Serenay Moon
Episode 69: Eye of the animals
©2003 Rocket Stevo 


Shocking, the female Black Soldiers’ jaws dropped and their eyes were wide open. Never in their lives have they experienced something from their leader like this. Black Hurricane and Black Typhoon looked sick. Black Storm, on the other hand, vomited on the ground.

“What is with him?” Black Hurricane scratched her head.

Black Storm wiped her mouth. “I don’t know!” Then she turned around and puked again.

“This is strange for Black Thunder to be doing this.” Black Typhoon nodded her head. “I thought he hated love.”


Not noticing the girls, Black Thunder continued to kiss Kitt’s lips. “Yes! As soon as I delivered these elemental soldiers to Lord Inferno, you and I will be somewhere to forget all this.” He said as he embraced Kitt.

“Typhoon Tiger Fist!” a voice cried out.

A wind tiger smashed Black Thunder away and the remote control flipped from his hand. A hand caught it and saved Kitt from falling to the ground. As Black Thunder awoke from the attack, he saw Black Typhoon standing in front of him.

“Okay kissy leader, time to explain what’s going on.” Black Typhoon grabbed him by the collar.

Black Thunder knocked her hand away. “It’s my own business, okay!?”

“Yeah right!” Black Hurricane sneered as she landed next to Black Typhoon. “You actually believe I’m going to fall for that, after you kissed your enemy?!”

“She’s not that mean!” Black Thunder yelled back. “Better than with you three around me. Now leave before I kick your ass! Even if you are girls!”

Black Hurricane was ticked off. “Oh, you’re so dead and I’m going to…”

A hand stopped in front of Hurricane’s face. She looked confused when Black Typhoon looked at her computer that had a clock on it. Then Black Typhoon started counting the seconds.

“5…4...3…2…1…Done!” She smiled.

A loud scream came from Black Thunder’s mouth. He grabbed his chest and started rolling around the ground. His chest turned black and he couldn’t breathe.

“Whoa! Thunder is like my yellow pet rat.” Black Storm said when she arrived.

Smiling, Black Typhoon pressed the button and Kitt was at her command. She send a water attack at Black Thunder and he was knocked out in a split second. Black Typhoon nodded as she commands Kitt to put her foot onto Black Thunder’s head.

“How in the world...?” Black Hurricane wondered looking at the dizzy eyed leader. “What was with him? He just went crazy.”

“It was something I learned from Lord Inferno. He said that this would happen to Black Thunder if he ever tried to free his loving heart.” Black Typhoon replied.

“He can be weird sometimes.” Black Hurricane sighed.

“Well at least we got our control.” Black Storm smiled as she went to take the control from Black Typhoon. “I want to use it to kill Black Thunder for all the mean stuff he has done and for the video-games.”

“We’ll do it later!” Black Typhoon said grabbing it back. “First, let’s go back to the castle.”

“No way!” Black Hurricane held her hands in front of her. “I don’t want to be losing oxygen or getting my skin peeled off. Lord Inferno said if we got close we will be gone, just like my peroxide.”

“Who said we are going to see him?” Black Typhoon smiled. “We’re going to see someone who really wants this.”


Back in the castle, Queen Vena was pounding on her throne chair. She hadn’t had any action nor has she had her revenge. Servants were very scared to come into her room. All they heard was pounding and screaming every once a while.

“I’m tired of this! If nothing happens, I will destroy everything that gets in my way.” She cried and with her powers she smashed a hole in the wall. Servants were running around in panic. “Where is Lord Inferno?”

A servant, brave enough, went to her. “My queen…” He started nervously. “It seems Lord Inferno doesn’t want to see you. He is busy with something and wished never to be bothered.”

“But I told him to be here! I’m tired of all this waiting for my revenge!”

“But my queen…”

“Don’t get me started! Bring Lord Inferno here or else I’ll kill you all.”

She pounded her fist on her throne chair and a big piece of the ceiling smashed the servant. Her eyes looked at the trembling servants who huddled together.

“What are you waiting for? Go get him!” She yelled as the servants quickly dashed down the hallway. “Idiots!” She lifted up her dress and went to go to her room.


Without wasting time, the female Black Soldiers quickly gathered up the Elemental Soldiers.

“So heavy!” Black Storm struggled to pick up Zach. “Either he is very strong or weights a lot.” She went over and dumped him where the rest of his friends were.

“Great, now we’ll deliver them to Queen Vena and she will be so happy that she might even get rid of Lord Inferno.” Black Typhoon smiled.

“Hold up!” Black Hurricane said looking up from dabbing her eye shadow. “What if we encounter Lord Inferno along the way? He might be there right now telling the queen to fire us.”

“Good point!” Black Storm sighed. “Maybe this won’t work. We get in trouble, but leader here doesn’t. Lucky him he wasn’t in this mess and if he only just could do what we said!”

Black Typhoon’s eyes lit up when she heard that. “Brilliant Black Storm!” She went over to Kitt, who stood without moving. Black Typhoon took the pin from Kitt and placed in Black Thunder’s hair. Then, she took her remote and pressed a few buttons. Black Thunder opened his empty eyes and stared blankly.

“Alright! Now he is under our control!” Black Hurricane cheered. “Alright!”

At that moment, Kitt had awaked from her trance. She held her head as she got up. “That was a nice nap!” She yawned loudly.

