Serenay Moon
Episode 66: For Future Liberty
2003 Kitty Ocean 


Black Thunder started to laugh. "Yeah right!" His laughter filled the air. "And why should I listen to you?"

The girl smiled. "Like I said, because I said so."

Black Thunder was a bit surprised by her confidence. Why was she so calm? She was all alone here! "Hey, don't I know you?" He then asked.

The girl tipped her head and laughed. "You do." She simply smiled.

"And you survived that?" Black Thunder pondered. Then he saw a heart shaped crystal in her hand. "I know you!" He pointed. "You are that twerpy Soldier of Dreams!!"

Liz bowed politely. "Indeed I am. And I know who you are."

"Of course!" Black Thunder folded his arms. "I'm Black Thunder, Leader of the Black Soldiers." As a reply, Liz giggled. "What? You have a death wish or something?"

Liz looked at him. "I'm sorry." She apologised. "You are right, you ARE a leader."

"I said that." This girl was ticking off Black Thunder!

"Just not of the Black Soldiers." Liz looked at Black Thunder who lost his confidant attitude. His arms lowered; this was her chance. "I know you are having strange dreams lately." She continued. "But they are not dreams! They are visions from your past!"

"Oh sure." Black Thunder growled. "Next thing you'll tell me is that I'm actually a great hero that fights on their side." He pointed with disgust in his face at Zach and his friends.

"You don't know how close you are..." Liz whispered.

"Enough!" Black Thunder screamed. "I'm evil, remember? Always have been! I am Black Thunder, and not anyone else!!"

Liz saw this was going wrong! "Listen to me, the real you is trapped in a nightmare!"

"Shut up!" Black Thunder took his whip and stormed at Liz.

Liz shook her head. "You give me no choice..." She whispered.

The crystal gem in her hand started to glow. It changed her clothes within the blink of an eye. A magical aura surrounded her, with light accompanying it. Liz looked up, and saw the last Black Soldier storming at her. She raised the crystal with one hand, and it glowed like never before.

"Crystal... Heart... Harmony!" Liz yelled and released a blinding light.

Screaming Black Thunder tried to get away, but, just like his companions, he vanished. The light died down and Liz looked up.

"I just hope they'll be able to heal you..." Liz sighed and turned around. With a sad face she walked at Derak and kneeled at him. Carefully she took his head and placed it in her lap. "Oh brother..." She whispered. "When will you ever learn to watch your back..." She gently stroke his hair. "There may come a day that I won't be here to help you..."

"Well done Liz."

Liz looked up and saw the woman closing in. "Thank you Tiamat." She sadly whispered.

"Why are you sad?" Tiamat liked to know.

Liz looked at her Guardian. "It's just... when will I be allowed to join them? I'm an Inner, just like them! I'm Elemental, not an Outer like..."

Tiamat hushed her. "Shh Liz, we talked about this, remember?" She explained. "If you will join now, they will never learn their true strength. They need to learn to trust on themselves. Otherwise they will always turn to you if there is a problem."

"I know..." Liz sighed. "It's just that..." She looked at her brother's face once more. Then she kissed him on the forehead. "Be careful Derak..." She whispered.

"Thank you so much Liz."

Liz looked up and saw the 5 Guardians. She quickly stood up and bowed. "Oh great Guardians, I thank you..."

But Lady Kim stopped her. "You don't owe us anything." She said. "We owe you more than anything."

Lady Gaia nodded in agreement. "You saved our Soldiers more than once."

"You saved them from Ryu, Courage..." Lady Luna started.

"And don't forget Tempus!" Lady Ignis burst in. "That was so cool! The pit is a classic!!"

Liz chuckled, but Tiamat remained serious. "Liz, you must leave now." Liz looked at Tiamat, confused. "We need them for an other mission."

"An other?" Liz wondered. "Then what about...?"

"This is more important now." Tiamat decided. "They won't be gone longer than a day."

"Where will they go?" Liz asked curious.

"Some place you can't follow." Liz was shocked when she heard this answer. She didn't even feel Saigo Ryuko purring at her legs. "Go now Liz." Tiamat ordered. "Go home. And take Saigo with you."

"But I..." Liz tried.

"GO NOW!" Tiamat pointed. Liz had never seen Tiamat yelling before. It even scared Saigo Ryuko! But, obeying, Liz took the cat and nodded. And while she left, her old clothes changed back.

"You were harsh on her Tiamat." Lady Kim said.

