Serenay Moon
Episode 64: Overwhelming like a Tsunami
2003 Kitty Ocean 


"Hold still!" Black Hurricane repositioned Black Thunder's head and poured the contents of the small bottle on his head. "Or do you want to have a red skin as well?"

"Hey, I've been petrified for hours!" Black Thunder threw back.

"And what calm hours those have been." Black Storm sighed and Black Typhoon grinned.

Black Typhoon rolled a Blackboard into the cave. "This is my plan." She began. "They will wake up soon and then they will look for the Water Shrine." She drew a couple of stick figures. "After the fight, Black Storm will activate the Control Conductor Machine and the control pin I placed on the Water Soldier..."

"You mean that I placed on the Water Soldier!" Black Thunder jumped up. "I was the one who risked his life to plant that stupid pin of yours!"

Black Hurricane pulled him down again. "Yeah, yeah, whatever." She mumbled and went on painting his hair.

Black Typhoon looked a bit ticked off, but went on by drawing another scene on the blackboard. "After the machine is activated, the Water Soldier will do what will command her to do."

Black Storm jumped up. "First we'll let her fry her friends and then she'll bring us the weapon!" The girl cheered and her long brown braids danced along.

All 3 girls were really exited about the plan, and didn't notice their silent companion. Black Thunder sat in the chair, staring in front of himself. But he didn't see the stone floor underneath him. All he saw, was Kitt's smile... 


"So, are you ready?" Zach asked Kitt. They started walking through the caves once more. Zach saw that Kitt nodded. "Don't worry." He tried to assure her, knowing she wasn't looking forward to this at all! "I think you'll easily win."

Mika nodded in agreement. "If I can win a Shrine Battle, anyone can!" She said with the biggest smile ever.

Kitt tried to smile, but all saw it was a fake one. "What can we do to help her?" Zach wondered sadly.

"Maybe someone should talk to her." Moka suggested.

Zach nodded. "That should work." And wanted to walk at her.

Derak stopped Zach. "Wait." He said. "Sometimes a friend can do more..."

"I'm a friend too." Zach threw back.

"And the one she loves." And while Derak left Zach astounded behind, he joined Kitt.

For moments, all walked in silence. "So, this is it..." Derak started.

Kitt sighed. "I guess so."


"Weren't you?" Kitt then asked.

Derak was a bit surprised, but then smiled. "Like hell." He confessed. "But, I always knew I would win." This was a lie. Derak knew that. "We are the good guys. The Guardians said we could do it. And if we fail..."

"Thanks, no pressure at all." Kitt growled.

"Oh, stop feeling sorry for yourself!!"

All snapped up and looked above them. "Awe man, not you Courage!" Zach hissed. "Can't you come back tomorrow or so?"

"NO!" Courage put her hands in her ghostly hips. "As a matter of fact, I won't even be here tomorrow!"

"Good!" Mika folded her arms. "I haven't forgiven you that you didn't want us to help when Moka was turned into stone."

"You were mean to me!" Courage yelled back.

"Courage, just leave okay?" Moka decided. "We don't want you around!"

"Fine! WISH GRANTED!" Courage screamed on the top of her lunges.

Silence fell. "What?" Zach asked.

"I said: wish granted." Courage turned around. "You all can be really proud of yourselves. You won. I'm outta here."

"You're... you're leaving?" Kitt asked. "Why? Don't you like us any more?"

Courage didn't know what to say. "You all hate me." She mumbled. "Not to mention I'm dead. Everyone says I should accept that and break with the living world."

"But... but... You can't go!" Mika said. "We.... Anyone knows a reason why she shouldn't leave?"

All looked at each other. "She was always annoying and mean to us..." Moka started. "Leaving would be a dream coming true..."

"They why don't we want her to leave?" Zach asked.

It took a while before someone opened his mouth. "I think... you became a part of us Courage..." Derak admitted.

Courage gazed with big eyes. Suddenly her reddisch eyes began to look a bit watery. Courage quickly turned around, rubbed her arm across her eyes and then turned around with the biggest smile ever. "So, who would have guessed." She grinned. "But hey, I still gotta go. My shop in the afterlife is becoming a big hit. Everyone loves my t-shirts."

"Oh yeah." Mika remembered, "I'm dead but at least I have a head." She recalled. "Do you have one in pink?"

