Serenay Moon
Episode 55: Whisper Winds
©2002 Rocket Stevo 


Up in the dark cloudy castle, Queen Vena sat at her throne becoming very bored. She rested her head on her hand staring around the room. She yawned laying a hand to her mouth.

“What’s a queen supposed to do now?” She asked herself, “All I have been doing is sitting on this throne, brushing my hair, eating dainty treats, and wearing these fancy jewellery.”

With all her might she yelled, “WHAT’S A QUEEN SUPPOSED TO DO AT A TIME LIKE THIS!?”

There was no answer from all around the castle. “Foo!” Queen Vena growled and picked up a book called “How-to-be-a-dainty-happy-queen.”

At that moment, the doors burst open and a black figure walked in carrying a large sack. “My dearest queen, have I got a surprise for you!” Lord Inferno grinned. He dumped the sack open and out landed Fanen, Ariës and her sister, Reia, and brother, Kaim, and Lyre.

“Ouch!” Ariës rubbed her back, “That was a hard landing.”

As Fanen shook the dizziness from his head, he stared at the angry Queen Vena on her throne. “Princess Vena,” He gasped, “What has happened to you?”

Lord Inferno pushed him out of the way, “Forget them, my queen. These are the people who have send the soldiers to kill your beloved mother.”

“No!” Lyre cried, “We were all trying to rid of the evilness in your mother, not hurting her. Please Princess Vena, if you listen to what she has done to us…”

“SILENCE!” Queen Vena cried holding her hand up that send a strong wind at the group of people towards the wall.

“Ouch! Nice going pea-brain!” Reia said to Lyre.

“Hey it worked for some knight in shining armour.” Lyre replied.

“Loser!” Kaim said under his breath.

“So it was you who sent the famous soldiers to kill my mother and also killed my friend too.” Queen Vena growled getting ready to attack them.

“No duh! Miss Lady!” Kaim said as everyone stood away from him in shock that he talked back at her.

“Kaim!” Ariës cried getting ready to protect him, but then Queen Vena snapped her fingers, “Lord Inferno, make these people punish for what they have done.”

“Yes my queen!”

Lord Inferno created a black net capturing the group of people.

Fanen took one last look at Vena glaring angry at them as he and the rest of the people were dragged out of the room.

“Princess Vena…” He tried to say, but the doors shut before he could say the last letter in her name.

Queen Vena sat on her throne burning angry as she held her fist in the air.

“They will pay!” She said and outside the castle the dark clouds rumble above.


“Yes I am!”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am!”

“No you’re not!”

Black Typhoon and Kitt kept yelling at each other continuously using the same phrase again and again.

Zach watched in great amazement hearing the two girls shouting.

“Ehm…you think we should stop their argument?” Zach asked his group of friends who were playing cards.

“Why bother? I already faced Kitt’s rage and I don’t want to get hurt again.” Derak replied as he threw down a straight flush.

“Yeah it’s not our problem.” Moka said as he threw his cards in disgust.


From up above, Black Thunder stared at Black Typhoon and Kitt still yelling at each other.

“Uh…you think we should stop their argument and just defeat them?” Black Thunder asked the two girls in his group.

“It’s your decision, Thunder. Not mine.” Black Hurricane replied brushing her beautiful hair.

“Er…yeah! Your decision Thunder.” Black Storm said quickly and patted Black Thunder on the head.

Black Thunder rolled his eyes and watched as the two girls still screamed at each other.

“Are too!”

“Are not!”

"Are too!”

“Are not!”

Suddenly a black bolt hit Kitt right in the chest causing her to fall backwards.

“KITT!” Zach cried as he quickly caught her with the rest of his group following behind him.

Black Typhoon turned behind her as Black Thunder blew the dust from his hands.

“Finally! I thought that would never end.” Black Thunder sighed.

Black Typhoon smacked him in the head. “Moron! You don’t attack our opponent in the middle of a conversation.”

“Hey it was boring!” Black Thunder folded his hands, “Besides, I want to get this job done.”

“You shouldn’t interrupt at all in a girl’s conversation.” Black Hurricane said smacking his head, “It’s very rude.”

“Yeah very rude!” Black Storm yelled.

“How should I know?”

“You don’t because you aren’t even a girl.”

“Hey you said it was my decision!”

“Yeah we did, but we didn’t mean to barge into a conversation and then kill them. You heard what the queen said to us. To take them back alive.”

“So what, can’t I at least get some respect? I’m a leader!”

“Yeah right! A leader who has no respect at all to his fellow team-mates.”

Zach and his friends watched as Black Thunder and his companies argued with each other.

“Are they always like this?” Zach asked Mika puzzled.

Mika scratched her head, “Well I don’t know. Usually I thought Kem would be nicer, but I never expected she would yell at someone.”

“I'd say let’s get out of here before they kill us all.” Derak quickly said.

Zach nodded and quickly walk away from the Black Soldiers carrying Kitt. The rest followed him as quietly as they could, until Mika tripped over a rock.

Tears came into her eyes and then suddenly Mika cried very loudly that everything could be heard around the entire cave. “My foot!” She wailed, “It hurts!”

At that moment, Black Typhoon turned around as she saw Moka and Zach calming down Mika. “They’re trying to escape. Come on girls!” She yelled to her companies who were pulling Black Thunder’s mouth.