Tiamat didn't look back. "I had to." She replied. "She wants to be near her brother no matter what. But he needs to find his own path." Behind her, Lady Gaia nodded in agreement. "Wake them up, there is little time before the Black Soldiers will return."


Mika mumbled a few unclear words, but slowly opened her eyes. The cerulean eyes first saw things a bit blurry, but then she gasped. Was she dreaming?! Because the first thing she saw, was a pair of red eyes, accompanied with purple hair and a sweet smile.

"Lady Kim...?" Mika was afraid to ask. Tears welled up in her eyes and she embraced the Guardian of the Spirit. "You are alive!"

"Of course we are, little sprite." Lady Kim smiled.

"We thought you were dead!" Mika cried, but then she saw that all the other Guardians were with their Soldiers as well. "You are all alive!"

Lady Ignis smiled, and gave Zach a friendly soft punch on his cheek. "Well done Zachy-boy." She grinned. "I knew you would beat Phoenix!" And Zach could only smile back.

Kitt rubbed her eyes and saw the green eyes of Lady Aqua. For a second it reminded her of someone, but she whipped it away. 'Lady Aqua could never be Shelly Stellamare...' How foolish of her to think that! Then she saw the other Guardian behind the Guardian of Water. "Oh my God...." She gasped. "Tiamat!!"

Kitt jumped up and embraced the Guardian she met a long while ago. "Hey Kitty." Tiamat smiled. "Glad to see your dreams are still yours!"

The others now noticed Tiamat as well and came closer. "You know this woman?" Derak asked.

Kitt nodded. "This is Tiamat. I met her the night before I left your gang. And she's the Guardian of..." Suddenly she stopped. "I feel so stupid!!"

"What?" Moka asked confused.

Kitt pointed at the Guardian. "She's the Guardian of Dreams, but when I met the other Guardians, I never connected the dots that she might be one of them! Stupid, stupid, stupid!"

The others couldn't help but laugh. Then Mika broke the silence. "Look Lady Kim, we got all our weapons!"

"That's nice dear." Lady Kim calmed her down. "But at this moment we need you for a more important mission."

Zach turned around. "More important? What do you mean?"

"It won't take long..." Lady Ignis put her hands on his shoulders. "But if you won't do it, the world is going to be in great danger." Zach stared bored at her. "Okay, I know, not the most original line ever..."

Tiamat stepped in the centre. "Each generation has their own Soldiers. And in this generation, you are the Chosen Ones. However, not each generation asks for the awaking of those Chosen Ones."

"I suddenly feel so special." Moka sighed.

Tiamat focused, and used her powers to create an image of a young girl; about 8 years old. Her hair was bright red; tied in a ponytail, and her eyes were green. "Hey, what a cute girl." Derak nodded. "She reminds me of someone."

"Who is she Tiamat?" Kitt ignored Derak and asked.

"This is Liberty." Tiamat answered and went on. "She is the Neo Soldier of Water. In the next generation, she will take your place Kitt."

"Oh goody, I'm gonna be replaced." Kitt sighed. "Will she do a good job, or is it best that I move out to another dimension?"

Tiamat looked at Kitt. "She will die Kitt."

Kitt was shocked. "Oh..." She could only say.

"Tiamat explained it to us." Lady Kim continued. "If Liberty would have found her powers, or the other Neo Soldiers, she could have protected herself. But, at this moment, she is helpless."

"And the enemy found that out." Lady Gaia said. "We don't know how the enemy found this out, but if Liberty gets killed, there won't be a Neo Soldier team and then the world is really doomed."

"Wait a minute!" Zach stopped them. "If I understand well, we have to protect Liberty, but how is this possible if she lives in the future?"

"Maybe if we protected her mother..." Kitt suggested.

"That won't be of any use." Tiamat said bluntly. "If we combine our powers, we should be able to send you there. Kitt, you will stay here."

"Huh, why?!" Kitt exclaimed.

Lady Aqua put her arms around her. "Zach and the others can do this on their own." She smiled. "And you need to rest from that awful fight! Besides, I need some help in my underwater kingdom."

"You have an underwater kingdom?!" Mika blurted out. "How cool! You know what, I'll stay and then Kitty can..."

"NO!" Tiamat decided. "There is no room for argument. Kitt will stay!"

Lady Aqua put Kitt down on a rock. "Just wait for one second, and then we'll be done." She smiled and walked back to the circle made out of her sisters and Tiamat.

