards them. They all attacked Zach’s group and gnawed on their wings to tear them apart. The group called upon their weapons and started attacking the bats. Still the bats were much quicker and since there were so many, the wings almost turn to scraps of feathers.

“There’s too many!” Moka said as he pushes some of them away with his bow.

“I have no time for this!” Derak was starting to become impatient. He quickly swung his axe and called out his attack. “Emerald Forest Night!”

The green attack knocked out most of the bats clearing a path for Derak to the castle. The others quickly followed him before the bats could attack them. They all landed in the forest trying to catch their breath as Derak tried to find their way through.

“Great! I think we’re lost!” Derak said.

“Well that’s just great!” Kitt sighed. “Now what do we do?”

“We better think of something before those bats try to find us!” Zach said.

Suddenly they heard some rustling in one of the bushes. All turned around and saw one bush shaking. Then something jumped out of the bush, causing everyone to jump away quickly. Kitt was the first one to step forward after the person landed.

“Star! I told you to stay back at the castle!” Kitt yelled at her. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry!” Starleen said as she looked up revealing her black hollow eyes. “I guess I forgot!” She launched her typhoon attack at Kitt. Zach quickly caught her, but was hit from behind. As his eyes started to close, he saw other figures beating up his friends. Then he felt someone lifting him up. With one last look, he saw Lord Inferno’s evil smiling face.

“You’re all mine!” He smiled.


End of episode 73

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