Serenay Moon
Episode 70: Castle Chaos
2003 Kitty Ocean 


Lady Ignis ran into the room, where Lady Kim has just materialised, with an unconscious Lady Aqua in her arms. "Is she all right?" Lady Ignis asked worried.

Lady Kim looked at the pale face of her sister. "I... I hope so."

"Lady Gaia passed out as well, and Lady Luna is on the edge of sanity." Lady Ignis touched the face of Lady Aqua. "What has gone wrong?"

"I'm not sure..." Lady Kim sighed deeply. "From now on, they can only pick 2 paths. Let us pray they choose the right one."


Ignoring the pain in her side, Kitt crawled up the hill. From behind the bushes, she saw the guards in front of the tall gate. "Zach and the others must be inside!" She hissed. "If I don't get in... but how?" Thunder cracked in the sky, enlightening the area for a second. Kitt wondered how long it would take before it would rain.

Rain... wait a minute! That was it! Kitt folded her hands and started praying. "Tsunami, Goddess of the Ocean, please aid your servant. Warrior of Water, you promised me would be a pretty good time!!"

Again the thunder cracked. The soldiers near the gate looked worried up; they hoped the storm would soon pass. "I hope that the Queen will soon leave this castle." One soldier mumbled.

The other soldier nodded. "This may be her summer castle, but it doesn't feel summery at all!" Suddenly he felt something falling on his helmet and he looked up. "Rain?" He asked.

"No, it's hail." The other replied.

All of a sudden, hailstones the size of tennis-balls fell from the sky with enormous speed. They barely missed the soldiers, and they had to hide in order not to get hit. Quickly they ran inside.

Kitt smiled. "Not what I had in mind... but it sure works!" And quickly she slipped into the castle.


Zach in the mean while, reached the hill as well. He barely managed to duck away from a hailstone as well. Then he noticed there were no guards at the gate! "Lousy security." He mumbled, and snuck in as invisible as possible as well. "I hope the others are okay! We have to find Kitt!"


Inside a room, a bright light erupted. Blinking their eyes, the Black Soldiers looked around. "Finally!" Black Hurricane whined. "After 5 tries, we finally reached the castle!"

"How was I supposed to know the queen has so much castles!" Black Typhoon defended herself. "And you screaming 'the RIGHT castle' didn't do much good either, now did it??"

"Girls, stop fighting!" Black Storm stopped them. "We are supposed to be a well organised team. And right now we are not very well organised!!"

The girls just looked angry at each other. "I'll be so happy when this will be over!" Black Hurricane folded her arms. "All this stress is not good for my skin."

"Let's just bring our prisoners to the Queen." Black Storm suggested.

"Wait." Black Typhoon stopped her. "We have to be certain Lord Inferno is not around." She turned to Black Thunder and put the trident from Kitt in his hands. "You stay here! Do not move!" She ordered him. Then she turned around and left with the girls. "Let's go girls. Our pain shall soon be over..."

With his empty eyes, Black Thunder just stood before the 3 prisoners: Mika, Moka and Derak, who were still unconscious.

From behind a pillar, Kitt saw the Black Soldiers leaving. She also saw Black Thunder staying behind. "This is my chance!" She hissed and jumped from her hiding place. "Ocean Explosion!!!"

Her blow of water hit Black Thunder in the front. He slammed backwards and was forced to let go of the trident. Then he slammed against the wall.

However, because of the enormous amount of water, the hairpin placed in his hair suddenly had its short circuits burn through. The small amount of electricity in the tiny machine got released and almost electrocuted the Black Soldier.

Kitt jumped at her Opal Trident and grabbed it. "Let's not waste any time!" She decided and let her trident flow back into her body. At least it would be safe for now. Then she turned at her friends, and realised... "Wait a minute..." She started counting. "1... 2... 3... WHERE IS ZACH?!"


On the floor, Black Thunder was trying to get away from the pain in his body. However, his body refused, and Black Thunder was obligated to let visions float by again.


'But my Lord, it worked with us, why doesn't it work with him?' Black Hurricane asked.