"Wait!" Zach tried. "Can't we talk about this? I mean, the future is..."

"As long as you won't ask anything, you'll be fine!" Lady Ignis smiled and closed her eyes. "Great spirits of life..." She started.

"Give us a glance at the curtain of time..." Lady Gaia added.

"Let us peek at what's behind." Lady Luna said.

"Let us change what shouldn't happen." Lady Aqua whispered.

"Give us the chance." Lady Kim mumbled.

"Give us Time!" Tiamat added and a big bubble of light surrounded the 4 Soldiers. Mika clutched to Moka, and Zach and Derak weren't very comfortable about this either!

All of a sudden the arm of Lady Aqua and Tiamat got lifted and Kitt jumped inside the circle. "Kitt no!" Lady Aqua yelled, but when the bubble vanished, Kitt was gone along with the others. Silence fell among the Guardians.

"Will this cause any problems?" Lady Ignis finally asked.

Tiamat sighed. "Considering our bad luck, you can count on it."


Far away in time, a portal opened and Zach and his friends fell from it. It was a miracle that Mika, Moka, Derak and Zach didn't land on each other this time. For a few moments they looked around; it didn't look that much different from their time.

"I wonder why they didn't want Kitt to go..." Zach mumbled, when he suddenly heard a scream! Zach looked up, where again the portal opened and Kitt fell from it.

Kitt landed right on top of Zach and pushed him into a pool of mud. Moaning Kitt rolled around, but as soon as Zach realised what happened he became very angry, while the others couldn't stop laughing.

"The Guardians should have known Kitt would disobey." Derak folded his arms. "Kitt never likes it to be left out."

"Kitt, look at what you have done!" Zach yelled. "I even have mud in my..."

"Woah, we don't want to know!" Kitt stopped him.

Zach stood up. "The Guardians told you to stay behind."

Kitt followed him out of the pool. "Why should I be the only one to be left behind?" She asked. "I think they are hiding something."

"Like what?" Moka wondered.

"Don't ask me." Kitt tried to get rid of as much mud as possible, when they suddenly heard a scream.

Awakening the Soldier instinct inside them, they rushed at the scream. Around a corner, they saw a large monster holding a little girl with red hair. The little girl screamed in agony when the beast was taking light away something from her.

"That's Liberty!" Zach noticed.

"You'd think the Guardians would give us more time to prepare, ne?" Kitt whined.

"Hey, at least we don't have to search." Derak shrugged and took his Emerald Axe. "Let's save the future!"

The others nodded and took their Magical Weapons. "Let's go!" Zach ordered and rushed in.

The monster saw Zach and roared. Knowing in what kind of danger he was, he threw away the little girl and charged at the Soldiers. "Too bad buddy!" Moka smiled and aimed an arrow. "Diamond Thunder Cyclone!"

"It was very mean of you to attack a little girl!" Mika added. "Crystal Cosmic Chaos!" The attacks hit the monster and it was already enough to defeat him. Cracks of light appeared from his body, but soon there was nothing left from him. "Oh Moka, we did it! Together!" Mika cheered.

"Couldn't you have left something for us?" Derak asked and changed back, just like the others.

Zach doubted. "I think it was too easy. Did we really prevent it already?"

Moka raised his shoulders. "I don't know." He answered honestly. "We just changed history... eh... future... eh... time."

"Mika!" Mika heard Kitt yell and rushed towards her and the small girl. "Is she all right? She looks so pale."

Mika placed her hand on the little girl's chest and focused. "Still, I think it was too easy." Zach continued.

"I do think this was it." Derak disagreed. "For a little girl who hasn't discovered her powers yet, this monster was big enough. They never counted on us."

"Mm... maybe..." Zach mumbled.

Mika smiled. "She will be fine." She assured the others and all saw that Liberty was waking up. She blinked with her green eyes and then shot up. For a second she looked at Kitt, but then looked around and observed the others. After that, she looked at Zach and Kitt again and pointed at them. "You..." She said. "You two are all muddy!"

Zach and Kitt looked at themselves and laughed. "I guess we are. Are you all right?"

Liberty stood up. "Sure." She replied. "I saw a monster!"

Mika nodded. "Yes, you did. But we saved you from him. You don't have to be afraid any more."

"I wasn't afraid." Liberty stated. "But thanks anyway."

"Where is your home?" Derak asked. "Then we'll take you home. Your parents must be really worried about you."

