Serenay Moon
Episode 67: Return to Umbra 6
©2003 Rocket Stevo 



 Kitt looked up suddenly at the door, but stayed lying on her bed.

“Kitt?” Zach called from the door. “Are you okay?”

No answer came from Kitt’s room; not even a sound.

“Come on, Kitt! Open the door!”

Kitt put the pillow over her head and ears. Zach became impatient and began to bang on the door furiously.

“Will you open the door Kitt?” Zach yelled, “Either you do or I’m going to bust in and…”

A hand grabbed Zach by the shoulders causing him to stop. He turned and saw Lady Ignis smiling her evil smile.

“Okay Zachy, I think we should leave water girl alone.” Lady Ignis said and her eyes started to burn. “NOW STOP BANGING ON THE DOOR BEFORE I START TO BANG ON YOU!”

Then she tugged on Zach’s hand and dragged him into an other room where the rest of the Guardians and Zach’s friends were. They had arrived back after saving Kitt’s future daughter. Now they were trying to plan out how they could cure Mika’s friends.

Derak looked up from watering Lady Gaia’s plants. “Is Kitt still locked up in her room?”

“Yep!” Zach nodded.

“I knew this was going to happen.” Lady Kim sighed. “It was one of the secrets we needed to keep away from her, but now she knows anyway.”

“You mean there’s more?” Moka asked surprised.

“Nice going Kim!” Lady Ignis whispered to Lady Kim.

Lady Aqua decided to change the subject by using her magic to form a hologram. The hologram showed the planet, Umbra 6, which Zach and his friends were at last time. “After much research, we found out that the Black Soldiers are located on Umbra 6. We don’t know how they got there or who created them, but at least we know where they are.”

“Do you think Queen BlackHeart has returned from the dead since this happened?” Mika asked nervously.

Lady Luna decided to step in. “As far as we know, Queen BlackHeart couldn’t have been brought to life after you defeated her. It is if someone else has done it, but we haven’t find that out yet.”

“So our job is to rescue Mika’s friends and defeat whoever kidnapped them?” Zach asked.

The Guardians nodded. “All of you must work together. Remember, working together as one.”

“But how are we going to get to there?” Derak asked, “We don’t have to ride some stupid transporter machine to there like last time, do we?”

“We will transport you there, but you may not return until you completed your task.” Tiamat said.

“Then let’s go!” Mika cried.

“But what about Kitt? She's still lock up in her room.” Moka said.

“There’s no time for that right now.” Lady Gaia said, “Who knows what the Black Soldiers will do or what might destroy them. Quick gather around them.”

The Guardians held each other's hands and circled around Zach and his friends.

“Wait, we need Kitt!” Zach yelled as he tried to get out.

“Elements, Power, and Space…..” The Guardians chanted.

A loud yawn came as Kitt came into the room. “What’s all this chanting noise I hear?”

“Kitt!” Zach cried.

“Transport these people to another place.” The Guardians chanted on.

“What the heck?” Kitt yelled as Zach grabbed her hand.

“Kitt!” Lady Kim noticed, but couldn’t say anything because the last chant was about to end.

“We are one!” The Guardians yelled and there was a big flash. When the light died down, Zach and his friends had disappeared.

“So she made it after all.” Lady Aqua said as she got up.

“Hmm! Yes she did!” Lady Kim smiled.


In the castle, Queen Vena was becoming upset. Her face was mad and was about to scream at the Black Soldiers who bowed down to her.

“You didn’t get the weapons, did you?” Queen Vena asked Black Thunder.

“Well Miss…” Black Thunder started.

“Just answer the question!” Queen Vena yelled at him causing the room to echo.

As Black Thunder swiped the sweat from his forehead, he saw the girls looking mad at him. Besides them, he saw Lord Inferno shaking his head as if Black Thunder failed him. What could he tell them? He got beaten up by a girl using some magical thingy like all pretty magical girls have?

“I just got defeated somehow, my Queen.” Black Thunder said as the girls sighed and move their heads side to side.

“Dummy!” Black Storm said under her breath.

“Stupid Idiot! Black Hurricane agreed under her breath.

“Baka!” Black Typhoon said to herself who knew more Japanese than the rest.

“My Queen.” Lord Inferno bowed, “We may have lost the weapons, but we will find a way to retrieve them my Queen.”

“You'd better!” Queen Vena cried, “I’m going to give you one more chance! If not, I will get them and destroy them myself, but then you and your pathetic soldiers won’t be alive to see that.”

Lord Inferno bowed down. “Yes my queen.”

When they were out of the Queen’s throne room, Lord Inferno grabbed Black Thunder and threw him against the wall.

“YOU! YOU!” Lord Inferno screamed in his face. He threw Black Thunder on the ground and step on his back.

“I knew you had a soft spot. I knew you wouldn’t hurt any of the soldiers.”

“Hey wait a minute!” Black Thunder began to become ticked off. “I’m not soft and I would hurt those soldiers if it wasn’t for this girl…”

“A girl! LOL!” Black Typhoon laughed, since she had been on the Internet for sometime.

“The mighty leader, Black Thunder, got beaten by a girl. Weak!” Black Hurricane laughed as Black Storm grabbed her stomach.

