Serenay Moon
Episode 68: Reunion and Separation
©2003 Kitty Ocean 


"Fanen!" Mika jumped on this boy to greet him. "Look guys, it's Fanen!"

"Not for long." Moka smiled and helped Fanen back up.

Zach gave Fanen a hand. "That sure has been a while! I'm so glad you are safe!"

"So am I." Fanen smiled. "I heard this weird noise and decided to check things out. But I never expected it would be you guys! Where have you been?"

"Long story." Derak smiled. "But I thought you lived in the desert?"

Fanen's face saddened down. "That is a long story as well."

"Let me guess." Kitt started grumpy. "And the story about how this planet became a dump is a long story as well?"

"No, that is actually a very short one." Fanen disagreed. "Come, I'll take you to the others." And he guided them through the bushes.

The walk to 'the others' wasn't that far. The bushes were mostly brown of colour, as if it was autumn. Derak sneezed once more. "Are you okay Derak?" Moka asked concerned.

Derak touched some leaves that immediately fell apart in his hands. "I'm fine." He said.

"No you're not." Moka came closer to the guy that was his best friend. "You may be 2 years older then me, but I can see through lies."

Derak smiled and rubbed over Moka's head as if he was a little kid. "I'm fine, trust me."

"I know what's wrong with him." All looked at Fanen. "Derak controls the earth, right?" Zach nodded. "I think that Derak has a close bond to nature. And if the earth is sick..."

"He gets sick..." Mika looked worried around at Derak.

"Stop it guys!" Derak waved annoyed. "I'll survive! I've been through worse things!"

"Our hideout is at a place that the Queen's soldiers haven't touched yet. Derak will feel better there."

Fanen touched some yellow bushes away and showed a temple in ruins. It looked more abandoned than ever, but green plants flourished among the stones.

Then Fanen placed his hands around his mouth and made a sound. Nothing seemed to happen and Zach and his friends wondered if there was anyone there.

"Fanen, I think they..." Zach started, but suddenly got pushed at the ground because someone had jumped on him.

"Hai Zachy!!" A little boy smiled.

"Kaim!" Kitt exclaimed and smiled. "Great aim."

Zach came up as soon as Kaim crawled from his back. "I think I need another insurance just for my back." He rubbed his sore back.

Then AriŽs, Reia, Lyre and Vola appeared as well. They greeted each other, being happy to see everyone was still safe. "We thought you got killed along with the Queen!" AriŽs sighed when she embraced Moka.

"Well, we thought we killed the Queen as well, but we were wrong about that as well." Zach sighed.

"How could Queen BlackHeart survive our attacks?" Kitt asked. "I do hope she was badly hurt. I will be really pissed if all she had was a headache." She remembered her sore bones after the fight.

The Rebels stared confused at them. "But... Queen BlackHeart is dead!" Lyre said.

"Good!" Kitt started, but then got confused. "Wait a minute, then who send the Black Soldiers?"

The Rebels looked at each other. "Kitt..." Reia started. "Vena is now the Queen..."

Derak paled out. "V-V-Vena?" He whispered, but no one heard him.

"But I thought things would become better if Vena reached the throne!" Mika burst in. "But this place... it looks like a mess! Worse than a mess!"

Fanen scratched his ears. "That's what we thought as well." He admitted. "But somehow Vena changed... big time!"

"We were better off with her mother." Vola said. "Queen Vena even took my friends prisoner."

"That place was awful." Kaim nodded. "Very lousy food."

Reia whacked Kaim. "Vola risked her life and managed to free us. So far this is the only place the Queen hasn't looked for us yet. But I don't know how long we'll stay safe..."

"It seems we have no choice..." Zach whispered, but Derak suddenly grabbed him.

"What do you mean by that?!" He yelled.

Astounded Zach looked at Derak. "If you know a way to convince Vena to become a good Queen, be my guest! But right now she wants us dead and kidnapped Mika's friends!"

"Vena is a nice girl!" Derak defended her.

"You sound like you know her." Mika started, and Derak let go. Ashamed he didn't look at his friends. "Oh..." Mika remembered how Derak acted when he bumped into Vena in the palace (episode 50). "You do know her."

