Serenay Moon
Episode 56: Sagittarius
©2002 Kitty Ocean 


Moka and Black Hurricane stared at the tall young man before them. "Well, this should be interesting..." They heard him say. 

"Wow, the local entertainer." Black Hurricane yawned. "And he wears a dress too!"

Moka stepped back. "If he is who I think he is..." He hissed. "You might want to take that back!"

Black Hurricane faked her trembling knees. "By the name of our Queen, I'm soooooo afraid!" She dramatically overreacted. "So, who is our angel-wannabe?"

Moka still looked at the silent young man with wings. "I think that is Buku."

"Who?" Black Hurricane looked confused.

At that moment Buku's eyes began to glow. Within a flash he raised his hand and released a powerful energy beam. Blasting its way through the sky, Moka and Black Hurricane both jumped away in the nick of time.

Black Hurricane looked up. "What the hell?" She exclaimed. "Why on earth is he attacking me?! I'm the good guy!"

Moka looked shocked at her. "I think we both have a different perspective when it comes to what is good and what not!"

Buku raised his other hand, and again released a big energy beam. The strong energy beam obeyed its silent master and went straight to Moka and Black Hurricane.


Mika and Derak still walked through the cave. "I think we are getting more lost than ever!" Derak noticed. "And man, Kitt is getting heavier with the second!" Suddenly he heard moans coming from his back. Shocked he prayed Kitt hadn't heard him. "But of course, no one is as thin and light as our sweet and most forgiving..."

"Derak, please shut up..." Kitt mumbled. Derak put her on the ground. "Why does this keep on happening to me? Am I such a likeable target?" She still felt her head. "That Black Thunder guy is so dead!"

Finally Mika spoke. "Touch him with one finger..." She threatened.

Kitt was shocked of the dark and cold glare that was in Mika's eyes. Derak put his arms on Mika's shoulders. "Whoa Mika!" He started. "That was just a figure of speech!" Mika's eyes softened up. "Kitt didn't mean it that way."

"I'm sorry Kitt." Mika apologised. "It's just when... and... Finally after so long..." Mika threw herself in Kitt's arms. "Please help me free them!" She cried. "Please..."

Kitt nodded. "I now understand how you feel." She whispered. "I simply don't understand it. Just 3 weeks ago I talked to my sister on the phone! 3 weeks ago! And now..." Suddenly she noticed something. "Hey... where are Zach and Moka?"

Derak sighed. "Somewhere in this place... I hope."


The walls reflected the sounds of small beeps. Black Thunder looked around while Black Storm looked over Black Typhoon's shoulders. "Do you have any clue where she might be?" Black Storm asked, while looking at Black Typhoon's mini-computer. "She still owes me money for wrecking my game console."

"It was your own fault." Black Thunder replied, deciding to take another corridor. "I told you not to let her play 'Jump, Jump Revolution'. She's way too slow for that."

Black Storm wanted to smack him, but Black Typhoon stopped her. "No, we still need him. I have a feeling we will meet those Soldiers soon. You can kick him afterwards."

Black Thunder jumped around. "Okay, that's enough!" He bellowed. "I've had it with you girls! You keep on yelling at me, kicking me, smacking me and what not more, but enough is enough! Read my lips: I AM YOUR LEADER! And from now on I demand some respect!" He grabbed both girls. "Got it? Without me, you ditzy girls are NO WHERE!" Surprised Black Storm and Black Typhoon nodded. Black Thunder let go. "Good. Now, we are going that way and I don't want to hear anything about it!"

"But..." Black Typhoon started.

"No but's!" Their leader yelled. "I don't speak Japanese, do I?"

"No, but..."

"Then silence!" Black Thunder did a step forward, and screamed!

Black Typhoon and Black Storm hurried to the edge of the cliff. "Permission to speak, oh great leader?" Black Typhoon smiled, while Black Storm rolled over the floor laughing.

"I already know!" Black Thunder had managed to grab an edge of the cliff. If he had failed to grab anything, he would surely have plunged into the depth beneath him. "Just get me out of here!"


Moka and Black Hurricane jumped away again. Rocks got smashed away from the ground. Both got hit, Moka more than Black Hurricane. "Okay, I've had it with that guy!" Black Hurricane gathered her strength. "Hurricane Hawk Claws!"

