Serenay Moon
Episode 74: Having Faith in Fate
2003 Kitty Ocean (30th of December)


Sometimes things do not go as planned. Zach opened his eyes, and he felt like he was floating in a dark void, or something close to that. There was absolutely no light to be seen, yet Zach could see what was around him... which was nothing.

'Oh great', he was not pleased by this sight. 'I'm dead. Just a few more seconds and Courage will pop up. She will give me an annoying costume and put me to work in her shop. Hell. I'll be going to hell.'

Suddenly Zach felt things were getting hotter around him. He mumbled something about Courage and a heater, but it was not clear to hear. A tiny flame appeared before him and Zach couldn't help but smile. That was just the cutest tiny flame he had ever- oh wait, that was something Kitt would squeal.

All of a sudden the flame grew into a huge inferno and Zach tried to back out! "TADAAAA!" He heard a familiar voice and Lady Ignis spread her arms. "Well, what do you say? You just gotta love this entrance of mine."

Zach was surprised. He did not expect this. "Eh.... Lady Ignis?"

"The one and only!" Lady Ignis winked. "Heh, you sound like you are seeing me for the first time in your life!"

"Well, last time... was a bit different." Zach admitted. "Not being floating in.... wherever and all." He looked around. "Where are we anyway?"

"Zach, my dear, dear Soldier, you are..."

"Dead, I figured that out already."

Lady Ignis started laughing. "Zach! Stop being such a dumb blond!"

Zach felt annoyed. "Okay... stop using the dumb blond jokes already." He hissed. "So, if I'm not dead, where am I then? And where are the others?"

Lady Ignis snapped her fingers and smiled a big smile. "Zachy-boy, it's PEP TALK TIME!" She gave him a fan.

"Eh, what am I supposed to do with this?" Zach asked.

"Wave yourself some air, cuz this is going to be HOT!" Lady Ignis was really on fire.

Zach sighed annoyed. "Lady Ignis... please..." He plead.

Lady Ignis cooled down. "All right, all right." She looked serious. "This isn't going to work, ne?" Zach shook his head. "Darn..."

"What has happened?" Zach asked.

Lady Ignis turned around. "It's Lord Inferno." She admitted. "We were hoping you would never have to face him."

"But that did happen." Zach came closer. "So, what went wrong in the Big Plan of Everything?"

Lady Ignis placed her hands on his face. "Oh Zach..." She whispered. "It's best if you don't know it all. Maybe you will one day, but for now, the little truth within the big truth is enough."

"What is the little truth then?" Zach asked.

"You won't get near Lord Inferno before you have freed the Black Soldiers." Lady Ignis told him. "This is not their path. They are needed... somewhere else."

"Where?" Zach wanted to know. He knew these people! They were his friends... sort of. Mostly Mika and Moka's friends and Kitt's sister, but they were good kids! "Lady Ignis, who is...?"

Lady Ignis embraced him. "Don't ask such hard questions, my child." Lady Ignis whispered. "And when you find the Black Soldiers missing, do not worry about them. They will be safe."

"But... how can I?" Zach was worried. He was just a tiny boy! He felt Lady Ignis was dissolving. "Hey, don't go! Don't go Lady Ignis, don't go!"

"You are their leader Zach." Lady Ignis smiled. "Have faith... always have faith in fate..."


"DON'T GO!" Zach snapped up, and sat on the cold floor. He looked around, seeing his Dragon Sword aside him. Was it a dream? A vision?

He looked around, and saw his friends were looking around in the same way that he did. He felt it. They had experienced the same. A last piece of guidance. And now they had to finish it themselves.

"The puny ones have woken up." Zach stood up, not paying attention to Black Storm and her sinister remark. He took the Dragon Sword in his hand, getting a firm grip once more.

"We can't get to the Big Loser without freeing them." Zach whispered, but loud enough that his friends could hear it. His face was serious, but when he looked at the hollow eyed Black Soldiers, he smiled. Confident and ready for action, he looked at his opponents. "So let's get going!"

The Black Soldiers all released their attack, and Zach and is friends kept on dodging it. "Hah!" Black Hurricane laughed. "Chickens! They are running away from us!"

"They found out they are no match for us!" Black Thunder added and released another jolt of electricity.