“Look out! They’re coming this way.” Derak shouted as the Black Soldiers headed towards them.

Before the Black Soldiers could attack, the wind in the cave started to blow harder spinning around in a circle. The wind whirled around creating a sort of twister sucking up everyone in the cave. All of them tried to tear themselves away from the twister, but it wouldn’t stop. Zach tried to find his friends, but got very dizzy and got whacked into a wall. He fell onto the ground and was knocked out.


Opening one eye, he saw everything looking blurry. Zach lifted himself up and rubbed his head. “That was some windy ride.” He said to himself as he dusted the dirt from his pants. Looking all around him, Zach believed he was alone.

Suddenly, Zach heard a small groan from behind a rock. He rushed over and found Moka leaning against a rock with bruises all over him. He quickly helped him up to his feet.

“Hey Moka! You okay?” Zach as he shook Moka vigorous.

Moka opened one eye and then looked up suddenly. “Where’s Mika?!” He looked all around and then pounded the ground. “Man, it feels like we are the only ones who survived that twister. But that means… they’re… d…” Moka tried to held back the tears and grasped the ground.

“Take it easy Moka! They can’t be dead.” Zach said, “We’ll find our friends. Don’t worry! Now let’s find some way to get out of here!”

At that moment a gentle breeze went by Moka and Zach. Moka felt it blowing through his hair and felt the breeze whispering to him. He stopped crying as he felt the whisper going through his ears. It seems to say: “Follow me!” Moka felt his body moving and felt the breeze dragging him. He started to walk the way the breeze had guided him.

“Hmm! I wonder how a twister got into a cave like this?” Zach asked Moka, but he wasn’t standing where Zach thought he was. Zach saw Moka walking into a cave opening following the breeze guiding him. “Where is he going?” Zach wondered as he followed Moka. From behind them, a dark shadow popped from behind a rock.


Derak dust the dirt from his jacket and picked up Kitt. Mika came running over to him and started to cry, “I can’t find Zach or Moka anywhere!”

“Don’t worry,” Derak started to say not wanting to hear Mika’s crying, “They’ll be all right…. I hope!” Derak swallowed and lifted Kitt on to his back. “Come on! Let’s hope your friends won’t attack us until we can get out of here.” Mika nodded her head and followed Derak.


As the two left, from behind a rock, Black Thunder waved the dust around him and placed the ninja mask back on. “That was unexpected.” He said to Black Storm who shook her head from the dust around him.

“I’d say!” Black Storm replied, “Hey Black Typhoon! Didn’t you know there was going to be a twister in the cave?”

Black Typhoon scratched her head confused, “I don’t understand, I thought there wasn’t anything in here.”

Black Thunder smirked under the mask, “Looks like Genius Girl lost her brain.” Black Typhoon smacked Black Thunder who look annoyed. “Geez, can’t I least have a laugh at my own jokes?”

“Hey where did Black Hurricane go?” Black Storm asked looking everywhere.

“I suppose the twister must have carried her.” Black Typhoon replied looking at her small computer, “She must be somewhere around here.”

“Let’s find her then, before Lord Inferno gets mad because we lost someone.” Black Thunder said and for the first time, the two girls nodded their heads in agreement.


The gentle breeze led Moka in front of a tall statue. The breeze died down and Moka started to come by. Moka stared at the statue in front of him. He saw some words written on a block in front of the statue. “What is this?” He wondered to himself as he looked at the block.

At that moment, Zach caught up to Moka. “Man! I gotta lay off those Kreasy Kreamy Chocolate Doughnuts.” He panted heavily. He looked up and saw the statue in front of him. “Whoa! That is some monument.” He gasped, “I wonder who it is?”


Zach looked at Moka who had finished reading the block. “Who?” Zach said.

“Buku!” Moka said. “This guy is the West-African god of the sky. I think this is what the Guardians  were talking about. It has been said he was the leader of the sky soldiers. He has the power of the sky above and blows away anything with his wind power. With this power, he and his soldiers combined their powers to form the biggest twister that wiped out an entire land.” Moka gasped in amazement, “That is some power!”

Zach looked at the statue very carefully and scratched his head. “Hmmm! You think it was he, who created that twister in the cave?”

Moka shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t know.

“Hex Hurricane!” A voice called and a hurricane attack hit Zach. Black Hurricane jumped from high above. “Well, Well! So this is where your power ups are!” She flipped her brown hair back.

“Zach!” Moka ran toward him, but got blown by Black Hurricane.

“Typhoon Rage!” Moka cried throwing his attack back at her, but she dodged it.

“As soon as I get rid of you, I’ll take that power up from whoever that guy is!” Black Hurricane laughed.

Burning angry, Moka charged towards Black Hurricane. “No you won’t!”

Bright lights filled from the statue, shining bright around the cave. Black Hurricane and Moka covered their eyes from the bright light. After the light died down, the statue had opened, revealing a dark brown-skinned teenage boy curled up into a ball. He lifted his head and saw Moka and Black Hurricane staring at him. As he got up, the silver robe that was wrapped around him shone brightly over his chest. As he rose in the air, wings spread out as he floated in the air.

“What the….?” Black Hurricane started to say.

“Buku?” Moka cried astonished.

The boy looked down at the two staring at him. “Well, this should be interesting.” He thought to himself.

End of episode 55

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