Her attack went with a deadly speed at the Shrine Guardian. With a tiny, hardly noticeable, wave of his hand, the attack disappeared as soon as it had appeared.

"Buku!" Moka yelled. "Why are you doing this to us? I thought you were a good guy!"

Buku let his voice hear once again. "I'm nor good, nor evil. I'm the Shrine Guardian of Air. Only the one who is worthy enough, shall receive my gift."

"Have you been talking to the Chibi's?" Moka replied sighing.

"Who?" Black Hurricane asked confused.

"Long story." Moka stood up again. "So I have to prove I'm worthy to you? Fine, what do you want from me?"

Black Hurricane looked bored at him. "You are quite stupid, aren't you? To me it seems he wants to fight! Go ahead, fight the angel-wannabe!" She pushed him forward. "And when you are finished with him..." She whispered. "You are too tired to defend yourself!"


On the other side of the cave, Zach slowly came by again. "Oh, my head...always the head..." He moaned. Zach looked up and saw Black Hurricane and Moka fighting to Buku. "Man, this does not look good!" He mumbled.

"Typhoon Rage!" Moka yelled and attacked Buku. Buku got hit, but not enough to alarm him.

"You call that an attack?" Black Hurricane laughed. "This is an attack: Hurricane Hawk Claws!"

Again Buku waved the attack away. "You call that an attack?" He repeated her. "This is an attack!"

With his power, Buku created 2 birds, shaped out of thunder. Both dove on Moka and Black Hurricane. "Look out!" Moka yelled and pushed her away. Instead of her, he got grabbed by the Thunder Bird and got lifted in the air.

"Hahaa!" Black Hurricane smiled. "So long, sucker!" At that moment, the other bird grabbed her. "Oh, me and my big mouth!" She cried when lifted in the air.


Zach looked around and tried to get things clear again. "Today just ain't my lucky day!" He noticed, when he suddenly saw something sparkly. It was hidden between the rocks that used to be Buku's statue. Light came from it, but it didn't seem to alarm Buku. Zach slowly sneaked closer by. Finally he saw what it was; it was a bow! "It must be one of the Magical Weapons!" Zach concluded. He looked around and saw Moka trying to free himself from the Thunder Bird. "Well, Moka is a bit busy and we can't afford to loose it so..."

Zach stretched his arm and wanted to take the bow, when suddenly an electric shield prevented him from grabbing it. With a scream Zach pulled back his arm. "No fire-boy..." He heard a voice in his head. "This bow does not belong to you!"

"Oh man..." Zach felt his painful arm. "Don't tell me only Moka can touch it!"


"Let me go!" Black Hurricane yelled. "This instant!" The claws let her go and Black Hurricane managed to grab a leg. "Not so fast! Why does everyone takes lines like that so literary!"

Moka tried to think clear. He grabbed the legs of his bird. "Thunder Wings!" He yelled and released his attack.

Shocked, the bird let go. Moka grabbed the legs and climbed up the bird as fast as he could. Without hesitating, he jumped from the bird. "Moka, no!" Zach yelled, seeing his young friend flying through the air.

Moka landed on a high edge of rock. Hard he hit the ground, but he rolled through. Moka knew he only had a second to get orientated again. Quickly he ignored his pain, ran back at the edge of the cliff and tried to get down as fast as possible.

"Not the wall, not the wall!" Moka looked up and saw Black Hurricane and her bird diving at him. Millimetres before him, the bird lifted up again, but so fast that Black Hurricane couldn't hold much longer. She hit him, and both rolled between the rocks at the ground.

Moka crawled back up again. "I... won't give... up!" He said. "Not yet!"

"Oh, stop saying those cliché..." But then Black Hurricane screamed. "My nail! I broke my nail!" She angry jumped up. "Okay Buku-angel-wannabe, now you are gonna taste the wrath of Black Hurricane!"


At that moment, Black Thunder, Black Typhoon and Black Storm reached the Shrine too. "There, I told you I would find her!" Black Thunder proudly stated.

Black Typhoon and Black Storm wisely kept their mouths shut... will he ever learn? "What is she doing?" Black Storm wondered.