But within the circle of friends, it was as if Zach and his friends shared one mind. They had been together so long; it was as if they knew what each other thought. It had taken a while... but finally they were a true team.

'They are different.'


'Something has changed.'

'What has changed?'

'They look different!'

'A necklace!'

All suddenly saw the new necklace the 4 were wearing. Black Thunder had a red gem, Black Storm a purple one, Black Hurricane a blue one and Black Typhoon a pink one. And, the other difference they noticed, was the hollow eyes the Black Soldiers shared.

'It's fake!'

'They are not truly back!'

'It's mind control!'

'Breaking the necklace should be enough!'


'We need to get closer.'


"Oh no you don't!" Black Typhoon yelled and send them back.

"We're doing something wrong here!" Kitt yelled and jumped back on her feet.


"Haven't you figured it out yet?" Lord Inferno's voice was echoing above the battle. "You can't win this! Your own friends will kill you, and finally I will get back what is truly mine! The puny Guardians won't be able to stop me... They never could!"


Black Hurricane jumped at Moka, but Mika pulled her back by pulling her long brown hair. Yet, Black Hurricane seemed to have more power then before and easily threw Mika away. Black Thunder was battling against Kitt, hurting her more then she hurt him. Black Typhoon was the weakest, but strong enough against Derak.

"You like this, pretty boy?" She snarled. "Of course you don't! How do you like being completely annihilated!?"

Derak grabbed her necklace, but with a simple attack Black Typhoon blew him away.

Black Storm fought against Zach, showing more kicks and punches than Zach had ever seen during the entire Moon Tournament. "Stop fighting boy!" She laughed. "It's pointless!"


"Do as the Lady says!" Lord Inferno laughed from his room. "Ask brain boy from your own group! It's fate!"


Zach snapped up. Kitt, Mika, Moka and Derak snapped up as well. In their own heads, the voice of the Guardians went through it. "Have Faith in Fate..." They echoed.


"It's fate!" Lord Inferno laughed once more.


The sword fell down. The trident fell down. The axe, the bow, and the Crystal Wand... they all clattered on the ground. The Black Soldiers did a step back, being cautious about what Zach and his friends would do.

"So, you're finally giving up, don't you?" Black Thunder laughed, but was uneasy.

A nod. Zach released a smile and a sigh at the same time.

"I knew you were cowards." Black Hurricane circled around them. "But we won't spare you!"

"You said it yourself." Moka said calmly. "It's fate."

"You shouldn't resist against fate." Mika added. "But you should embrace it, and having complete faith in it."

".........Okay." Black Storm raised an eyebrow. "Are we suddenly going all psychic or so?"

"Just take your place!" Black Thunder snapped.

"Do as you must." Derak said firm. "I have complete faith..." He felt he was lying. No! He had to trust! This was fate! And he had to believe in fate! It would be impossible the end of the Universe would be today! And if it would be... if he would die here today... then he would at least be aside Vena again.

If they would be cured, Derak would be happy. If they would kill him, he wouldn't mind. Yes. He had complete faith.

The Black Soldiers raised their arms. "Then so be it. Be ready for the void of darkness!" Black Hurricane laughed.

Kitt smiled at her sister. "Do as you must."

"We will!" The gems in their necklaces were pulsating heavily. "We truly will!"

"Then why are your hands trembling?" Mika asked.

The Black Soldiers noticed their hands. Indeed, they were trembling. "Im... impossible!" Black Typhoon screamed. "My calculations... my powers.... I CONTROL THIS BODY!"

Slowly Zach and his friends sat down on their knees. "Take your time." Zach said nicely. "We'll be right here. Just waiting."


"What are you waiting for?!" Lord Inferno ordered his minions. "Take them down now!" He could see it all from his room, far away. This couldn't be happening! He expected them to try and cure them again, but they were just sitting there! They weren't doing a thing! Not even making jokes! They were simply... waiting.


"Whatever you do Starleen." Kitt placed a hand on her chest. "You've always been a part of me. And you always will be."

"You've always protected me, Stevo, Kem and Rini." Mika added, placing a hand on Moka's. "Without you I wouldn't have made it. Ever."

"Stop saying those things!" Black Storm screamed and grabbed her head.

"Just wanted to let you know that." Moka smiled. "We won't hate you. Ever. And we believe in you."