'You nitwits.' Lord Inferno sighed. 'He is a lot different from you. The girls who your bodies belonged to acted by their minds. They thought things through. Planting your dark souls into them was easy.'

Black Typhoon looked doubting. 'If this boy is different as you claim... how will you change him? You didn't take him all these years ago just to let him turn into a vegetable, did you?'

'This one acts by heart.' Lord Inferno smiled. 'He asks a different approach. At first, I have to make his heart cold. Then I can plant the darkest soul into his body.'

'If his heart is that strong...' Black Storm wondered. 'Then what it warms up again?'

Lord Inferno looked her closely in the eyes. 'That is your task!' He said with a dark voice. 'Make sure he never finds love. If he does, he can break free, and then you girls shall pay!'

'Don't worry.' Black Typhoon smiled confidant. 'We like these bodies, and we intend to stay. And we'll never let him touch love!'

Lord Inferno nodded. 'But just in case... I'll add a security. In case he does find love.'

'What kind of security?' Black Typhoon asked.

'Pain, incredible pain...'


Black Thunder gasped and his eyes snapped open. He rubbed his head; what had happened? What were those visions? Memories? No, impossible! That would mean that Lord Inferno caused this pain! His commander caused this pain!

And was this really love what he was feeling? He, Black Thunder, was actually in love with his enemy? No, that couldn't be right as well!

He rubbed with his hand through his hair, until something dropped on the ground. Black Thunder took it and examined it... the hairpin! His team-mates planted the hairpin on HIM?! They used him?! Just because of a simple kiss?

Suddenly Black Thunder heard noise behind him. "C'mon Mika! Wake up! If you wake up now, I'll take you out shopping!"

Black Thunder looked back and saw Kitt kneeled at her friends. She was there. And that pain he felt... if those visions were true...

Black Thunder stepped up. "Kitt..." He called out her name.

Kitt jumped up on her feet. "You sure are one thick sculled boy." She hissed, ready to attack once more.

"Kitt, don't do this." Black Thunder said.

"Why not?"

"Because I love you..."

Astounded Kitt stared at him. ".... Excuse me..." Kitt could only say.

"Kitt, why don't we just forget about all this?" He pointed at around him. "The fighting, why don't we just leave that all behind?"

"What... what?" Kitt was so confused. "What are you saying?"

"Just you and me Kitt." Black Thunder offered. "I can bring us to a place far away from here. Then you don't have to fight any more, and neither do I. The hell with the world, come with me Kitt!"

"She's going no where buddy!! Zako Y Chosen!" The fireball slammed Black Thunder against the wall again. Zach ran inside and checked on Kitt. "Are you all right?" He asked worried.

Kitt nodded. "You keep him busy, I'll wake up the others!"

"No need for." Zach smiled, and pointed at his friends who were coming by again.

Mika was the first to see Kitt. "Aah! Stop Kitt! No more hurting please!!!"

"Huh?" Kitt asked confused.

"Later, okay?" Zach stepped between them.

"YOU ARE RUINING EVERYTHING!" Black Thunder screamed. "If I can't have her, nobody can!!" He aimed his hands. "Venom Volt!"

All jumped aside in the nick of time, seeing a pillar of marble getting blown into pieces. "Transform!" Moka suggested and all obeyed. "Diamond Thunder Cyclone!"

Black Thunder got caught in a whirlwind and slammed against the ceiling. "Now is our chance to heal him!" Derak yelled.

"Any suggestions how??" Zach snapped back. "We don't know how to heal! Only Mika knows how to..." His head snapped towards Mika.

Mika looked backwards, as if she thought Zach had meant someone else. But... he did mean her. "But how am I supposed to...?"

But Zach didn't wait. He aimed his sword at her. "Rings of Fire!!" He yelled. Rings of fire appeared around his sword, and shot towards Mika.

Mika tried to hide from the rings, but they hid her anyway. "Are you insane?!" Moka yelled frightened.

"Just a gambler at heart!" Zach hissed. "Now, go!"

Mika looked up and saw that Zach's attack hadn't hurt her at all! She did notice she was glowing red. And why was she feeling so warm all of a sudden?

Kitt was the first to obey. "Reflection of Water!"