"I met her once, okay?" Derak defended himself. "And she was very nice back then. Something must have possessed her. Vena is NOT evil."

"Derak, get in touch with reality!" Zach started. "She..."

"I think Derak is right." Fanen stopped Zach. "Vena has never been like this. It's more like someone controls her."

"I agree as well." AriŽs sides with Fanen. "Vena is not evil. When we were shown to her, I did feel a lot of evil. But it didn't came from her. All I felt was grief."

All looked at Zach. Since he was the assigned leader of the team, he had to make the choice. Zach sighed. "Why me..." He mumbled, but then took a decision. "Let's try to find out if Vena is possessed or not. If she is, we'll save her as well. If she isn't... then we have no choice." He looked at Derak. "I'm sorry Derak."

Derak did not reply, but simply turned around. "Now what?" Kitt asked Zach.

"I think we should go." Zach looked at the Rebels. "Fanen, you and the others stay here. In case we fail, you are the planet's last hope."

Fanen nodded. "Take good care of yourself." Fanen shook his hand.

Once again all said good bye to each other. "Don't worry." Moka said. "We won't mess up again. This time we'll make sure all evil disappears." From the corner of his eyes he looked at Derak, who stood in the back. "One way or another."


Finally they went on their way again. Following the instructions of the Guardians, the path was much easier than last time. All of a sudden Kitt tripped. Zach snapped around. "Are you okay?" He asked concerned.

Kitt slapped his hand away. "I'm fine!"

"Maybe you should take a rest." Zach started again.

Kitt grabbed his collar. "Did I ever tell you how much I hate it when people tell me what to do???" She hissed. "Or how much I hate it when people don't include me in things that concern me? I'm VERY capable of making my OWN decisions."

Zach suddenly pushed her away. "Fine!" He angry said back. "Be that way! But stop putting all the blame on me! I have enough of your mood swings!"

"FINE!" Kitt yelled back. Silence fell. "And I decide right now that I will take a rest."

"FINE!" Zach yelled back and sat down.

Mika, Moka and Derak sat down as well. "How long do you think it's gonna be this way?" Derak asked.

"Knowing Kitt?" Mika asked. "Don't know... Usually not that long."

"She's just upset." Moka added and took a lunchbox. "Anyone wants some too?" But then his lunchbox was already empty and Mika and Derak munched on their food.


Not that far away, Lord Inferno came into the room once more. "5 minutes are up!" He bellowed and the girls jumped up with backpacks on their backs.

"Ready to go!" Black Storm cheered as if this was a camping trip.

Lord Inferno looked around. "Where is your leader?"

"Who?" Black Hurricane asked confused.

"Black Thunder." Lord Inferno sighed.

"Oh, him!" Black Hurricane now knew who he mend. "He's our leader? Anyway, haven't seen him." 

"Don't care actually as well." Black Typhoon added. "We don't need him."

"He'll come." Black Storm shrugged. "Let's already leave."

Lord Inferno raised his hands and a blinding light followed. Suddenly they were out on the plains.

"That was fast." Black Hurricane mumbled. "And it didn't even mess up my hair!!"

Black Storm suddenly put her hand over Black Hurricane's mouth. "Hush!" She hissed. "There they are!"

Black Typhoon looked over the cliff. "Nice going Lord." She complimented. "Saves us a lot of trouble of finding them."

"Stop chattering." Lord Inferno growled. "You said you had a plan."

Black Typhoon smiled and turned around, more confidant as ever. "This plan simply can't fail." She walked around her boss as if there was nothing to worry about. "Back on Serenay Moon, we planted a hairpin on Kitt. It's a device that will allow us to control her. After all... I made it."

"I'm waiting..." Lord Inferno's eyes became darker.

Black Typhoon giggled. "Kitt will bring the weapons to us."

"Oh, she will?" Lord Inferno was not impressed.

"Because I will tell her so." Black Typhoon motioned Black Storm to get the remote control from her backpack. "And since her goody friends will never hurt her... it's a piece of cake."