"STOP! STOP!" Black Hurricane screamed. "This is my fate! I'm evil! Evil!"

It didn't seem to hurt Zach and his friends seeing the Black Soldiers in such pain. They knew they had made the right choice. And just seeing this scene made them believe it more and more.

But it was Zach who pulled the trigger. "Follow your heart..."


Silence. Complete silence. All what could be heard, was a gem cracking into two pieces, and fading into a dull colour. Lord Inferno jumped from his chair, and his eyes showed disbelief... but then he slid back and leaned on his hand... and smiled.


Zach and his friends stood up. They had to keep themselves from running towards their friends. The brown haired girl looked up, showing bright blue eyes filled with life. The brown skinned girl whispered 'thank you' with her lips. The boy could only chuckle and smile. And the girl with multicoloured eyes... had a tear streaming aside her face.

'Don't worry about us.' Rini Bubbles seemed to show when she raised her hands. 'We must follow our path. You must follow yours.'

'Always a part of me.' Starleen signed by placing her hand on her heart. Kitt nodded, and saw her sister raised her hands as well.

Light formed in the hands of the 4 former Black Soldiers. They shot at them, and a dark void enclosed them. Mika waved at them, and Kem couldn't help but saying something: "Good Luck."


The room was empty once more. Rocket Stevo took Kem's hand, and RB took his other hand. Then they turned around, and looked at a woman. She looked quite normal, with a uniform that looked like she had got out of a High School Manga. Her hair was floating from blue, to purple, and then to crimson in the points of her hair. A grey cat was sitting aside her.

"Today I lost a Soldier." She told them, but then smiled. "But I finally found my own 4 Soldiers."


The Black Void opened in a room, and Zach and his friends slowly materialised. In their hands, the Magical Weapons glowed dim. They were ready for battle, and so they were.

"Oh, you thought that?" A voice broke the serene silence. "You actually thought you were ready?" Lord Inferno rose up. "I must admit, I was surprised that you managed to free my minions, by only sitting there."

"I believed in our friendship." Mika smiled. "And they were not your minions!"

"You stole away their lives!" Moka added. "You took everything away from them!"

Lord Inferno laughed. "Hah! All I did was planting a dark soul in them! I ADDED something!" Zach and his friends were confused. Why did he laugh? Wasn't he afraid? "You don't know how it feels if you're missing half of who you are." Then he turned around. Obviously he had said too much. "You don't need to know more. Besides, you're gonna die here anyway." With a raising hand, the Magical Weapons were suddenly pulled out of their hands.

"Hey, give that back!" Derak yelled angry.

"Yeah, they are not yours!" Mika added.

"What will you do?" Lord Inferno smiled. "Kill me? You can't even save yourselves. What a shame. Coming so far, going through all those trouble and then... good bye."

Lord Inferno's raised his hands, and released an awesome wave of dark energy. Without their weapons, Zach and his friends had no idea how to stop this killer attack! Mika, Moka, Kitt and Zach screamed, but Derak stormed forward.

"I'll kill you!" He screamed, but the wave of energy would not stop.

"Derak, no!" Mika stretched out her arms, and Moka had to hold her tight so she wouldn't run at him.

A flash of light followed and time seemed to stop for a moment. Derak's eyes widened open, as he heard a familiar voice. 'Dear brother... you're always rushing into things.'

Zach's eyes widened open. Kitt tried to let go of Zach, but her hands were almost cramped holding so tight to Zach. She carefully opened an eye, and gasped. Mika and Moka were clutched together, but even they gasped in amazement,

Before them, before Derak, stood a girl. She had short blond hair, a bit shorter than Mika's and if they would have seen her face, they would have seen her grey blue eyes. She was a bit smaller than Mika and Kitt were, and she was wearing a short purple dress with blue lines. Under her dress was a white ruffled skirt, waving in the wind, just like her hair.

She had one hand raised, which she slowly lowered. The screen that had been around Zach and his friends slowly started to dissolve.

Silence filled the room, and the Crystal Heart in her hand faded slowly. And in this silence... she was the only person that was standing between Zach and his friends, and Lord Inferno...


End of episode 74
Ganbatte Stevo! My work on Season 3 is... over.... *bows* I loved working on Season 3!

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