Serenay Moon
Episode 58: Black Magic, on a Blue Moon
©2003 Kitty Ocean 


Her fragile fingers knocked on the heavy door. A man, twice her size opened it. “What do you want kid?” He said with a harsh voice.

The girl showed the pan. “Food for the prisoners.” She said with a firm voice.

The man observed her closely. “What about Sandea?” He asked.

“My grandmother is sick.” The girl only replied, and showed a necklace. “She gave me this.”

The filthy pendant shimmered in the pale light from the torch. The guard looked at it again, and then looked at the girl. The girl didn’t seem to care less if he believed her or not, but deep within her heart pounded strong.

After a few seconds, the guard made his decision and opened the heavy doors.

 It was strange. She thought the cells would be filled with prisoners, but there were so little! Would the rumor be true? ‘Between these thin walls lies death’. She tried to forget it and focused on what her 'grandmother' had said. “In and out.”

The guard let his keys clash against the cold metal of the next door. But before he opened it, he looked at the girl. Would he know something would be wrong? “What did you bring?” He suddenly asked.

The girl took the lit and showed gruel. “Nothing special.” She only said and handed him a spoon. The guard stirred through the gruel and saw nothing suspicious.

“I warn you, don’t get too close.”  He advised. The girl was shocked; was he worried about her? “They don’t deserve to live and wouldn’t hesitate to kill you if that would set them free.”

The girl nodded while they walked again through the dark corridor. She observed the hallway closely. Suddenly she spotted a tin can… and smiled.

They reached the prison cell. They were the only prisoners- why? What was so special about them? Why did the Queen want them alive yet hidden?

The prisoners looked up. They were dirty and looked as if they had lost hope. Yet when a small boy saw the girl, his eyes lit a bit up. He tried not to show it.

The girl closed her eyes. She murmured a small phrase and moved her glowing index finger.

Down the hallway the tin can suddenly fell. Both the girl and the guard looked up shocked, “What was that?” The girl tried to say with her most innocent yet scared voice.

“You stay here.” The guard ordered. “Don’t get too close; I’m going to check it out!”

The guard left and the girl duck into her pockets. She put something in the pan with gruel and gave it to the boy. “Vola…”  He whispered, but Vola shook her head.

“Hush Lyre.” She ordered and stepped back. The guard returned. “What was it?”  She asked scared yet curious.

“Must have been a rat.” He looked at Lyre. “What are you looking at kid? Get back! Be glad you got some food! They should have let you all starve, murderers!”

“We did not kill the Queen!” Reia jumped up. “That wasn’t us!”

The guard and Vola left the prison. “Be quiet Reia.” Fanen ordered and sat down again.

Lyre dug through the gruel and took a small bag out of it. Inside the bag was a note. Lyre read it. ‘Soon’, was all that it said, but it said enough.


Black Storm cursed. “Argh!”  She yelled. “My cape will be ruined!”

“I would worry about our lives more!” Derak snapped. With his powers he controlled the vines long enough to get loose. He took of his jacket and ran at Black Storm.

“What are thou doing?”  Pan asked. “She is your rival!”

“Get a dictionary!” Derak yelled. “Or at least some English lessons!” With his strong hands he shredded the vines. That the thorns pierced his hands didn’t matter.

The second he freed Black Storm, the girl pushed him away. “Shadow Storm!” She yelled and attacked Pan. “Where is your gift?” She demanded to know.

“You’re welcome.” Derak sighed. “Calm down Kem, he is stronger than you think!”

Black Storm pushed him away. “I’m not Kem! My name is Black Storm and be happy I don’t blow you into pieces!” She charged at Pan with enormous speed.

“Black Storm, no!”  Derak yelled, but it was too late.

Pan started to glow green. He put his pan flute to his lips and started to play. The nature around him started to reply and closed in on Black Storm. Suddenly, with more speed than ever, the vines grabbed Black Storm and captured her.

Slowly the vines started to crush her. Derak bit his lips, but then yelled at Pan. “Pan, let her go! I’m the challenger!”

