About Forever Young

In the first series, 'Eternity', we follow the footsteps of Naraku, a young girl who knows nothing about her past or the world around her. As she learns more about this strange magical planet with three moons, so do we. Naraku also finds out she has unlimited magical powers, both a blessing and a curse.
This series has seven novels, dealing with themes as: friendship, family, unwanted responsibility, nature, racism, (sexual) abuse, death, war, terrorism, religion, letting go, forgiveness, love and many more.

The second series, 'Mirai', revolves around Naraku's granddaughter, Tengai. She has little self-esteem and gets no respect from her tribe, providing her a challenge when she becomes Chieftess. This series will most likely have four novels, mostly dealing with themes as: growing up, gaining self-esteem and respect. While the 'Eternity' series is almost written (drafts), 'Mirai' is still subject to change, alike the other series.

The third series, is actually a single novel. It is called 'Grey', revolving around the first and only male leader of The IceHunters, the main tribe. It is also a turningpoint, because our planet, 'Earth', comes into play as well. The main themes are: loss of a sibling, forced leadership, betrayal of a best friend and the discovery of a new world.

The fourth series continue where 'Grey' left off. Konoai, the main character of 'Sci-fi', lives a double life, protecting both Seken and Earth. Her duty as 'Key' weighs heavy on her and she often buckles under the stress. Earth may not know about Seken, Seken may not know about Earth and yet the two worlds influence each other. How do you hide technology on Seken and how do you hide magic on Earth?

The fifth series is a collections of short stories. 'Legacy' deals with the stories that didn't fit in the main books, including stories about the past and other decendants of Naraku.

The sixth series is a single book again, but it contains three important stories. 'Past, Present, Future' holds an important and famous Seken legend about the lost kingdom of Yalè and a story about a curse four strong Magic Users couldn't beat with their powers combined. The last story (Familiar) is actually the end of the 'Forever Young' series, thus it's quite possible this book will be last to appear.

The seventh series, 'Project KiMa' is a spin-off of 'Sci-Fi', dealing with the redemption of Mateo, the antagonist of 'Sci-Fi', as well as rebuilding his forgotten kingdom. He meets Kimu, a half Seken, half Earth-girl, who is a complete psychological mess. Having lost a feeling of home and the will to live, Mateo has to convince Kimu life is worth living, but despite his long life, he has never really dealt with girls. The story revolves around trust, love, letting go and regaining hope for the future. A possible sub-series may follow, called 'Dream Saga', which revolves around alternate realities created in dreams, in which Mateo and Kimu have to find each other again, without their memories of the real world.

In total, the series will have about fifteen to twenty novels, two of which are published and four more are written in drafts. As the story gets written, ideas are subject to change. Most characters can already be met through the illustrations of Kim Houtzager, which helps Kim forming characters and stories.