"Sure!" Courage smiled. "And I'll save you guys a spot for when you die. Then you can all work for ME!!" She pointed at herself.

All laughed. "Take care of yourself." Zach wished her luck.

"I'm dead, what is there to take care of?"

"It will be awfully silent." Kitt added. "If you ever want to come back to annoy us, you are always welcome."

"Farewell Courage." Moka said.

"Not farewell." Courage waved. "Until we meet again!" And quickly Courage flew through the ceiling, back to the afterlife...

"She's really gone..." Derak said after a while. "And who would have thought... we would miss her?"

"Oh, one more thing!" All looked up and saw Courage's head. "I'm still a bad guy, so I'm not going to help you guys. The Water Shrine is on your left!" And then she was gone.

"Huh?" Mika asked confused. "If she didn't want to help us, why did she tell us where to look?"

"So we go left?" Moka asked Zach.

Zach shook his head with a big smile. "We will go right." All were confused. "Remember, Courage is the bad guy! We have to do the opposite of what she says!"

And agreeing with that theory, Zach and his friends went right, towards the Water Shrine. "Well done Zachy boy." Courage smiled from above. "And good luck Kitty."


After walking a while, all noticed the small rivers floating into the direction Courage had told them NOT to go. This time there was no doubt who would have to fight. Kitt was the only one left, so it had to be her Shrine this time.

It seemed that all the water in the caves went to this point. Entering a large cave, all saw that the water gathering in a large lake.

Large step-stones were scattered in the lake, helping Zach and his friends to cross this large lake. Kitt hoped she wouldn't see it first, but unfortunately, she did.

Kitt swallowed and all noticed how nervous she had become. But, Kitt kept on walking, steadily into one direction.


Black Typhoon checked her computer. "This is it!" She exclaimed. "Black Thunder, you come along with me!" She ordered. "I want to make sure everything goes as planned." And she hissed to Black Thunder. "And to make sure you didn't mess up!"


Kitt did a few passes back and jumped through the air. Carefully she landed on the biggest step-stone in the lake. She looked up at the statue and noticed it was completely made from opal.

The woman on the statue was carved in ultimate beauty. The lines of her body were slender and fragile. Her long, long hair reached her ankles and on her head was a crown made of shells.

"Whoa..." Zach gasped, not daring to talk louder. "Who is she?"

Kitt looked up. "Tsunami." She swallowed.

Zach wanted to ask how she knew that, but then noticed the name carved at the bottom of the statue.

Mika, Moka and Derak joined them. "We are here." Moka mumbled. "Yet nothing happens."

"Did you call out her name?" Mika suggested. "So far the Shrine Guardians awakened when we called out their names."

"She already did." Zach said back.

But Kitt did something no one expected. "Tsunami!" She screamed at full force. "Wake up!"

"Whoa!" Zach stopped her. "Are you nuts? The last thing you want is a pissed off guardian!"

But Kitt pulled her arm loose and continued. "Tsunami! Wake up!" She yelled. "Wake up, you coward! I came to get my weapon and I'm not leaving before I got it!"

"Kitt no!" Zach hissed, but it was too late.

The eyes of the statue snapped open; the body started to glow transparent. A beautiful song, like the whales, could be heard while the opal statue stepped up, flowing in blue and green.

"Finally..." Kitt said, but she wasn't that confident any more!

The fragile fingers stretched themselves forward and a wave got created. The wave splashed down on the statue, and washed the opal glow away. Slowly, her light blue skin appeared, accompanied by long, long soft yellow hair...

Tsunami looked up and eyes met eyes. "Offence is the best defence." Kitt mumbled and gathered her strength. "You know why I am here! I want that weapon!"

"Gosh, Kitty is rude." Mika mumbled.

"No, Kitty is scared." Moka corrected her.

"Please, don't do anything stupid..." Zach prayed.

Tsunami stayed silent and closed her eyes. Her face was looking... sad?

"So, let's fight!" Kitt decided. "Wave Crasher!!"

The wave of water burst through the sky and headed towards Tsunami. She didn't move a muscle when the water hit her and threw her backwards.

Kitt waited for whatever move Tsunami would make. Prepared she watched the beautiful maiden standing up. "Show me what you've got..." Kitt hissed, but nothing happened. Tsunami just stood there, with her arms aside her body, looking sadly at her.