“I know.” Pan replied with a soft grin on his face. He brought the flute back to his lips. Vines started to close in again, but Derak jumped away in the nick of time. Behind him, the vines gathered. Ready for whatever may come, Derak turned around,

The vines raised themselves in the air. Slowly they began to blend with each other, until they formed one solid thing.

Derak gasped when he saw the snake. “That wasn’t what I expected to fight!” He cried when the cobra looked at him.

The cobra dove down to the ground and Derak jumped away. Pan jumped in the air and landed on the head of the Cobra. The cobra raised itself once again. “Are thou ready?”

“Will you give me a 10 seconds head start?” Derak asked and was ready to run for his life, when he spotted Black Storm slowly running out of air. ‘No,’ He thought, ‘Mika would have helped me if it was Liz who was possessed!’ and he prepared himself for the big fight.


“Are not!”

“Are too!”

Zach, Kitt and Black Thunder looked at the fighting kids. “Eh…”  Kitt started. “Now what?”

“I’m not going to get smacked again.” Black Thunder folded his arms. “If you want to stop them, do it yourselves!”

Suddenly Zach felt a small rumble through the floor. “Did you feel that?”  He asked, but when he saw the others still fighting he thought he had imagined it all. “Hey Black Thunder, could I ask you something?”

Kitt was very surprised. “Sure.”  Black Thunder replied.

Kitt was more surprised when she saw how normal these two guys treated each other! “Isn’t the leader supposed to get his weapon first?”

Black Thunder nodded, when Kitt screamed. “You are still busy with that?!” She yelled angry.

At that moment the floor rumbled once more. Kitt stopped from pounding Zach when they looked around. Even Mika, Moka and the Black Soldiers had noticed it this time.

“This doesn’t feel good…” Moka whispered.

Black Typhoon took out her computer. The air got filled with small beeps while all waited for the response. Finally, after a few minutes, she stopped typing. All waited for an answer. “Oh…” She only said.

Black Thunder wanted to demand what kind of answer that was, when suddenly vines grew out of the ground, grabbed everyone in sight, and pulled them through the ground.

It was silent again while the floor closed again.

Out of no where, a girl popped up. “Ha!”  She exclaimed. “Found you!” But there was no one in sight. “…not.” Courage disappointingly added.


Derak looked into the eyes of the snake. The eyes were really hypnotizing and Derak had trouble not looking directly into them. Yet, if he wouldn’t keep on looking at those eyes, he couldn’t see what that snake was up too.

Pan looked down on the green haired boy. “He looks strong.” He said to his snake. “Let’s test his strength.”

The cobra suddenly dove down. Derak tried to jump away, but the cobra’s fangs scrapped him slightly. Derak grabbed his side and felt his wound. It was not a deep wound, but he could feel something else! Poison!

“You think that is enough to stop me?!”  Derak tried to laugh.

The snake turned around. Pan looked at Derak. “Hydra, my pet, it’s time to play.”

The Cobra obeyed The Shrine Guardian and dove down on Derak, at ramming speed. Derak got hit, but he managed to land on his feet again. When he looked up, he saw Pan had jumped off and that the snake started to change!

“Back to the vines?”  Derak grinned, but was stunned.

Again Pan had chosen not to fight himself. Between the bushes Hydra looked up. Her eyes were still piercing as from a snake, but what stood before Derak was no longer a snake. It was a maiden!

Derak gasped, he didn’t expect to fight 2 people! But Hydra didn’t give him time to think; she stormed at him. Agile she leaped over him and kicked him on the back. Swift as a snake, she dashed to the other side again and lifted Derak.

The boy could feel her strength. The hand she held around his wrist was strong enough to crush it!

Derak looked at the piercing pink eyes and knew he couldn’t win this by trying to be stronger or faster. He had to be smarter!

Quickly Derak grabbed her wrist and flipped her over his back. With a crash Hydra landed on the ground. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to be affected when she opened her eyes. With one leg, she kicked Derak in his wounded side.

Derak screamed of agony and had to let go. He stepped back, but felt that the vines tried to grab him once more. And when he looked up, he saw Black Storm getting worse. Her dark skin showed an unhealthy color and Derak knew it would only take a matter of time before she would suffocate.

