Serenay Moon
Episode 71: No Secret
©2003 Rocket Stevo 


Somewhere in an other castle, Lord Inferno walked down the hallways. All he could think was how stupid those Black Soldiers were. He created them, gave them power, and they failed. Every time he thought of them, he smashed the wall, creating holes down the hallway.

"Curse them!" Lord Inferno gritted his teeth. "And to think, the Ancient Warriors could have done better than them. How I wish I could revive them."

Then he sighed and took one of the paintings of King Shadow and Queen BlackHeart holding hands. It was the only picture that was painted before King Shadow was defeated. If only he destroyed the gems rather than let it fall into another hands of good to destroy him...

"Oh my queen," Lord Inferno touched Queen BlackHeartís face on the canvas. "If only you were strong enough to defeat them, you wouldnít be dead."

Lord Inferno placed it away and then turned around. "I'd better check on Queen Vena. I bet she is very mad, so sheís going to explode."


In the castle, Queen Vena was laughing and hugging Derak as if he was her lost big brother that didnít come back until now.

"Oh Derak! This is so great! Youíre here!" Queen Vena took a look at his face, "And youíre cuter than last time."

"V-V-Vena!" Derak could only reply. He took a look at her. She still had that smiling face, but her clothes looked different than last time he was here. She didnít look evil at all. How could that be?

"Thatís Vena?" Moka scratched his head. "I was thinking of a screaming lady with that frizzy hair and long and sharp nails; ready to kill us."

Zach nodded, "How could a nice young girl be evil?"

Queen Vena suddenly turned around and saw Zach and the rest of the group staring at them. "Oh are these your friends?"

Derak broke out from his thinking and tried to stay calm. "UhÖyes! Thatís Zach and over there is Kitt. Next to her are Mika and Moka."

Princess Vena bowed down to them. "I thank you all for bring him to me." She turned to the Black Soldiers. "And I thank you too! I'll tell Lord Inferno how well trained soldiers you are to help Derakís friends and him."

"But we didnítÖ" Rocket Stevo was about to say, when RB elbowed him in the ribs. "I mean we donít mind if you can do that for us."

"No, itís no problem!" Queen Vena replied. "Why donít you all join me for dinner. You can all rest in the big hall down that way. I want some time alone with Derak."

Before Zach and the group left, Kitt whispered to him. "I think you should tell her."

"Hold your horses!" Derak grumbled.


As the group went down the hallway, Queen Vena hugged Derak again.

"Oh Derak! I got to see you again." Queen Vena cheered, "I havenít seen you in a year, I think, but this is so great!" She suddenly grabbed him by the hand, "Let me show you around the house and I can show you some neat things."

"Wait VenaÖ" Derak started to say, but Vena didnít wait for an answer and they both ran down the hallway. As he walked with Vena, Derak felt sick. It wasnít the illness of the Earth, but he knew Vena couldnít have tried to kill his friends. This is Vena we were talking about! The sweet girl, who would help anyone back on his or her feet. If she were evil, would he have to kill her to save his friends, the Guardians, and the world?

Derak sneezed again as he let go of Venaís hands. It was too much for himself to even think about the consequences of his loved one. Vena turned around and helped Derak up.

"Are you okay?"

"Iím fine!" Derak said, feeling very dizzy, that he fell down.

"How about I take you to my room. Youíll feel better later on." Vena smiled and led him down the hallway again.


In the big hall, the gang hung out until whenever dinner was. Mika and Moka were talking to RB and Kem about what had happened and their relationship. Kitt was explaining to Starleen what had happened to her, while Star was trying not to believe it. Zach sat away from the group near the door to keep a watch out if someone was coming.

"Youíre kidding!" Kem said, "You two are in love!?"

Mika nodded and blushed, "We both admitted our feelings for each other."

Moka held Mikaís hands. "Yep! Weíre a couple if anyone wants to call it like that."

"That is so cool! Congratulations Mika!" RB said as she and Kem clapped her hands.

"There goes my dream with him." Kem sighed.

"Ditto!" RB agreed.

Hearing from the clapping, Zach knew what the four were talking about. Mika and Moka had admitted their feelings. Whoope-Doo!

"Mind if I sit right here?"