Before Kitt could say anything, she saw the female Black Soldiers playing around Black Thunder like a puppet. They hadn’t noticed she had awaked. “Oh my god! It’s the Black Soldiers!” Kitt was shocked. “I'd better warn Zach and the rest.”

She turned to look for them and found them lying together. “Oh high one!” She gasped.

“Enough playing!” Black Typhoon grabbed the remote. “Back to our mission.” She pressed some buttons and Black Thunder took a hold of Zach and his friends. “Alright Black Thunder, take us out of here.”

“Wave Crasher!” A water attack attacked the female Black Soldiers.

Black Hurricane quickly jumped up before she got her hair wet again. “Hurricane Hawk Claws!”

The attack headed towards Kitt, but she dodged it away. “You’re not taking my friends.”

“You should have made another pin.” Black Storm whispered to Black Typhoon.

Kitt called upon her trident and her outfit changed. Gritting her teeth, she got into her fighting stance.

“I’m so tired of this fighting!” Black Hurricane sighed. “It’s always the same thing. We defeat them and they always attack back”

“Agreed!” Black Typhoon said. “Let’s kill her with our ultimate attack!” She got into her fighting stance. The other female Black Soldiers also got into their fighting stance. Kitt looked very puzzled at what they are doing.

“Sister, whatever you're doing, stop it!” Kitt yelled thinking she could snap her out. Black Typhoon didn’t reply and crouched onto the floor. She arched her back in the air. Black energy surrounded around her. Digging her hands into the dirt, she lowered her eyes at the puzzled Kitt. With a loud scream, she charged towards her.

“Eye of the Tiger!”

Black Typhoon held out her hands and her nails started to grow. She furiously swiped her nails at Kitt’s face. “Ouch!” Kitt cried as she held her hand over her face that she didn’t realise Black Typhoon was running at her at high speed. She slammed her whole head into Kitt’s chest, sending her back flying.

In the back, Zach had awaked from his dizziness. “That hurts!” He rubbed his head. As he looked up, he saw a blank face staring at him. “ACK!” He threw a punch and Black Thunder crashed to the ground, dropping Zach and his friends.

“Oh it’s you!” Zach looked at Black Thunder lying still on the ground. Suddenly he saw dizzy Kitt flying at her. Before he could say anything, Kitt slammed right into him. She sent him flying behind some bushes and he was knocked out again.

“My turn!” Black Hurricane yelled when she found Kitt. Black energy surrounded Black Hurricane. She leaped high into the air and twirled around in a circle. The faster she spun, she created a twister movement towards Kitt. At that moment, Kitt had awaked from the knock out. She looked up and saw Black Hurricane heading towards her.

“Eye of the Hawk!”

Black Hurricane nose-dived at Kitt and slashed her in the chest. Kitt gasped and tried to dodge the flying Black Hurricane. When she saw her coming, she tried to hit her with the trident, but missed. With an open fist, Black Hurricane send Kitt twirling in the air.

“Me next!” Black Storm smiled and jumped after the spinning Kitt. She grabbed her as black energy surrounds her.

“No!” Kitt struggled. “Let go!”

“Too bad!” Black Storm smiled. “Eye of the Spider!”

She moved her hands at high speed. Kitt tried to dodge it, but she wasn’t fast enough for the attack. Even when she tried to block it, Black Storm always found an opening. With a final blow, Black Storm knocked Kitt towards the ground. When the dust cleared, Kitt was badly beaten and sore.

Black Typhoon smiled and took the trident. “Not so mighty after all!”

“Let her soul drain away.” Black Hurricane dusted her hands. “Saves Queen Vena from killing them all.”

“Let’s go before anything else happens.” Black Storm said. “Besides, I want to see how Queen Vena will react.”

They all nodded and Black Typhoon pressed some buttons to control Black Thunder again. He picked up Zach’s friends and they all disappeared.

As they did, Kitt got up slowly, but crashed down.  “Dang! Those Black Soldiers learned some killer moves.” Kitt groaned and tried to stand up. “Oh great! Now they got Zach and his friends too.” Her eyes were wide open. “Oh my god! They’re going to be killed. I've got to save them.” With all her strength in her, she trudged up the hill. The castle was a long way from her, but she knew it was the only way to save her friends.


At that time, Zach got up from the ground. “Dang!” He cursed. “Kitt has been getting stronger than before.” He dusted himself and looked around. “Hey! She’s gone and so are the Black Soldiers.” He looked at the ground. “Even my friends are gone too.” A thunder suddenly crashed in the sky. Zach looked up and saw a castle on a hill. He knew that was where Queen Vena was and hope to rescue Mika’s friends. “Well! Better start getting up to there.”


Under the ocean, Lady Aqua was helping a merman who was badly hurt.

“Next time, you will know better than to go onto dry land.” Lady Aqua grumbled. “If that happens again, you’ll be in deep trouble.”

“Yes madam!” The merman nodded.

Suddenly Lady Aqua grabbed her head and kneeled down. “Oh not again!” She groaned.

“Whoa! You okay, my queen?” The merman helped her up.

“Yes yes!” Lady Aqua nodded. “I better go and tell Lady Kim this.” But before she could disappear, Lady Aqua suddenly crashed to the ground.

“My queen?” The merman looked scared as he tried to pick her up. A hand helped the merman lifting up Lady Aqua. She stared at her sister as her purple hair floated in the air. “Please be okay!” She thought to herself.


End of episode 69

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