The Artists

Serenay Moon began as a joined effort between two friends, but grew over time. People joined, people left.... Because of life, the story is now maintained by two artists once more.

Kitty Ocean, from the Netherlands
The one who suggested the story to Rocket Stevo. She is the main writer and main artist, alongside Rocket Stevo. She also maintains the site you are looking at.
In the beginning, character Kitty Ocean and writer Kitty Ocean were more or less the same person. In time, the character and writer changed more and more. Looks and personality... the two don't look alike at all any more!
Kitty Ocean (writer) has her own webpage (you're looking at it!) and follows her dream to be an independant visual artist and author.

Rocket Stevo, from the United States of America
The one who joined Kitty Ocean on her silly idea to create a story. He is the main writer and artist, alongside Kitty Ocean.
The character Rocket Stevo was added later in the story, but his importance grew over time. Just like Kitty Ocean, writer and character don't look alike the slightest bit.
Rocket Stevo (writer) has his own DeviantArt page and follows his dream to be a visual artist.

Previous Artists

Tiamat Dragon, from the United States of America
Tiamat was one of the Main Artists for Serenay Moon - she designed some of the looks and started a comic out of episode 1 (will be found back eventually...). She left the team because Life demanded her. She is still an amazing artist and studying Animation.

Demitri Scaramanga, from the United States of America
Demitri brought a dash of fantasy to the story, adding genies to the storyline. He also drew a few manga, which will be posted underneath the 'Movies'. He left the team to focus on his own original works. When he left, genies became no longer 'canon'.