Water circled around Mika, and Mika closed her eyes. This feeling, she was getting stronger! "Wings of Air!" Moka prayed he had made a right choice. What if it would kill the only girl he loved?

Mika turned around, and a pair of angelic wings appeared on her back. Now, Derak aimed his Emerald Axe. "Light of the Earth!" He finished and the green energy hit Mika.

"You think blowing up your allies will help you?" Black Thunder laughed, but felt uncomfortable when he saw the glowing Mika landing on the ground elegantly.

"My friend..." Mika smiled. "It's time to get your rightful place back. The nightmare is over!"

"I shall not loose this body!" Black Thunder screamed. "I already died once, I shall not die twice!! Eye of the Viper!"

The strong attack went straight to Mika, but with their combined powers, Zach, Kitt, Moka and Derak managed to stop it. Wind started to blow in the room, almost blowing Black Thunder away. Mika smiled, and raised her Crystal Wand. "Crystal..." She started.

"Kitt, don't do this to me!" Black Thunder yelled, and a sudden pain in his heart brought him down on his knees.

"I'm sorry Black Thunder." Kitt apologised. "But it's now time to go!"

"Spirit..." Mika continued.

"NOOO!" Black Thunder tried one more time. "I don't want to..."

"EXILELATION!!" Mika snapped her eyes open and released her purifying energy. It swirled around her old friend, and with pain in her own heart, she watched him screaming of pain himself.

With a big explosion, the light vanished, and Black Thunder fell on the ground. All let their guard down and ran at the boy on the ground.

Mika took Black Thunder in her arms. "Is he all right?" She asked Moka, who didn't know what to answer.

"How lucky do you feel today?" Kitt whispered at Zach, hoping they had made the right choice. What if they had killed him?

"He's waking up!" Derak noticed. "Be careful!"

Black Thunder opened his eyes. At first he saw blurry, but then he saw Mika and Moka's faces. Worry was written all over their faces; was there something wrong? "Did we beat him?" He only asked. Confused Black Thunder looked around himself. "Hey, when did Kem redecorate her house this much?" Tears appeared in Mika's eyes and she threw herself around the boy's neck. "Argh! Mika, you're killing me!!"

"You are back!" Mika cried. "We did it! We did it!"

Rocket Stevo, formerly known as Black Thunder, stood up from the ground. "Who are you guys?" He pointed at the others. "Hey Moka, you look different." He noticed the black haired boy, who only smiled.

Then Rocket Stevo saw Kitt and he walked at her. Somehow ashamed, Kitt put her eyes down. "Have we met before?" He asked her, but continued before anyone could answer. "It feels like... why do I remember us kissing, while I don't have a clue who you are?"

"YOU KISSED HER?!" Zach furiously grabbed Rocket Stevo's collar.

"He kissed me?!" Kitt gasped paled out.

Derak pulled Zach away from Rocket Stevo. "Zach, get a grip of yourself, that was Black Thunder, not this kid."

"Black Thunder kissed me?" Kitt was still astounded and gasping.

"Can anyone tell me what is going on?" Rocket Stevo asked. "I don't remember buying this Halloween costume."

Mika took his hand. "It's a long story." She wanted to start, but Moka stopped her.

"We don't have time; we have to cure the others." He said.

"Cure?" Rocket Stevo asked. "Anyone sick?"

Zach stepped forward. "I have an idea." He started. "The Black Soldiers will return in no time. And when they are all 3 here, we can heal them all at once!"

Kitt nodded. "I see your idea." She nodded, barely recovered from the idea that someone else besides Zach had kissed her. "We just have to pretend none of this ever happened. He is still Black Thunder, and you 3 are still knocked out." She pointed at Mika, Moka and Derak.

All nodded in agreement. "And when they are caught off guard, we make our move." Derak plotted. "So, who was where and so on?"

Zach looked at Kitt. "You were here before me." He said.

Kitt nodded. "Let's see, you 3 guys were about here..." She pointed where. "And... Black Thunder... he was here."

Mika pushed Rocket Stevo at the spot. "Hey, Mika, what...?"

"Just pretend that you are evil." She smiled as a reply.