"Uh-oh..." Black Storm started.

"Give me the remote Stormy." Black Typhoon said.

"Uh-oh again."

Lord Inferno started the boil. "Give it now Storm... please?" Black Typhoon started to worry. Her confidant attitude was gone.

"Uh-oh..." Black Storm tried to hide. "It's gone!"

"It's... gone?" Black Typhoon peeped. Shaking she turned around, seeing Lord Inferno steaming like a real inferno!

Lord Inferno raised his hand and caught the girls in a deadly spell. Having a lot of trouble to breathe, the girls did anything they could just to stay alive. "Forgive us, My Lord!" Black Hurricane tried. "We are certain we packed it!"

"Then where is it?!" Lord Inferno screamed, more furious then ever.

"I don't know!" Black Storm grabbed her own collar as if it would make it easier to breathe. She kneeled at the ground. "I packed it in myself!"

Lord Inferno turned the backpack and emptied it on the ground. "WHERE IS IT?!" He bellowed.

In horror the girls looked at what was in the backpack. Game consoles, puzzles, make-up, the tv guide... but no remote.

"I don't know!" Black Typhoon gasped. "Please... my Lord..."

Lord Inferno made the spell even stronger and the girls lost all hope of surviving. All of a sudden Lord Inferno released the spell and the girls crashed on the ground. "You are not even worthy to be killed by me. Let the worms eat you!"

"My... my Lord..." Black Typhoon begged for another chance.

"NO!" Lord Inferno bellowed and slammed her against a rock with a magical attack. "You are off the case. I will handle it!" He walked at the other 2 girls. "You are no better than that blond ditz! I only tolerate her because she is handy! Get out of my sight! If I see you one more time, I'll burn you to dust! Don't dare to do ANYTHING!"

And he vanished from the sight. Black Hurricane hurried at Black Typhoon to see if she was all right. "Did you see that?" Black Storm whispered scared.

"See what?" Black Hurricane asked.

"His eyes..." Black Storm looked into thin air. "I've never seen eyes... this dark. All I saw was... darkness."


Inside his room Lord Inferno trashed the place. Furious he tried to make a plan. "If I only was as strong as I used to be..." He hissed. "Then this would be EASY! I need to find it back!"

There was a knock at the door. "NO!" Lord Inferno bellowed, but the servant came in anyway.

"I'm sorry, my Lord." The servant bowed. "But Queen Vena requests your presence no matter what."

"Get out of my sight!"

"My Lord, the QUEEN asks your presence."

"Must I repeat myself?"

"My Lord... no one can go against the wish of the Queen."

Suddenly flames appeared around the servant. Within a second he was gone, and all that was left on the ground was a pile of dust.

"No one tells me what to do." Lord Inferno hissed.


Black Hurricane leaned on a rock, looking at Zach and his friends, who were talking, and Kitt who was taking a nap. "Now what do we do?" She asked sadly.

"I don't know." Black Storm sighed. "But I don't think we should do anything. Lord Inferno will kill us, success or no success. I just know that."

Black Typhoon nodded. "I think it's best to stay out of his way." She looked at their belongings at the ground. "But we packed in the remote! Where could it have gone?"


Zach and his friends sat on the ground in a small circle. "So, anyone has some ideas?" Zach started.

Mika looked at Kitt. "Shouldn't we wake her? I don't think she's gonna be happy if she finds out we discussed something without her."

"She'll just have to deal with that." Zach folded his arms. "She was really tired and needs to rest. One day she'll understand it."

"You know what we forgot to do?" Moka started.

"Did we put out the gas?" Mika then wondered.

"We forgot to ask the Guardians how we can cure RB, Kem, Star and Rocket Stevo." Moka explained. "Anyone has an idea how to use our weapons? We know it has an attack mode, but does it also have a healing mode?"

Back in the shades, a single boy observed Zach and his friends. Silent like a ninja, he moved towards the place where Kitt was sleeping. In his hand he held a small box. "Now you shall be mine..." Black Thunder smiled and flipped a switch.

Kitt's eyes snapped open. She looked into the world like there was nothing there; empty eyed. Then she stood up, and turned around.

