Serenay Moon
Episode 51: Soldiers in Black
©2002 Rocket Stevo

A bright light filled the whole room making Zach almost blind. Wondering what it was, he got out of bed and went down the hallway. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he came to the lighted room. His eyes widen in terror when he realised what the light is. “No!” he screamed as a big explosion hit him that it rumbled the house.

In the other room, Kitt sat up still half asleep grumbling to herself. “God…not right now!” She whined and got out of bed. When she reached the room, she growled, “Mika, for the last time do not make ice cream by yourself!”

There was pink gooey stuff all over the kitchen and Mika had a blender in her hand. “I was hungry!” She whines putting the blender back on the table.

Zach got up covered in pink spots over his body. “You know Mika, we do have some ice cream in the freezer.”

“Oh goody!” Mika cried as she went to the freezer.

“I swear, Moka should always keep an eye on her.” Kitt snarled watching Mika getting the strawberry ice cream.

At that moment, Moka stumble in still sleepy. “Speak of the devil.” Zach said as he mops the kitchen floor up.

“What just happened?” Moka ask. Zach sighed as Kitt yelled at Moka. They had arrived a few months back from Umbra 6 after defeating Queen BlackHeart. With her gone, they wouldn’t have to hear anything from the Chibi's and save anyone anymore. Now they could all relax and not worry about any fighting anymore. “Hey where’s Derak by the way?” Moka asked, “He wasn’t sleeping on the couch the last time I saw him.”

“Oh yeah, I think he said he was going to see his gang when he got back.” Kitt said, “It’s been a while and wanted to make sure they are okay.”

“Well since we’re up, let’s go shopping.” Mika cried happily after finishing her strawberry ice cream.

“Mika, its 5 o’ clock in the morning. The shopping malls don’t open till 9 o’clock. We’ll get to the mall too early if we leave.” Zach said.

“Better get there early than getting their late.” Mika said and went off to take a shower.

“Nice going Zach.” Kitt growled.

“Hey you think you can come up with something better?” Zach yelled back.

“Yeah, how about the shopping mall doesn’t open due to Mika’s stupidity.”

“Hey she’s not stupid!” Moka yelled back at Kitt. Zach sighed as Kitt and Moka started fighting.


On Umbra 6, She sat on her throne brushing her yellow hair. “I’ll get them for you mommy,” The girl whispered as she placed the silver crown on her head, “I will have my revenge!” The door opened and he stepped in.

“My queen,” the man replied, “Are you ready to take revenge on the people who killed your mother?”

“Yes,” Queen Vena upset voice replied, “They all will pay for what they have done to my mother and feel the pain as I do. Lord Inferno find them, and bring them to me.”

The man bowed, “I have already planned this out, my queen. I found out their location is on a planet called “Earth.” My plan is to send my soldiers there and they will find these people who killed your mother. Then when they have captured them, I will bring them to you.”

Queen Vena looked at Lord Inferno, “Just make sure you bring them to me, so I can make them suffer. Call your soldiers!”

“Yes my queen.” Lord Inferno smiled as he turned around and held his hands out.

He closed his eyes and chanted, “Darkness spirits! Hear my call! Bring forth the warriors from the sky that falls. Wind, Lighting, and Rain from high above, aid me to save my queen’s love. ARISE MY BLACK SOLDIERS OF DEATH, ARISE!”

The sky rumble from high above and wind blew furiously. Lighting stroke and the rain poured down. They all surrounded into a large circle in front of Lord Inferno. A big flash of light filled the whole room, blinding him and Queen Vena.

When the light cleared, there stood a boy and three girls dressed in black outfits. “Its nice to see you all again.” Lord Inferno said to them.

“Yeah, Whatever.” The girl with two pigtails hair sneered, “So what is it this time you want?”

“My Queen has a task for you all to do.” Lord Inferno replied.

“I hope its not stealing treasures from the DayWing again.” A girl with long hair replied.

“Yeah, those DayWing people are weak with those stupid weapons they carry.” A girl with short hair agreed.

“Who cares?” The boy muffled under a ninja mask, “We got the treasure at least.”

“Yeah, but we did the fighting, while you got the treasure.” The girl with pigtails snaped back.

“Hey I helped you in the end.” The boy cried back.

“SILENCE!” Queen Vena cried causing the kids to quiet down. “This is not a task to steal treasures. You’re going to bring me something else instead.” As the queen explained the soldiers her plans, a soft laughter came from the hall.


At the mall, Mika happily skipped as she ate a strawberry ice cream cone. “Yay! So much fun! Mall is the merriest place to be.” Following behind her, Zach and Moka were overweight underneath bunch of shopping bags.