Black Hurricane ran at Buku with enormous speed. Buku suddenly stopped her with a magical spell. "This body does not belong to you!" He said to her.

Black Hurricane tried to get free from the spell. "I don't care! I like this vessel and I'm gonna stay in it!"

"Your dark soul can never be worthy of my gift." Buku raised her with his arm and blasted her towards her friends.

Black Thunder felt someone tapping on his shoulder. He looked back and saw Black Storm handing him a helmet. "Huh?" He asked. "What for?" Then he looked back and saw Black Hurricane heading towards them.

When Black Hurricane hit her fellow Black Soldiers, the impact was strong enough to get them blast outside the cave. Screaming they went through the air. "Black Typhoon?!" Black Storm yelled. "What are the odds we are gonna survive this?!"

"With or without Lord Inferno's rage?" Black Typhoon asked.

"I can't believe we messed up!" Black Thunder screamed. "It's all your fault!" And then all vanished behind the horizon.


Moka got back on his feet. "Finally, that pain in the butt is gone." He huffed. "Just one little thing left."

"Moka!" Zach yelled. "Are you okay?"

Moka didn't reply. He already needed all his strength to stay back on his feet. At that moment, Mika, Derak and Kitt reached the Shrine too. "Zach!" Kitt yelled and ran at him. She grabbed him with all her might and hugged him tightly. She then took a good look at him. "Oh my God Zach! You are bleeding!"

Zach felt his forehead. "Heh, whatdoyaknow..." He mumbled. "It's nothing, don't worry about me." He looked at Moka. "He has a much harder fight to fight." He saw Moka huffing and puffing.

"Moka!" Mika yelled and wanted to help him, but Zach stopped her.

"No Mika!" Zach ordered. "This is his fight! He has to do this alone!"


Buku took a good look at Moka. "Give up boy." He said. "You are not worthy of my gift."

"I know." Moka replied. "But I'm not going to give up!"

"Why?" Buku asked. "What in the world could be more important than your life?"

"A promise." Moka panted. "I promised Mika I would help her free her friends, and I planned to keep that promise!"

"Stupid boy." Buku raised both his arms and the Thunder Birds appeared again. Obeying his command, both dove on Moka once more.

"Moka no!" Mika yelled terrified and both Zach and Derak were needed to keep her from running at him.

"Mika, no!" Derak ordered. "You can't ruin this for him!"

"But he'll die!"

The birds dove on Moka, but this time, they were not solid. By landing on him, they put Moka on an electric spell. Biting on his teeth, Moka tried to fight the thunder that went through his body. He tried not to scream, but even he knew he was only human.

'No...',  Moka thought, 'I'm not just a human being... I'm MORE!'

Moka did a step forward. Sweat poured from his body. Another step followed. Biting on his teeth, Moka slowly walked at Buku, who floated above his broken statue. 'For you Mika', he kept on thinking, 'I'm doing this for you!'

Because he was so busy trying to stay alive, he didn't see Mika's tears. "Please Moka..." She prayed. "Please, just give up! We'll find another way to cure my friends!"

However, not all shared her hope that Moka would give it up. "Hang on Moka." Kitt whispered through her teeth. "I know you can do this!"

"Hold on buddy." Derak clenched his fist, feeling more helpless than ever. "Don't give up now!"

Determined to keep his promise to Mika, Moka slowly reached the statue. "You are a puny tiny human." Buku lifted his hand and released another thunder attack at Moka.

Moka screamed of pain and collapsed. "No!" Zach yelled. He knew this was all a test, but maybe the Guardians were wrong! Maybe they were nothing more than humans! "Buku, stop this!" He ran forward; he couldn't stay longer on the sideline. "This is enough! Moka has proven more than worthy!"

"Silence!" And with a gust of wind, he blew Zach back to the others. "You have no right to speak, fire-boy!"

"Then I demand..." Zach started, but Kitt stopped him.

"Zach, look!" She pointed at Moka. Thunder still cracked all around his body, but he was moving.

Moka slowly crawled on his knees. Raising one leg after another, he slowly stood back up. "In order to stop me..." He hissed. "You'll have to kill me first!" And with a firm hand he grabbed the bow within the statue.

