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Nieuw workshops t/m januari 2021 / New workshops till January 2021!

Onze shop gaat samen met HVC Creatieve Handen / Our shop will be combined with HVC Creatieve Handen

Corona/ COVID-19 Protocol

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On this page, we will host a few of our illustrations, of different types and with different media. Like what you see? You can find more at our DeviantArt and our Instagram. All our art is free to watch and all support is welcome, even retweeting our works. Want to support us, but don’t see anything in our shop that catches your eye? We also have a Ko-fi-account. Every little donation helps!

‘Tenebra’; digital

Cover of the ‘Zodiac Calendar’, Copic and digital

‘Shy Mermaid Naraku’, digital

‘Festive Fairy’, watercolors and digital

‘Little Angel Naraku’, Copic, pencil, digital

‘Rainbow Mermaids’, Copic and digital

‘Prehistoric Mermaid’, Copic, pencil, digital

‘Effhaah’, portrait part of the ‘Feathers’-series. Watercolor.

Hey, you found me! If you click this link, you can get a coupon you can hand in at my stand at convention! You will get something small for free then!

(One per person, on paper or digital is fine. This offer will be cancelled if fraud is suspected.)