"Hey Kitt, you are awake!" Derak waved. "Come sit down, we could use your help!"

Kitt didn't reply. Her eyes stayed empty and her face without emotion. All of a sudden she raised her hands and released a powerful water attack!

Zach and his friends managed to duck away. "What the?!" Zach started. "Kitt, what's wrong?"

Kitt let her Opal Trident appear and changed into her uniform. She lifted her trident, with no emotion on her face.

"Kitt?!" Zach crawled a bit back. "I'm sorry! We'll never leave you out of something again!!"

But Kitt didn't respond and released her Aqua Dragon Love attack. "Cosmic Shield!" Mika yelled and protected all from getting hit, but Kitt's attack was stronger than anyone expected and shove them backwards.

"Kitt has gone crazy!" Zach exclaimed.

"No!" Moka pointed. "Look at her eyes!"

"They are empty!" Mika noticed. "It's mind control!" Then Mika got ticked off. "Again with the mind control! I did it, Aletheia did it, Ryu did it... why keeps everyone doing it?!"

"Maybe because it's so darn effective!" Derak snapped back. "Look out!"

All jumped away from Kitt's attack. "When did this happen?" Zach wondered.

"Then you go ask her!" Moka suggested. "We'll just hide!"

Derak decided not to wait any longer. "Gaia's Rose!" He yelled and a rose pinned itself in the ground. Kitt jumped away and the vines missed her, but when she landed another pair of vines grabbed her.

Obeying its master, the attack started to drain Kitt's energy and the girl screamed from agony. "Kitt!" Zach yelled and wanted to get close, but Derak stopped him. "What were you thinking Derak; you hurt Kitt!"

"I had no choice!" Derak threw back. "I just drained her energy, nothing more."

Panting Kitt sat on the ground. The vines were still around her body, but Kitt tried to stand up. With her Opal Trident, she sliced the vines and managed to get free. Trying to maintain her balance, Kitt stood ready to attack them once again.

"Eek!" Mika screamed. "Do it again!"

"I can't!" Derak yelled. "Not without hurting her more! It might kill her!"

"Someone do something!" Moka yelled and saw Kitt powering up for the final blow.

"Open for suggestions!" Zach stepped back.

"Spread out!" Mika yelled, but just when they were about to spread, Kitt released her Opal Ocean Explosion attack.

"Cosmic Shield!" Mika tried again, but the attack blew the magical shield into shards.

Zach and his friends got blasted backwards. Derak blew against a tree, Mika bashed against Moka and Zach landed on the floor very hard. In deep pain, they tried to get up, but Kitt stepped closer. Again she released an attack, and it knocked Derak, Moka and Mika out.

Zach refused to give up and tried to stand up. Kneeling at the ground, he looked into Kitt's empty eyes. "Kitt... please..." He whispered.

But there came no reply from Kitt... besides a blow from her trident, knocking the Soldier of Fire out as well.


On the cliff, the 3 Black Soldier gasped. "How... what... when?" Black Hurricane tried to understand it.

"If I wasn't afraid Lord Inferno would kill me, I would jump in right now, kick that Soldier of Water's butt and get the weapons!" Black Storm cursed.

"Look!" Black Typhoon pointed at the bushes. "Don't tell me..."

"Black Thunder!" Black Hurricane noticed.

Black Typhoon spotted the box in Black Thunder's hand. "He stole the remote!"

"I never knew he had those abilities." Black Storm was impressed.


Not aware of the compliments of his comrades, Black Thunder walked at Kitt, who stared blankly at him. As a puppet, she did whatever string he pulled at. Black Thunder smiled and took the Opal Trident away from her, letting Kitt transform back into her old self.

"Well done." He said to her. He looked shortly at the other warriors. "Lord Inferno will know a way to get the weapons from them." He said noticing the other Soldiers hadn't called for their weapons. Black Thunder came closer and touched her chin. "And here is your reward..."

Having no will whatsoever, Kitt never put up a struggle when Black Thunder's lips kissed hers... leaving the 3 female Black Soldiers astounded...


End of episode 68

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