“ENOUGH!” Lord Inferno yelled, “You girls, go to your room and stay there.”

The girls quit their laughing and went off down the hallway. Lord Inferno sighed and turned to Black Thunder. “Black Thunder, why are you like this? Why are you fighting against us?”

“I’m not! I just have a hard time defeating these soldiers.” Black Thunder replied.

“Are you sure, or is it because of someone?” Lord Inferno smiled. “Should I say the leader, Kitt?”

Black Thunder looked surprise and then frowned. “Stupid tattles girls!”

“Has Black Thunder forgot the deal we made?”

“Hey I can remember….” Black Thunder became pissed, but Lord Inferno shut him up.

“Of course, now find those weapons or else…” Lord Inferno pointed at Black Thunder’s chest. Black Thunder felt his heart thumping as Lord Inferno’s hand press against it. He nodded and trudge down the hallway.


A portal appeared and Zach and his friends tumbled out. Kitt came out last and landed on Zach.

“Kitt?” Zach rubbed his head and helped Kitt up. “What are you doing here? I thought you were back at the Guardian’s cave?”

“Are you kidding?” Kitt yelled being pissed. “They are so over-protected on me. Why couldn’t I come along with you to see the future? Why did Lady Aqua refused me to take her test? Why? WHY? Am I an outcast? AM I?”

It was silent after Kitt spoke her mind. Moka’s mouth dropped down and Mika held her hands to her face. Derak’s sunglasses fell off so you could see his shocking face. Zach turned pale and was on the ground.

“Well…maybe you are important to them.” Derak suggested. “I think they want to make sure you are safe and not harmed or getting hurt.”

Kitt starting to boiled mad. “I’m old enough for crying out loud. 19 years old! That’s an adult's age!”

“Let’s just go find Mika’s friends.” Zach said as he ran ahead with the rest following him. Kitt trailed behind cursing and kicking up dust.


They walked on looking at the scenery. Before, it was a nice blue sky when they went there, but now it seemed green. Not many leaves were left on the tree and the ground was mostly a dirt brown colour.

“This is a nice scenery.” Moka said. “This places looks worse than before we defeated Queen BlackHeart.”

“I’d say! The water doesn’t look good to drink!” Derak noticed as they went passed a lake. It was boiling and so muddy that it looked toxic.

“The Guardians said it shouldn’t be a long walk to the Black Soldiers' location.” Zach grinned. “We should be there faster than last time.”

“Don’t remind me!” Kitt yelled from behind.


Back at the castle, a servant came to Lord Inferno and whispered into his ear. Lord Inferno smiled and sent the servant away. He went to the Black Soldiers’ room. Black Typhoon was working on a crossword puzzle, Black Hurricane was powdering her face, Black Storm was eating chocolate, and Black Thunder was talking in his sleep.

“Black Soldiers!” Lord Inferno yelled and all of them stood up straight.

“What's up Inferno?” Black Storm asked.

“It seems those Elemental Soldiers have found our location. In addition to getting the weapons and defeating them, we must prevent them from entering the castle. It has been said they will destroy the ruler, or in this case, Queen Vena. So do as you must to defeat them.”

“Oh is that it! No problem Inferno!” Black Typhoon replied. “We will get the weapons.”

Lord Inferno nodded. “But, since you all have failed many times, I will have to follow along, in case you screw up.”

The girls glared at Black Thunder, who glared right back at them.

“You have 5 minutes to prepare before we leave. Now GO!”

As Lord Inferno left, Black Hurricane smacked Black Thunder. “Nice going, Thundy! We got a “grown up” to protect us!”

Black Thunder didn’t reply, but knocked Black Hurricane onto the floor. He pushed Black Typhoon and Black Storm aside and plopped on his bed.

Black Hurricane got up and looked at her dress. “Stupid! Now my clothes are all dusty! What’s his problem?”

“Don’t worry about him!” Black Storm said and turned to Black Typhoon. “What do you mean no problem, Black Typhoon? We can’t defeat those soldiers since they have the weapons.”

“True, true! But I didn’t say we will defeat them.” Black Typhoon held out a remote control. “Remember this! We’ll just let water girl do the work for us.”


In the Queen’s throne room, Queen Vena sighed unhappy. She kept on thinking of Derak. It was the only thing she could think of. His smile, his kindness, and the way he acted. She had asked Lord Inferno to find out if he was still around, but he always came back with no information.

“I know you are out there Derak.” Queen Vena whispered. “Stay alive! I will be here waiting for you.”



The group turned around and saw Derak covering his nose and mouth.

“You okay Derak?” Moka said. “Are you getting sick?”

“Not sure!” Derak sniffed. “Must be the air around here.”

At that moment, they heard noises around them. Footsteps could be heard and birds started to fly out of the trees.

“Someone is here!” Zach said.

“No really!” Kitt replied.

They heard a twig snapped behind them. All turned around getting ready to attack. The twig snapped noise was getting closer.

“On a count of 3, we attack!” Zach whisper and the rest nodded.



All charged to attack, but all of a sudden they all stopped. A familiar face stared at them smiling.

“Hey you guys! Haven’t seen you in a long time!” Fanen smiled.

End of episode 67

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