Forever Young Grey

Throughout the ages, the IceHunters always had a Chieftess. This way, it would be insured the Chieftess would have the biggest amount of magic that's possible transferred. It has insured the safety of the IceHunters; knowing the next child in the line of Naraku would be a powerful Magic User who could protect both MorningSnow as well as the tribe.
But what if the Chieftess would die without an heir? In a desperate act to protect her younger brother, ReiRei's reign is over and the IceHunters have no female heir left. Grey, ReiRei's brother, is now their only hope left. Grey does the best he can, but he knows the future of the IceHunters is now shaken. He leaves the IceHunters in the hope to find the High Ones and asks for their aide.
During his travels, Grey meets a young Magic User called Mateo. He left his home to seek experience and powers, so that one day he would be a great Magic User. Little does Grey know that he will get more than he bargained for.
The knowledge that they are not alone in the universe, the knowledge that the High Ones feel they have to meddle with life no matter what, the knowledge that sometimes... the biggest betrayal comes from your best friend...

Forever Young Grey: a story about a young man who needs to take care of a tribe that shouldn't have been his. The story gets continued in Forever Young Sci-Fi, where Earth and Seken totally mix up!