Derak looked at Hydra. She looked at Pan, who nodded. Hydra put her arms before her and clashed her bracelets against one another. A green light blinded Derak but he tried to look through it.

In Hydra’s hands a stick grew. The green light on the top spread and formed two blades. When the light died out, Hydra was holding an axe.

Derak bit on his teeth. “Show me what you've got…” He challenged her.


Lady Gaia ran into the room. “What is it Ignis?”  She asked. “Can’t it wait? Derak is…” But then she noticed the other Guardians in the cave.

“Something is coming…”  Lady Kim whispered.

“This feels bad.”  Lady Aqua swallowed.

“No, it feels good…” Lady Ignis replied. “It feels like… like…”

“Us…” Lady Luna continued.

Then they heard small soft steps through the cave. The step was light, too light to be human. The Ladies stood ready for whatever may come. The steps came closer and closer.

No Guardian could shake away the feeling they had been having. The feeling was strong; something powerful was coming their way! It felt so much like them, yet so different.

Once more the steps became louder. Not knowing what to expect, they stood ready.

However, when a furred white-grey paw entered the room, the feeling got identified. Shocked they looked at the person who stood behind the cat.

“T-T-Tiamat?!” Lady Kim exclaimed after a few seconds.


Derak looked at Hydra who was holding an axe. The two blades shimmered through the air telling Derak how sharp the edges were.

Hydra raised the axe and within milliseconds she charged again. She slammed the axe forward and barely missed Derak.

Derak let a rose appear. “Gaia’s Rose!”  He yelled and threw away the rose. The rose pinned in the ground and vines tried to trap Hydra. Hydra jumped away and landed agile a few meters away.

‘She’s fast!’, Derak thought, ‘I have to be faster than her!’

Hydra charged at him once more. Derak raised his hands. “Pineapple Canon!”

Hydra tried to stop the attack with her axe, but Derak immediately launched another attack. “Gaia’s Rose!”

This time Hydra was not fast enough and the vines captured her. While the vines drained her energy, Derak grabbed the axe and threw it at the large vine that was trapping Black Storm. The axe sliced the vines that let go of Black Storm. Coughing she fell on the ground.

Derak turned around once more, seeing that Hydra was drained of energy. “Now feel your own poison!”  Derak yelled and aimed another attack. “Green Leaf Kick!” The energy he had drained from Hydra got formed into a small ball.

Tired Hydra turned around, but was unable to do anything against her own strength. Hydra screamed with an inhuman voice when she returned to her first form…

The vines lay unmoving on the ground. Hydra had been defeated and had been turned back into the vines she had really been.

Derak crashed down. Hydra may have been defeated, but the poison was still in him. And Pan wasn’t even tired.

Pan stood up. “Thou killed my pet.” He growled.

“Well, she tried to kill me too!” Derak shouted. “And if it makes you feel better, she’s still busy trying to kill me!”

“Would’ve been much handier if Mika was around…”  Pan answered.

Black Storm tried to get up. “How… does… he know… about Mika?”  She huffed.

Pan raised his arm and pulled it down. From the ceiling vines crashed down holding Zach and the others.

“Kitt!”  Derak yelled. “Moka!”

Moka tried to smile. “Don’t worry about us!”  He yelled back. But the thorny vines wrapped themselves closer around them. “Nothing to worry!”

“It’s thou choice.” Pan said. “But thou won’t get them without getting through me!”

While Derak tried to think clear, Black Thunder gave an order to the only free Black Soldier. “Black Storm, get the weapon!”

A vine slowly crawled to Black Storm, but when she noticed it, she stepped on it. “Down boy!” She ordered like she was talking to a dog. “Which weapon?”

“The magical weapon!”

“But where is that thing?!” Black Storm looked around. She then remembered Black Hurricane’s story and ran at the statue. “It’s not here!”

Derak then looked up. Wonder was written all over his face when he turned around. “Impossible…”  He whispered, but he knew it was his only chance. From what he had seen with Moka’s fight…

Derak ran towards the place where Black Storm had been captured. Pan noticed what he was doing and send some vines at him. The thorns were sharper and more deadly than ever.