"She's not fighting?" Derak noticed.

"Why?" Mika asked. "This is so not fair! Even I had to fight!"

"What could be wrong?" Moka wondered.

But Kitt didn't care. She needed to get that weapon! Everyone was counting on her! Her friends, Mika, her sister... Kitt raised her hands. "WAVE CRASHER!" She screamed as hard as she could and created the biggest tidal wave in her life ever, a true Tsunami.

Zach and his friends grabbed the step-stones just to stay on the ground when the water crashed over them.

The water washed Tsunami away and when she looked up again, she saw Kitt walking at her. "You don't want to fight?" She hissed and grabbed the fragile woman. "Fine! But I want that weapon! I want it NOW!"

Tsunami stayed silent and avoided the looks of the Soldier of Water. "Talk to me!" Kitt screamed. "I want that weapon! Give it to me!"

"... I.... can't...."

Kitt let go of Tsunami. "You... can't...?" And she paled out. "Why..." She asked whispering.

Tsunami avoided her eyes once more. "Because... I don't have it... not any more..."

Kitt crashed at the ground. "But.... I need that weapon!" She gasped while reality entered her brain. No weapon... no chance of curing her sister...

Zach ran at her and the Shrine Guardian. "What do you mean?" He demanded to know. "Where is that weapon!?"

Tsunami looked up. Her bright sea-blue eyes startled everyone. The colours of an opal... Tsunami looked ashamed away. "It happened many years ago..." She confessed. "A man named Lord NightStorm challenged me for a battle. As a Shrine Guardian, I was obligated to fulfil his wish." Tsunami stood up. "But then another man came... one I can't remember... yet I know him. He attacked me from behind. When I woke up, Lord NightStorm and the man were gone... as well as the Opal Trident..."

Derak immediately took action. "Where is that Lord NightStorm!" He yelled. "We'll get it back!"

Tsunami sighed. "I... I don't know where he is." She turned away. "I failed my destiny as Shrine Guardian. First as Legendary Warrior... and now as a Shrine Guardian." Tsunami turned away and took Kitt's hands. "I'm so sorry, Soldier of Water. I wished I could help you. If you ever need help, I shall help you..."

Kitt looked at her hands, held by the blue maiden. "You can't..." She whispered and pulled her hands loose.

"Kitt, wait!" Zach tried, but Kitt ran away.


"Oh DANG!" Black Typhoon cursed.

"What, what?" Black Thunder looked over the rocks. "Is it over already? Is she safe?"

But Black Typhoon ignored him and took a communicator. "Black Storm!" She hissed.

"Okay, that was my sign!" Black Storm ran at the machine.

"NO!" Black Typhoon stopped her. "Do NOT activate it!"

Black Storm stopped. "Huh? Why?" She asked.

"Things are not going as planned." Black Typhoon explained. "The weapon is not, I repeat, NOT here!"

Black Hurricane stood up from polishing her nails. "Wait a minute..." She said. "If the weapon is not here... it means they can't gather them all 5! And then they can't stop us!"

Silence fell when Black Typhoon heard that, and a smile appeared on her face. "Girls, change of plans... Now it's time... for our ULTIMATE ATTACK!"

She laughed, but Black Thunder only stared at her. Not happy, not in shock, not in horror... he just stared blankly.


"Kitt, wait for me!" Zach almost slipped from a step-stone. "It's not your fault!"

Kitt turned around. "Why was I chosen?" She cried. "What is my use? I'm useless! I can't even get my own special weapon."

One step-stone away, Zach tried to reason with her. "That's not your fault! You heard what she said, it was stolen. We'll find it back!"

"When Zach, when?" Kitt cried. "Before or after we'll all get killed!"

"Before of course." Zach assured her.

"Don't be so certain of that!"

All looked up. "Oh dang, not now!" Derak hissed, when he saw the 4 Black Soldiers.

"Everything comes together now..." Black Hurricane smirked.

"Only this time..." Black Storm let her Shadow Rings appear. "The BAD guys will win!"

"And that means we will win!" Black Hurricane yelled after her. All started blankly at her. "What?" She asked.

"Never mind." Black Thunder growled. "Let's get to work." And he let his Thunder Whip appear. "Let's catch me a little fish."