Zach looked up and saw Rocket Stevo staring at him. "Go on ahead! Whoís stopping you?" He grumbled.

Rocket Stevo sighed as he sat next to him. "Are you still mad at me because I kissed Kitt?"

Zach didnít say anything, nor did he turn around.

"Zach! I had to do it! Look, my heart was filled with poison. The only way, I could free it is if I loved someone. The poison turned my heart cold and since then, I forgot about love. Hatred filled me and I was forced to destroy everyone; even lovers everywhere I went. I was in tears to see this, but I couldnít express it nor could I stop myself. The only thing that could cure me was if a girl loved me; so she would free my heart"

Zach didnít look interested and stared near the door.

Rocket Stevo continued on, "So I picked Kitt since she looked normal. She did seem nice, but after a while she became mean. I tried my best to get her to love me, but she refused. Man, being with her thought would be a nightmare for any boy."

A hand grabbed the shirt collar of Rocket Stevo and was lifted in the air. Zachís eyes squinted downward at the bug eye red haired boy and gritted his teeth. "Donít you ever make fun of Kitt! You donít know anything about her. I have been with her for many years and although she is mean, she has a big heart. So donít you ever say she is mean!"

Zach tightened the grip causing Rocket Stevo to turn blue from loss of air. With a swift kick he knocked himself away from Zachís grip, but Zach wasnít going to let that stop him. He lowered his eyes at the red-haired boy and got into his fighting stance.

"Hey I donít want to fight!" Rocket Stevo looked nervous.

"Take it back then!" Zach said and started punching Rocket Stevo at high speed.

Rocket Stevo gritted his teeth as he got up from the floor. "Alright then!" He took the gloves off his hands and got into his fighting stance. "Prepare to DIE!"

Both boys rumbled around with each other. Punching, kicking, whatever they did to weaken their opponent.


A voice yelled at them causing the two boys to stop what they were doing. Kitt walked up to both of them and picked them up. She slapped them both without waiting for a reply.

"What are you trying to do? Causing trouble?" Kitt was sweating. "Who knows if there still might be soldiers around the castle? We could be in big trouble."

"Well if you keep yelling, of course we will be." Zach sneered.

"Whatís wrong with you?"

Zach looked at Rocket Stevo and was about to explain it was all his fault, but he turned away. "Itís nothing!" Without saying anything, he ran out of the room. The room was silenced. Rocket Stevo looked surprised. Here he was waiting for the truth, but Zach didnít squeal on him.

Kitt was the first to break the silence. "You stupid Zach! Youíre going to get yourself caught!" She rushed out of the room and ran down the hallway. Rocket Stevo watched her go and felt he did something wrong.

Suddenly someone hit him on the head. Rocket Stevo turned to see an orange hair girl looking exactly like Kitt, but her hair was shorter.

"Hey you!" The girl replied. "Donít you try to make things worse for those two. They love each other, but they havenít told each other yet! So donít get them mad or into another argument."

"Hey I didnít know! Itís not myÖ."

Starleen slapped Rocket Stevo in the face. Even though she might act the same way Black Typhoon did with Black Thunder, she had her reasons. "Always watch before you react!" She only said and went down to check the computer she had.

Rocket Stevo turned to his friends, but they too nodded. Moka got up and went to Rocket Stevo. "I know you didnít know, but you should always watch what you say. It is best to understand his problems before saying something despicable."

Rocket Stevo looked at the floor and slowly he went out the door to find Zach and Kitt. Moka smiled and turned to the girls. "He understands!"


In Queen Venaís room, Derak looked around. The castle was mostly made out of stone and most of the rooms too, but Venaís room looked better than on the outside.

Vena came in with a vase of black roses. "Look Derak, I saved this for you. I grew it in the garden all for you."

Derak sniffed the roses and he felt the illness went away from him. "Thank you!" He said.

Queen Vena wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "Oh Derak! How I missed you! Ever since my mother died, I have felt so sad and depressed. I vow to get revenge on those Elemental Soldiers who have killed her. Iím so glad they didnít kill you though!"

She rubbed against Derakís face causing Derak to become nervous. ĎWhat to say? What to say?í He thought.

"Oh I canít wait until you meet Lord Inferno. He has been good to me ever since mother died. Maybe he can make you king and then we can stay together forever." Queen Vena giggled.