Derak jumped away for a vine and leaped over another until he finally reached what he had been looking for.

With a hand he grabbed the emerald stick that held the axe’s blades together. At the same time a vine grabbed him and lifted him in the air. Derak felt the thorns closing in and used his earth powers to get his hand free. Immediately he slashed the vine with the axe.

Derak landed on the ground, but couldn’t stand on his feet any more. Tired and poisoned he looked up.

Black Storm noticed that Derak was holding an axe. “That can’t be…”  She whispered. “That weapon is mine kid!”

Derak gathered all his strength and stood up. A light erupted from the axe once more. It wrapped his entire body and his clothes changed.

“Emerald…”  Derak said, as if he had done it a hundred times before. “Forest…” Pan stood ready for the coming attack. “Night!!”

With incredible speed the attack burst through the cave. Pan tried to let the forest around him, protect him, but Derak’s new attack went right through it!

Pan screamed of agony when the attack hit him. He blasted against the vines that held Zach and the others.

The vines let go of Zach and the others and they landed very hard on the ground. Black Storm ran at the others to see if they were all right.

Derak walked at Pan. He simply looked down at the kid that was half goat. “I have found your gift.” Derak said. “All I want is your blessing.”

Pan looked up to Derak. At first he looked angry, but then he smiled when Derak stretched his hand. “Then thou shall have it.” He smiled and took his hand. “Thou strength is worthy of my gift.” A light erupted from his hand, and Derak wanted to let go, but couldn’t.

When the light faded, Pan was gone. Confused Derak looked around, until he noticed his wounds were gone as well! 


The Black Soldiers stood up. “He found his weapon.” Black Storm growled. “I can’t believe it!”

“What does it matter?!” Black Hurricane leaped up. “We’re gonna take his weapon, and then take it from the air kid as well!”

Mika stood up. ”Stop it RB!” She commanded. “Please, let us cure you!”

“Cure me?!”

“I didn’t knew you were sick.” Black Thunder said. “Maybe you should…”

“She is NOT SICK!” Black Typhoon bellowed.  She turned towards Zach and his friends, who gathered around Derak. “It seems the battle for the weapons has begun…”

“And with those weapons…” Black Hurricane added.

“There is no stopping of us!” Black Strom smiled and raised her hands. “Shadow Spider Storm!”

“Spiders?!”  Kitt exclaimed followed by a deafening scream.

Black Storm released her attack and thousands of spiders headed towards Zach and his friends. Derak and Moka both stood ready to stop them with their weapons. Kitt closed her eyes frightened of all those spiders.


A light erupted out of no where. When Kitt opened her eyes, she saw a wall of light before her. Spiders were crawling against the purple light shield and when Kitt saw how many spiders there were, she screamed once more.

“Mika, did you..?” Moka asked, but Mika shook her head.

“But Mika is the only one with shielding powers!” Zach was confused.

“Let’s not wonder about this wonder, but scram!” Derak suggested and pulled the screaming Kitt along.


“Hey, where are you going?” Black Thunder demanded to know and ran forward… until he crashed against the light shield.

“He is so stupid…” Black Typhoon sighed. She then heard small beeps and took her computer. She opened the lit and looked at it. She typed a few times and then smiled. “What is it?” Black Hurricane asked.

Black Typhoon didn’t reply. “I know it’s you!”  She yelled.

“Who?” Black Storm asked.

“Who are you talking to?”  Black Thunder asked dizzy.

Black Typhoon looked around. “This taking a lot of energy from you, doesn’t it?’  She laughed. “You shouldn’t have done this little girl. You are no match for us!” Behind a corner, a tired young girl clenched a heart shaped crystal close to her. “And you know I’m right, don’t you, Liz Green; Soldier of Dreams?” 


Zach had taken the lead again through the cave again. “There seems to get no end to this cave!”

Suddenly Mika tripped. For the first time, she didn’t cry. “Mika, are you okay?” Moka asked concerned. And when he saw Mika smiling with a fake smile, he knew what was wrong with her. ‘She knows there is no time to loose!’