"No." Mika turned around and looked at Kitt. "He was not evil. As a matter of fact, somehow Black Thunder was under the others' control."

Moka listened carefully if someone was coming. "Uh-oh, hurry up guys!"

Mika placed Rocket Stevo on the spot. "Just pretend we are having Foreign Languages!" She smiled. "Do not move, stare blankly, and do as they command."

Kitt pushed her trident into his hands. "He was holding this." She said. She wanted to hide with Zach, but turned around. "Your name is Black Thunder, you are under the control of your friends and my twin-sister, and you do whatever they say!"

"Huh, but..." Rocket Stevo was so lost.

Mika, Moka and Derak took their positions and Kitt and Zach hid behind a pillar. "It was a risk, giving him your trident." He whispered.

Kitt smiled. "Just a gambler at heart." She replied.

"Good, he's still waiting!" Rocket Stevo snapped up, trying to stand as still as possible. Oh, that was right, he had to stare blankly... how was he supposed to do that?!

Black Typhoon stepped before him. "Of course." She said and took the trident. "I made that control hairpin." Rocket Stevo noticed the girl looked a lot like that other girl, with pigtails. She did mention a twin-sister...

Then his heart skipped 3 beats when the 2 other girls stepped before him as well. 'Kem and RB?' He thought, 'No way! But, they have grown! And what are they wearing?'

Black Storm leaned over and looked into his face. "Mm, are you certain he's still 100% under our control?" She wondered.

Black Hurricane looked around. She tapped at Black Storm's shoulder. "Hey... was that pillar already smashed into pieces when we first arrived here?"

Black Typhoon looked suspicious. "Something has changed..." She mumbled. "Let's worry about that later; Lord Inferno is gone now and we have to get them to the Queen."

Black Hurricane took the remote control. "Transport us to the throne room Black Thunder!" She smiled deviously.

'Black Thunder!' Rocket Stevo thought, 'That girl said that was my name! And that I had to obey! But... transporting? How!'

Seconds passed and Black Hurricane pressed the button again. "Hello? Are you deaf? I said: transport us!"

"This is going wrong!" Zach whispered.

Black Typhoon came closer. "It couldn't have broken..." She leaned over and looked into his eyes. "There is something..."

All of a sudden, Rocket Stevo grabbed the trident from Black Typhoon, pushed her away and threw the trident towards Kitt's hiding place. "What the...?" Black Storm followed the trident with her eyes.

Zach and Kitt appeared, and Mika, Moka and Derak jumped up as well. "Show time!" Derak smiled.

"You traitor!" Black Hurricane aimed at Rocket Stevo. "Hurricane Hawk Claws!"

The attack was launched, and scared Rocket Stevo did not know what to do. Suddenly Mika jumped before him. "Cosmic Shield!"

"Why is RB so cranky??" Rocket Stevo yelled.

"That is not RB!" Moka let his Diamond Bow appear. "That is only her body!" He aimed at the girls. "Diamond Thunder Cyclone!"

The girls jumped away. "What have you done to our leader?" Black Storm screamed angry. "He was ours!!"

"He never belonged to you!" Derak threw a rose. "Gaia's Rose!" The vines caught the girls and drained their energy partially. "Emerald Forest Night!"

The attack hit the girls badly. Rocket Stevo jumped up. "Stop it! You are killing them!" He cried.

"Don't worry." Zach said to him. "We're not even close to hurting them! Dragon Fire Rings!"

"We shall not loose!" Black Typhoon gathered her strength. "Eye of the Tiger!"

Zach got hit and slammed backwards. "Zach!" Kitt yelled. "Starleen, if you won't come to your senses right now, I'll...!"

"Look who we have there..." Black Storm smiled. "It's our little fish, who has more lives than a cat! Well, it's over now missy! Eye of the Spider!!"

Zach pushed Kitt away and the attack hit the wall. "Steaming Showers!!" Both yelled and released their combined attack.

The attack barely missed the Black Soldiers. "Eye of the Hawk!" Black Hurricane tried and caught everybody in a strong wind. "Now let's show them not to mess with us!" The other girls nodded.

"Typhoon!" Black Typhoon raised her hand.

