As I am...

Name: Kitty 'Kitt' Ocean

Real name: Kim. Kim means: Horizon (Dutch), To tip a boat (Dutch, verb), Leader (Old English) and Gold (Korean?).

Other Names: Whisper Shadowhunter (WS- I sign my art with it), Kitt, Kimono, Klein Irritant Meisje (Little Annoying Girl), The Digital Mermaid

Born on: 21st of March 1983 (Aries/ Pisces combo)

Nationality: Dutch (Netherlands)

Studies: VWO, PABO (HBO College), Zwemleider A, PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced

Old jobs: Store clerck (Arts & Crafts), Mail deliverer, Customer Service Employee


Current jobs: Customer Care Employee (Handling the toughest complaints and customers), Swimming Teacher (Volunteer work: Snorkling, Zwemvaardigheid), Private Art Tutor, Illustrator, Author

Published Work: Postbank Kleurkalender (paid job; art), Forever Young Eternity 1: New to this world, Forever Young Eternity 2: Heritage



Loves: My loved ones, dreaming, writing, swimming, drawing, computers, singing

Hates: People who demand/ invite themselves/ tell me how to do my work, people who steal art, people who are ungrateful or are impolite


Fav. Food: Cauliflower, Brocolli, Almonds, Mushrooms

Least Fav. Food: Brussle Sprouts, Lettuce, Sea Fruits (Fish and shells)

Fav. Animals: (Sea)Turtles, Wolves, Sea Life

Least Fav. Animals: Spiders, Crocodiles, Scorpions, Sharks


Fav. Comics: Elfquest, Calvin and Hobbes, WITCH, Melisande, Real Life

Fav. Anime: Sailor Moon, CardCaptor Sakura, Pokémon, Alfred J. Kwak, Kobato, Chi

Fav. Cartoons: Darkwing Duck, Totally Spies, WITCH

Fav. Manga: Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Megatokyo , Full Moon wo Sagashite, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Time Stranger Kyoko

Fav. TV/ Movies: Star Trek Voyager, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pirates of the Carribian, Sister Act 1 & 2

Fav. Music: Blřf, Within Temptation, Bee Gees, Queen, J-Pop, Celtic and way, way more

Fav. Artists: Chloé aka Uumie, Rocket Stevo, Dougurasu, Togepi, JA from TRSE, M.C. Escher, Wendy Pini, Fred Gallagher

Fav. Writer: Eddy C. Bertin, Paul van Loon, Chloé aka Uumie, Rocket Stevo, Conan-san

Fav. Poet: Chloé aka Uumie

Fav. Color: Brights colors or pure black. Blue and Orange are my fav!


Tools I draw with: Photoshop, Coloured Pencils, Watercolours, Copic Markers, Neopiko Markers and whatever else I get my hands on.


Old internetnames: Kana, Posey, Reym, Schmetterling, Mariposa, Vlinder, Butterfly, Papillion, Horizon

Current Record Holding Breath: 64 seconds (19 december 2007), previously 59 seconds (26 February 2003) and 54 seconds (somewhere 2001)