“Yes I’m fine.”  She smiled, stunning all with her reply. But when she stood up again and fell down after doing one step, all knew she was lying.

It cost her all her strength to keep her tears back. ‘I shall not cry, I shall not cry!’ She said to herself. ‘Not now!’

Kitt kneeled before Mika. “It’s okay.”  She smiled friendly.

Mika rubbed her eyes. “No, I’m tired of being the crybaby! I’m fine!”

“I think your ankle disagrees.” Derak looked at it.

“It’s only twisted.” Mika tried to not let it get to her.

Zach looked around. “We have to get moving- there is no time to loose!”

“But Mika can’t walk!” Moka replied.

‘Then there is only one option left.” Derak kneeled before Mika. “Hop on.”

Mika rubbed the tears from her eyes again. “Thank you…”  She sighed when she climbed on Derak’s back.

“Now, let’s get going again!” Derak smiled and all went on the road again.


Black Storm and Black Thunder kicked against the light screen. “How long can she keep up with this?” Black Hurricane wondered.

“Not much longer.” Black Typhoon smiled. And she was right. For a second the light screen flickered.

“Imagine you kick something you really hate!” Black Thunder suggested to Black Storm.

Black Storm immediately imagined kicking Black Thunder. “And that one is for being stupid!” She screamed out loud. “And that one for wrecking my pocket game console! And that one for getting me captured by the Sirens on Umbra 6!”

She then felt someone tapping on her shoulder. When she looked, she saw Black Hurricane pointing forward and the screen was gone. She also saw Black Thunder, looking very, very, very worried and scared at her.

“Well, let’s get going!”  She clapped her hands and smiled.


Slowly the corridors in the cave went up again. “I think we are going to the surface.” Kitt concluded.

Then the corridor suddenly changed direction and went down again. “You were saying?” Zach looked at her.

“Like you are a walking map.”  Kitt replied ticked off.

“Listen!” Moka then suddenly said.

All followed him quickly and soon they reached a small stream of water. “Cool!” Zach smiled. “We must be getting close to your shrine Kitt!”

Kitt felt happy and sad at the same time. ’Almost time for my very own weapon…’ she thought and remembered her trident. ‘I guess I won’t be using my trident any more then.’

They followed the stream that slowly grew into a small river. “We must be getting really close!” Moka said. “I wonder who your Shrine Guardian will be Kitt!”

“Well, if you are so eager to meet him or her, you are welcome to fight the fight for me!” Kitt folded her arms. “I’m not really looking forward to getting beaten up!”

“Maybe the leader gets his weapon last…” Zach pondered. “That has happened a few times as well…”

“God Zach, are you still busy with that?!” Kitt yelled. “Grow up! Wait your turn! Impatient boy!”

“Uh oh...” Derak changed the conversation.

“What’s the matter?”  Mika asked.

“I guess this is where the road ends.”  He put Mika down. All looked at a waterfall.

“If this is the end of the road…”  Zach deducted. “Than the Shrine must be really close!”

“Oh goody…”  Kitt sighed.

“I see you can’t wait!”

All turned around and saw the Black Soldiers. “That was fast!” Black Storm smiled.

“Not fast enough.”  Black Thunder panted. “All that running…” His words got replied by a push from Black Hurricane.

“Well, since there is no Guardian Angel for you guys this time, I guess this is where the fight truly begins!” Black Hurricane laughed. “No running away any more!”  She raised her hands, “Hurricane Hawk Claws!”

Her attack went straight for Mika. Derak reacted immediately and grabbed Mika. However, he was not fast enough and both got blasted from the cliff. Screaming they fell down.

“Mika! Derak!” Zach, Kitt and Moka yelled running at the edge. They heard a splash indicating they had landed into the water.

Kitt was ready to dive after them, when suddenly something flew through the air. It wrapped itself around her and released a painful shock. At the same time Kitt got pulled back.

“Looks like I caught a little fish!” Black Thunder smiled, who had captured Kitt in a whip.

“Kitt!”  Zach turned around and wanted to run at her, but Moka stopped him.