“Nice going Zach. Oh the mall doesn’t open very early. We had to wait for 3 hours and 30 minutes till it opened. Now my back is aching and I’m very tired.”

“Hey it's not that bad. It actually is fun.” Kitt said while sipping a milkshake.

“That’s because you’re not carrying anything.” Zach shouted under the bags.

“Ooo! A clothes shop!” Mika cried and rushed into the store.

“Finally, my back is starting hurting.” Zach crashed on a nearby bench.

“Weakling!” Kitt grinned as she joined her friend on the bench.

Inside the store, Mika enjoyed trying on different clothes. “Oo! So cute! I wonder what Moka will say when he sees this?”

“That you look like a bag of lard!” a voice said. Mika turned around, but no one was behind her.

“I must be hearing things.”

“Yeah, it’s the spirit of shopping here to haunt you!” the voice cried. A wooden hand grabbed Mika’s shoulder and she screamed.

From outside, Moka heard the scream and rushed into the store. “Mika?” He called and found her on the ground crying.

“Get it away!” she screamed, “Get it away.” Moka look at the mannequin Mika was screaming at. “Mika, there’s nothing scary about a mannequin. It’s not alive or anything.” Moka smiled.

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” The mannequin said and grabbed them both.

Outside, Kitt and Zach were playing cards with each other. “Read them and weep!” Zach said putting down four aces.

Kitt threw a straight flush at the cards, “You lose again!” A loud scream came from the clothes store. Kitt and Zach quickly rushed in to store finding the mannequin grabbing Mika and Moka. With a kick, Zach knocked the mannequin off them.

Out of it, a white spirit cloud surrounded them. “BOO!” something popped out and they all screamed.

A lady came by looking surprised. “Do you all need help?”

“No, we’re fine.” Moka said quickly. After the lady left, the cloud disappeared and there stood a young girl laughing.

“Courage!” They all cried.

“That’s right! Oh man, that was so funny.” She laughed out loud.

“What are you doing here?” Zach asked, “I thought we ditched you back at the castle.”

“I’m a ghost, I can go anywhere. Don’t forgot you killed my uncle, so I have the right to haunt you.”

“Not again!” Kitt groan.

“Oh, but I do have to say good-bye to you.”

“Good-bye?” Mika said, “Are you leaving?”

“Nope, but I think you are!” Courage laughed, “Well see you all later up there.” In a puff of smoke, Courage disappeared.

“What do you suppose she mean g…?” Moka started saying, but suddenly a big explosion came from outside.

The four rushed out to see hundreds of people running towards the mall door. “Excuse me sir, but what’s going on?” Zach asked someone.

“Can’t talk, there’s a bunch of kids trying to tear the whole place down.” The man said and rushed off into the crowd.

“Kids?” Kitt said very puzzled.

From across the fountain, the Black Soldiers were flying around shooting their powers everywhere. “They must be around here.” The girl with pigtails said.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they are around here. My calculations are always right.” The girl with short hair said.

“Zako Y Chosen!” a voice cried out as a fireball hurled toward the kids.

“Venom Volt!” The boy cried as his attack crash against Zach’s.

“See!” The shorthaired girl said, “I’m always right!”

“And who are you suppose to be?” Zach asked.

“I’m afraid we cannot tell, you’ll be dead before we can reveal ourselves.” The girl with long hair said, “Attack!” The kids quickly rushed towards Zach and his friends.

“You’re mine punk!” the boy said at Zach as he landed a hard punch at him.

“Think again!” Zach yelled back and punched him back, “Slash Bash!” The boy quickly dodged the attack and smacked hard onto Zach’s back.

“Fool!” He said when Zach collapsed to the floor.

“Gem Shatter!” Mika cried sending her attacks at the boy, but the pigtailed girl blocked him and held her hands out.

“Shadow Storm!” A black storm crushed the attack and knocked Mika into some plants.

“Hey, don’t you mess with Mika.” Moka cried, “Typhoon Rage.”

“That’s weak!” The longhaired girl replied as she held her hands out, “Hex Hurricane!” The attack cut through Moka’s and knocked him into the fountain.

The black soldiers turned to Kitt, who was shaking in her knees. “Well I see you are busy now, so I’ll leave you alone.”

“Oh no you don’t!” The boy said, “We’re not leaving till we get you! Venom Volt!”

Kitt quickly dodged the attack and cried, “Trident Power!” A trident appeared in her hand and she threw it at the boy, but the short hair girl knocked it away.

“Nice try girl!” She said and she charged up for her attack. “Dark Cyclone!” The attack headed straight toward Kitt, but she dodged it.

