Forever Young Mirai

Years ago, Naraku left the IceHunters with her beloved to gather more experience. Yume is now the Chieftess of the IceHunters, but wants to find out what happened to her mother. However, a Chieftess can't simply leave the tribe! Yume's daughter is over 50 years old; a Full Grown, maybe she can take the lead!
But after suggesting this, Tengai starts crying like a little child and they get into a fight. Yume is most upset: her daughter should grow up!
Yume's husband convinces his love that Tengai might need a little push in the back... and Yume decides to leave the tribe with half of the members to find out what happened to her parents.

Forever Young Mirai: the story of the Chieftess who had to win the respect of all her tribemembers as well as her own mother... and the realisation that growing up is not always a curse!