Lightning crackled all over Kitt’s body. “You like my Thunder Whip?” He asked with a mean smile while he touched her chin.

“It seems the fish can’t enjoy it.”  Black Hurricane smiled. “You see Zachy-boy, we do have weapons of our own.”

“They didn’t call us The Black Soldiers for nothing.”  Black Typhoon added. “We are just like you, only the opposite!”

“Let her go or…”

“Cliché, cliché!” Black Hurricane yawned. “You guys really need to become more original.”

Zach stood ready to attack, but Black Thunder shook his head. “Better not do that kid, or the lady will get hurt!”

Zach looked at Kitt. He knew that water conducts electricity and water was Kitt’s element! It was her weakness; this whip was hurting her more than anything else!

“So…”  Black Thunder smiled. “What shall it be? And I advise not to use violence or I’m gonna have a small fish-barbecue!”

“No!” The Black Soldiers looked at Black Storm. With her determined face she stepped forward. She stretched her arms and let two sharp rings appear. “Please…”  She smiled. “Use violence…” She showed the rings. “I’ve been dying to use these Shadow Rings again!”


Mika slowly opened her eyes. She felt cold and tired, but also very heavy! Something was around her! When Mika raised herself, she saw she was in a cave. Not only that, Derak was lying next to her!

“Derak!”  Mika yelled worried.

But Derak didn’t reply. Mika felt his head and unwillingly she used her powers. Shocked she pulled her hand back.

“You’re hurt…”  She whispered. “You protected me from getting hurt… but you got hurt yourself!” Mika ignored her sore ankle and raised her hands. “Healing Heart!”

With her healing powers she started to heal Derak. It took her all her strength until Derak finally moved.

Derak opened his eyes. “M-Mika..?”  He asked with a trembling voice.

“Hush.”  Mika said with a tired yet soft smile.

“The others?”

“I don’t know…”  Mika replied honestly. Derak tried to get up. “No, you must rest!”

“Don’t treat me like a kid, I’m way older than you are.”  Derak ignored her and stood up. “We have to get going!”

Mika knew he was right and looked around. “Seems like there is only one way…” She noticed.

Derak did a step forward, but was still too tired. He almost collapsed, but Mika helped him. “Lean on me.”  She ordered.

“But your ankle…” Derak started.

“That’s already healed.” She knew it was a lie.


Together Mika and Derak entered the corridor. It was quite dark, but enough to see where they were going. Derak almost tripped a few times, but Mika helped him, ignoring her own pain.

They left the corridor and entered a larger cave. “Mika…”  Derak said. “I need… to rest...” Mika nodded and helped Derak sitting down.

“There.”  Mika smiled. “You just take a nice nap. I’ll get us out of this mess.” Mika looked worried at Derak who fell asleep. ‘It’s all my fault.’ She thought, ‘it was me who couldn’t protect her own friends. It’s my mess and I shall clean it up!’.

Mika looked around in the small cave. She tried to see where the light had come from. It seemed the walls were reflecting it!

Mika studied the walls; they were covered with crystals! Mika looked around and saw a small spring of water. Flowers grew all around it. Above the spring a small torch enlightened the cave.

Mika was surprised. “Water, Earth, Fire…”  Wind let her short hair dance. “Wind… this must be…” She turned around, feeling the pain in her ankle again. But when she looked up, she saw a crystal statue. Fear grabbed her heart.

The crystal maiden with long hair held a staff close to her. “No…” Mika whispered afraid. “I don't want to fight! I’m not ready! It’s Kitt’s turn!” Yet she got drawn towards the statue. “Impossible! This can not be the Shrine of the Spirit!”

As soon as Mika had called out her element, the crystal statue started to shine. The maiden defrosted from her crystal prison and looked at Mika.

“Please no…”  Mika whispered afraid. She carefully stepped back. She knew there was no way out and that she had to do this.... But Mika didn't like to fight! And after she saw what happened to Moka and Derak... what if she was not strong enough?

The maiden released a charming and soft smile. “My name is Aura, Shrine Guardian of the Spirit. This is my gift, the Crystal Wand… are you worthy of it?”


End of episode 58

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