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Keep In Mind Nieuws:

Nieuw workshops t/m januari 2021 / New workshops till January 2021!

Onze shop gaat samen met HVC Creatieve Handen / Our shop will be combined with HVC Creatieve Handen

Corona/ COVID-19 Protocol

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We advise you to take along your own materials for our workshops. You know these materials through and through and thus will get the same result at home as during the workshop. It also ensures the costs of the workshops will remain low. Mark your property to prevent accidental confusion.

This is list is only a recommendation and not an obligation!

Keep In Mind recommends you to take along the following base set:

Keep in Mind can order more materials than the mentioned art materials for you. Feel free to ask us.

We are open for budget materials. Anyone can make wonderful art! You don’t need a big wallet for that.