"Storm!" Black Storm called out.

"Hurricane!" Black Hurricane added.

"Black Soldier SMASH!" All 3 yelled at the same time and slammed everybody against a wall.

"They are trying to kill us!" Rocket Stevo crawled up. "Kem, RB, stop this!"

"We've got to heal them, and fast!" Zach yelled. "I don't know how long we can keep this up!"

"Not much longer!" Derak slowly stood up. "Mika, get ready!"

"What?" Black Typhoon saw Mika standing up. "So, the Soldier of the Spirit is the one that killed Black Thunder. I shall teach her!" She aimed at Mika. "Typhoon Tiger Fist!"

"Mika, look out!" Rocket Stevo jumped in front of her. "Ruby Rocket!"

Rocket Stevo launched his own attack, but compared to the mighty attack from Black Typhoon, his attack was nothing more than an annoying bug. Black Typhoon's attack burst right through it, and smashed him against a wall.

"Stevo!!" Mika cried.

Rocket Stevo tried to get up. "Boy... that's strong..."

"Enough!" Mika cried. "This shall end, right here, right now!" It seemed like fire was raging behind her, and wind blowing vigorously around her. "Crystal Cosmic Chaos!" With her attack she smashed the Black Soldiers against the wall.

"Now!" Zach ordered.

"Reflection of Water!" Kitt yelled.

"Light of the Earth!" Derak added.

"Wings of Air!" Moka yelled.

"Rings of Fire!" Zach ended and the combined energy surrounded Mika, giving her again a pair of beautiful wings.

"This does not look good!" Black Hurricane wailed.


"Hide!" Black Storm commanded.


"Get out of my way!" Black Typhoon tried to get away.


The ball of light shot from the Crystal Wand and caught the Black Soldiers. Screaming they tried to hide, and stay who they were, but it was to no avail. The dark souls vanished from their minds, and exploded in the air.

When the light died, all rushed towards the others. "Star!" Kitt could almost cry; would the fighting against her sister finally be over?

Mika and Moka ran at Kem and RB, looking if they were cured as well. Zach followed Kitt, while Derak checked on Rocket Stevo. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Shaken..." He replied. "But not that bad. I'll live."

Derak took his hand and helped him up. "Good to hear that." He smiled.

"Good..." Rocket Stevo smiled back. "So... anyone cares to tell me what was the matter?"

"My head..." Kem complained while she got up. When she noticed Mika, she smiled. "I knew I would kick his behind!" She felt proud. "Hey, it looks like you have grown!"

RB looked around. "Eh... I don't think this is your house Kem." She noticed. "And where is Stevo?"

"Here I am." He said and walked at the girls. "How are you feeling?"

RB saw him and stood up. "What are you wearing?" She asked. Then she saw her reflection in a mirror. "What am I wearing?!" She exclaimed and embarrassed she tried to cover herself. "Don't look at me!!"

Derak took off his jacket and gave it to the embarrassed RB with a smile. Then his eyes moved towards Kitt and Zach.

Starleen still hadn't woken up, but finally she moved as well. She opened her eyes, and saw the face of her sister, with eyes filled with tears. A smile appeared on Starleen's face. "It sure took you long..." She smiled.

"WHAT?!" Kitt exclaimed. "You killed me about 100 times and the first thing you say is that it took me long???"

"Here we go again..." Zach sighed, remembering all the fights between Star and Kitt. However, Starleen just raised herself, and hugged her sister. Silence fell in the room, until Moka broke the silence.

"Guys, I don't mean to interrupt, but we should go before anyone..."

"Who the hell does he think he is?" A voice sounded, stomping through the hallway. "If I find him, he shall learn who the Queen is, and who the advisor is! How dare he defy me! I am the Queen! I am..." Then her eyes saw the devastated room. "What the..." She looked around, seeing the people. 4 of them she remembered well; they were the Black Soldiers. But who...

All of a sudden her face lit up. Joy entered her heart and she forgot all about her rage. She ran forward, and threw herself at the green haired guy. "They found you!" She cried. "I feared you were dead as well, but you are alive! They finally found you Derak!"

End of episode 70

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