On the floor Zach stood protective before Kitt. He knew she wouldn't stand a chance against them without her magical weapon. "Don't worry." He assured her. "We will prove we don't need 5 weapons to cure them! Before you know it, you can have a fight with your sister again!" And Zach winked an eye. "Let's go!" He ordered the others.

Obeying, all let their magical weapons appear. Mika twirled around with her Crystal Wand; the wind danced around Moka and his Diamond Bow. Green energy surrounded Derak and his Emerald Axe and fire appeared when Zach summoned his Dragon Sword.

"You want to fight?" Zach asked. "You can have it!"

"Black Shadow Rings!" Black Storm yelled and attacked with her Shadow Rings.

"Emerald Forest Night!" Derak stopped the attack, but got thrown backwards while the rings went back to Black Storm.

"Are you okay?" Mika asked worried.

She helped Derak up. "I'm fine!" He hissed. "Perfectly fine!"

"Diamond Thunder Cyclone!" Moka yelled and shot his arrow.

Black Typhoon jumped away. "Frozen Time Typhoon!"

"Not this time!" Mika yelled. "Cosmic Shield!"

Mika's shield stopped the strong attack. She panted. "Are you all right?" Moka asked worried.

"They are too strong!" Mika cried.

"Don't give up yet!" Zach ordered. "Dragon Fire Rings!"


Kitt looked at the fighting people. She badly wanted to help them, but what kind of chance would she have? And her friends were getting beaten up!

A thud was heard behind her and Kitt turned around. "You!" She said shocked.

"Yes, me!" Black Thunder stood ready with his Thunder Whip. "This time you WON'T escape me!"

"Don't make me hurt you!" Kitt tried. "You want to be in one piece when Mika curses you, don't you?"

"I don't need to be cured!" Black Thunder hissed. He raised his hand and was ready to attack with his whip when memories were floating back into his head.

Memories, of his comrades and Lord Inferno.


"This is not working." He heard Black Storm say.

"Why isn't it working?" Black Hurricane asked.

"He's resisting..." Black Typhoon noticed. "Why?"

Lord Inferno walked away. "Doesn't matter... I know a way..."


Black Thunder snapped awake. He shook his head, when he suddenly saw Kitt's foot from really close. Black Thunder slammed to the ground and didn't move any more...

"I don't know why you hesitated..." Kitt mumbled. "But in this case it's fine by me. Just stay knocked out till we won the fight..."

Kitt turned around. She knew what she had to do. Weapon or no weapon, they needed help. Free from the doubt in her heart, Kitt summoned her trident.

"Kitt!" Zach noticed. "Get back!"

"No way!" Kitt yelled. "I'm The Soldier or Water and I won't back out! Weapon or no weapon, here I come! Aqua Dragon Love!"

With so much water around her, the water dragon was bigger than before. It went down on the 3 Black Soldier-girls and washed them away. "Well done Kitty!" Mika cheered.

Black Hurricane jumped up. "That was not fair!" She pouted. "EEK! Just look at my hair!" Black Hurricane jumped up. "Hurricane Hawk Claws!"

The hawks went through the air and bashed against Kitt. "Kitt no!" Zach yelled, but the attack pushed Kitt under.

Not even underwater the attack let go of Kitt and pushed her deeper and deeper. Kitt tried to get loose, but even she felt she wasn't strong enough.

'I... I won't make it...' Kitt thought desperately. 'They are too strong... Starleen...' Kitt tried to get loose once more, but it failed. 'I can't do it alone...' She cried. 'Tsunami... please help me...'


"Kitt no!" Zach yelled.

"Don't cry over the dead." Black Typhoon smiled.

"She's your sister!"

"She's not!" Black Typhoon yelled back. "Typhoon!" She raised her hand.

"Storm!" Black Storm added.

"Hurricane!" Black Hurricane yelled.

"Black Soldier Smash!"

And in horror, Zach and his friends stared at the upcoming attack.


Gracefully she went though the water. "I always keep my promise..." She whispered on the song of a whale. Carefully Tsunami touched Kitt's body with her fragile fingers. The attack let go of Kitt and the Shrine Guardian took the girl into her arms. "Thank you... for finding back what I lost..."

End of episode 64

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