Light glowed when he touched the bow. Moka, still being very tired, ignored everything. The bow was long and made of diamond; its purity was misplaced in this Shrine that was now filled with pain and blood. 

"I NEVER give up a promise!" And like he knew what to do, he made an arrow of light appear. His clothes changed, amazing all his friends. "Diamond...." Moka started, huffing and getting ready. "Thunder...." The arrow started to glow. "Cyclone!!!"

Moka let go of the arrow. Buku raised his hands and made a shield appear. The attack was strong, very strong! It kept on trying to get through the shield Buku had created.

Zach and his friends looked at Moka and Buku with a fearful feeling. What if the attack was not strong enough? What if Moka was not strong enough? Would his loyalty become his death?

Buku's shield started to crack. Slowly, but firmly, cracks appeared in it. Moka looked with his determined eyes. In his eyes everyone could tell Moka did not want to loose.

And within a flash, the shield Buku had been trying to create shattered into pieces. The energy released from the Diamond Bow quickly formed a chain around his body and zapped him with the power of the thunder.

Wind joined the attack too, and Zach and his friends had trouble staying on the place where they had been. They heard the scream of someone they had never hear screaming before: Buku. But when the light cleared... Buku was on the ground, breathing heavily, and Moka lay not moving on the floor.

"Moka!" Mika cried and ran at him. She gentile took his head and felt it. "Moka, please, don't, don't!" She cried worried. In his hand, he still held the Diamond Bow firmly.

"Is he...?" Derak asked quietly.


Buku stepped up. In horror the others jumped up. "We won't let you do anything to Moka any more!" Kitt stood before Moka and Mika.

"This has taken way too long!" Derak joined her.

"Moka didn't want to let us down, and we won't let him down!" Zach stood firm.

With a wave Buku let the wind pick them up and put them down on an edge far away. Now that the path was cleared, he walked at Mika. "I beg you...." Tears were in her eyes. "Don't...."

But Buku ignored her plea and lifted Moka magically. Still Moka held the bow more tighter than anything else. Buku brought him close to his face... and both foreheads touched. 'I admire your loyalty Moka...' Buku said telepathically. 'You have proven worthy...'

A blinding light followed... and Buku was gone.


Zach, Derak and Kitt climbed down the edge again. "Ohmygod, ohmygod." Kitt whispered. "Don't look down! It's not high at all! It's just a tiny cliff, nothing more." Finally her feet touched the ground. She sighed relieved... and tripped.

Derak and Zach hurried towards Mika and Moka. Mika was still next to him. When the boys reached them, Moka was coming by again. "Your... your wounds!" Derak exclaimed. "They are all gone!"

"Wounds?" Moka asked, like he thought all had been a dream. Then he noticed the Diamond Bow he held in his hand. Suddenly it dissolved into light and a small ball of light entered Moka's body. "I... I got it?" He asked astounded. "I won from Buku? But how? How did I...?"

In the mean while Kitt had reached the others again. "So, we finally got one of the Magical Weapons?" She asked, trying to recover from her fall.

"Actually, something is wrong here." Zach said.

"What?" Kitt asked.

"Well, in all series the leader gets his weapon first!" Zach stated. "And Lady Ignis had said it herself, I'm your leader!"

"Sure Zachy-boy." Kitt sighed. "You have watched way too much TV. This is not some Anime show; this is the real world. You are just jealous."

"I am not!" Zach reacted.

"Yes you are!" Kitt grinned. "You are just jealous you weren't the first to get his weapon!"

"Why on earth would I be jealous of getting beaten up first?" Zach folded his arms. "Let's just go. We have 4 more Shrines to find."

"Zach is jealous!" Kitt teased. "Zach is jealous. Zach is jealous."

"No I'm not!" Zach replied ticked off. "Stop saying that!"

All followed Zach outside. Now that Moka had proven worthy to a Shrine Guardian, the inside was not such a big maze any more. This cave was now nothing more than a normal cave. Happily chattering, or being joyfully silent, all entered the daylight once more.


Inside the cave, a young woman looked around. "Mm, I could have sworn they would be here..." Courage sighed. "Or at least died here... I wonder where they are...."

End of episode 56

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