ĎI must!í Derak thought to himself.

He held Venaís hand and gazed at the happy face she had on. He felt the tears going down his cheeks and he couldnít help to stand strong as any boy would. "Vena," He softly said, "I have something to tell you."

"What?" Vena said as she held his hand. "Are you okay? Whatís bothering you?"

Taking off his glasses, wiping his eyes, Derak tried to tell the truth. "VenaÖ.." He squeezed her hand tight, but gentle. "Iím one of the Elemental Soldiers. My friends and I killed your mother and the General to save someone. I killed your mother."

Venaís happy face looked puzzled. She touched Derakís hands, which were now getting sweaty. "What are you talking about Derak? I donít understand."

"Watch!" Derak let go of Venaís hands. He brought one hand out. He closed his eyes trying to focus on his energy. A green light surrounding him as an axe appeared in Derakís hands. His clothes changed into his uniform and stood before Vena.

Vena stood there as if she found out his superheroís identity. She looked at him and at the weapon. The one she really loved was now her enemy...


Down the hallways, Zach walked with his tears in his eyes. Why didnít he say anything? He looked at the paintings of Queen BlackHeart with King Shadow. They looked so happy with each other. He thought about Kitt and how she has been avoiding or being cruel to him ever since they went to the future. Was it all because of this that was making him feel this way?

Suddenly Zach heard running behind him. He turned to see Kitt panting to catch her breath. "Finally! I was hoping you wouldnít do anything stupid." She said as she bend her knees to rest her hands on.

"Why would I?" Zach asked crouching next to her.

"What happened back there?" Kitt asked. "Why were you two fighting all of sudden?"

He couldnít describe the words to say to her. "Nothing!"

"Donít give me that!" Kitt groaned feeling like she was talking to her sister. "I know something is wrong between you two."

"You wouldnít understand!" Zach got up. "You never cared about me."

"What!" Kitt growled and she grabbed Zach before he took off. "I do care about you. I even helped you out."

"Since when!" Zach growled at her. Kitt thought for a second, but before she could reply, Zach walking started down the hallway.

"Zach! Why are you doing this?" Kitt started to yell not caring about what was going to happen. "What is it you donít want to tell me?" Zach cursed at her and walked faster. Kitt grabbed his hair and held him towards the wall. "Iím not letting you go till you tell me."

"I will not!"

"Yes you will!"

"Youíre not going to like it!"

"So what! Now tell me, otherwise Iím going to beat you up until you look likeÖ"

Zach couldnít hold it much longer, "I donít want you to see other men because I should be the one who loves you. I love you and I want to be Libertyís father no matter what you believe from the future!" Then Zach burst into tears as Kitt let go stunned. It may look weird for a boy to cry, but Zach had to let it out. Kitt didnít know what to say or what to do.

The only thing that came out of her mouth is "What?"


Back in the forest, Fanen was hunting for some food. Kaim had come along and was proudly holding onto a bow that Lyre lend to him.

"Iím going to catch a big animal and weíre going to have a big feast."

Fanen laugh as he muzzled Kaimís hair. "Just donít go to wild, little fellow."

"I rather eat the fruits then to go hunting." Reia grumbled as she trudges behind them.

Kaim spotted a deer and was getting ready to shot it with his bow. "Big animal! Lots of food!" He said.

Suddenly Fanen noticed something and grabbed both Reia and Kaim to the floor. "Get down!" He whispered, "Donít breathe!"

A figure floated above them and speeded across the sky towards the castle. When it was away, Fanen got up. "What is that?" Fanen wondered.

"Big food bird?" Kaim wondered.

Reia pull Kaimís hair. "No I doubt it! Although it seems to be that Lord 'Inferno' person?"

"If so I need to go find out!" Fanen replied, "Go back and tell the rest. Iím going to get to the bottom of this."

The two nodded and went off. Fanen turned around and ran as fast as he could to get to the castle. "I hope Iím not too late if Zach and his friends are in trouble."


As Lord Inferno reached the castle, he thought to himself. "I hope Queen Vena will be okay. Iíd hate to see if something bad happened to her. Maybe it might be the time to ask if I can take her hand to marry me..."


End of episode 71

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