“Don’t think so!” She cried, “I’m not going to be defeated. Wave Crasher!” The attacks crashed each other, but the Dark Cyclone was more powerful than the Wave Crasher and it smash through. “Noooo!” Kitt cried and got smashed by the power.

The soldiers watched Zach and his friends laying on the floor. They all grinned at each other happily. “That was too easy!” The long haired girl said, “And here I thought they were going to be hard to defeat.”

“Let’s just finish this up,” The boy replied, “I want to get this over with.” All four held out their hands out and casted a black bubble around Zach and his friends.

“Pineapple Canon!” A voice cried as green energy smacked against the shorthaired girl. The rest of the three black soldiers turned to see a green haired person with a bunch people around him. “You leave them alone!” he replied.

The long haired girl glared at him, “Why should we? We’re ordered by the queen to take them back to her. So you and your gang go take a hike!”

“No way! I’m not letting you take my friends! GO!” Derak shouted to his gang. A group of boys and girls ran towards the four soldiers.

“Shadow Storm!” The pigtail girl cried. The attack quickly blew the gang away and smacked Derak near the wall.

“Stupid Fool, never mess with the black soldiers.” The boy replied as his black energy grabbed Derak into the black bubble.

“Let’s go now, before anything else happens.” The long haired girl said carrying the shorthaired girl in her hand.

“Bubble Ball!” A voice cried as bunches of bubbles knocked the black soldiers to the ground. The black bubble slipped out of the boy’s hand towards a small girl with white hair. The girl caught the bubble and quickly vanished into one of the clothes store. As the boy struggled to get up, he heard a voice, “Well if it isn’t Black Thunder.” The boy turned to see a blue haired girl facing straight at him.

“How you know my name?” he asked. Suddenly Black Thunder realised that Zach and his friends were gone. “Damn! Where did they go?” He quickly got up, “You have them; I know it. Tell me where they are!” Black Thunder was getting ready to punch the girl, when a strong hand grabbed it.

“Whatever happens to being polite to ladies?” A fire haired lady asked. Black Thunder turned around and saw two other ladies coming closer to him.

“You okay Aqua?” The green hair lady said to the blue haired girl.

“I’m fine Gaia.”

Realising he was outnumbered, Black Thunder surrounded a black shield around him and the three girls. “You may have won this time, but we’ll get those soldiers of yours. Just you wait! Queen Vena will have her revenge.” He growled and then vanished.

Lady Aqua sighed and then shook her head. “Girl, I’m telling you, talking isn’t going to defeat him, you gotta fight back.” The firy lady yelled at Lady Aqua.

“That’s enough Ignis!” Lady Kim yelled at the firy lady, “At least they haven’t caused much damage to this place.”

From out of the stores, Lady Luna carried Moka in her hands while the laying Zach, Kitt,  Derak, and Mika floated into the air. “Moka…” She cried in tears. The rest of the ladies all caught the floating people and looked at them. “They weren’t strong enough to defeat them.” Lady Luna cried. ” Lady Kim bit her lip as Lady Luna continued to cry and the rest of the ladies just looked sad.

“Hey they’re not dead you know! We can still revive them back at our place.” Lady Ignis growled so that Lady Luna would stop crying.

“That’s right, but they are the strongest soldiers we have so far.” Lady Aqua said, “If they cannot defeat the soldiers, they’ll be able to take over the whole planet of Serenay Moon and Earth.”

“Well yippie kiyi-a, I like a bunch of evil do-ers turning me into one of their slaves.” Lady Ignis sneered.

“Hush!” Lady Gaia said, “They may not be strong enough now, but I believe there is a way we could make them stronger.”

“Well then tell us!” Lady Ignis yelled, “Are we waiting for the end of the world to come to an end?”

Lady Gaia giggled, “Let’s go back and revive our soldiers first and then I’ll explain it to everyone.”

Lady Ignis growled a bit until Lady Aqua came up to her. “If you don’t be such a smart ass, I’m going to tell Lady Kim who erased the names of next years Moon Tournament on the computer.” Lady Ignis gulped and suddenly floated behind the group. As the ladies floated away, a white cloud appeared.

“Darn! So close!” Courage sulked. “And I even made t-shirts for them to wear.” Courage said holding up a t-shirt that said, 'I’m dead, but at least I have a head.'


At the castle, Black Thunder bowed in front of Queen Vena. “I’m sorry my queen. We were so close to defeating them if it weren’t for their guardians to save them.”

Queen Vena became furious, “Don’t fail me again Black Thunder or else.” As Black Thunder left, Queen Vena threw her glass cup to the floor, “I’ll get you all yet. You haven’t seen the last of us.”

End of episode 51

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