Liberty pointed at a big dome that rose above all the other buildings. "I live there." She said and started walking. "But I don't think my parents will be worried."

"How come?" Moka asked.

"Because daddy hardly is at home since mommy died."

Silence fell in the group while they followed this small girl. "I... I'm sorry." Zach apologised. "We didn't knew."

"It's okay." Liberty shrugged. "She died 2 years ago. Daddy works a lot since then."

"That father is a... you know what." Kitt thought angry. "He should be there to take care of his daughter!"

"Maybe he tries to forget his wife." Zach defended him. "Who takes care of you now Liberty?"

"I do." Liberty replied. "But daddy's friend comes daily as well. She went to High School with daddy and is really nice. She'll come in an hour or 2."

"Awful..." Mika sighed depressed. "Poor girl."

Liberty put a key from the cord around her neck into a lock and opened a door. "This is the side entrance, but it's much shorter to my home then." And she guided them in.

All walked in, but after a few steps Kitt rushed towards the glass wall. "Oh my goodness..." She gasped. "This is a..."

"My mom built this aquarium." Liberty told them. "It was her dream to have a really big one. It's closed today."

Kitt joined Zach. "I finally know what I want to do with my life." Kitt smiled. "I want to open the biggest Sea Life centre on Serenay Moon!"

"Funny." Liberty said. "Daddy said mommy said that often too." After crossing the Aquarium she opened a door labelled with 'private'. "It's not much further. You can take a shower."

"Will your father approve this?" Zach asked. "We don't want to get into trouble."

"Nah." Liberty shook her head. "If he hears you saved me, he won't. You can borrow some of his clothes." Then she walked at Kitt. "I think daddy still has some clothes from mommy. You can borrow them."

"Thank you." Kitt smiled and followed the little guide.

The others looked at them. "Liberty is really mature, isn't she?" Derak mumbled.

"If you are alone often, you get earlier mature than needed." Moka whispered and Mika placed a hand on his shoulder.


"Okay, one more time!" Tiamat took the hands of the Guardians once more. Together they focused, but nothing happened.

"Awe man!" Lady Ignis growled. "They succeeded, why can't we bring them back now?"

Tiamat gasped for breath. "We mustn't give up! We have to go on!"

"Tiamat, we can't!" Lady Kim said. "We are exhausted. Believe in our Soldiers. Things will work out. We'll try again when we are less tired."


All sat in the living room from Liberty's house. Zach was wearing a sweater and pants borrowed from Liberty, but Kitt was still missing. Finally Kitt reached the room in a nice hooded top and jeans. "Hey, it looks great on you!" Zach smiled.

Kitt looked at herself. "It's okay." She replied. "It's not something I would ever buy."

Liberty came in the room with a tray with drinks. "Oh, let me help you." Mika offered and took it from the small girl.

"I put your clothes in the dryer." Liberty said. "They'll be dry within half an hour. I just hope they won't shrink like last time I used it."

Kitt took a glass and looked around. On the wall she saw a few photos of Liberty as an even smaller girl. With a big smile she sat on a swing, or played with some dolphins. "Mom learned me how to swim very young." Liberty told her.

Kitt then saw picture with a big white blur on it, and something that looked like a leg. "Hey, why would someone frame a failed picture?" She wondered.

"Daddy wanted that." Liberty smiled. "On their wedding day, mommy and daddy had one picture left. The photographer wanted to make a great one near the lake, but mommy decided they had enough great pictures." Liberty grinned. "The photographer asked for a kiss, but she pushed him in the lake. Daddy pulled her along. The white spot is her wedding dress, but that leg there belongs to daddy."

"Your mother sounds like quite the prankster." Zach joined them.

Kitt smiled as well, when she suddenly saw something on one of the pictures from Liberty. "What's that necklace?" She demanded to know.

Liberty took the necklace from underneath her shirt. "That's this one."

"That's MY necklace!" Kitt exclaimed. "Where did you get it?!"

Liberty grabbed necklace tight. "I got it from mommy when she died! Back off!"

"Great, I just saved the daughter of a thieve!" Kitt growled.

"Mommy was not a thieve!" Liberty started to cry.

Zach pulled Kitt close. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He hissed.

"That necklace means the world to me!" Kitt defended herself. "The future me now walks around without the necklace that belongs to her!"

"I hate you!" Liberty suddenly screamed and pushed Kitt.

Kitt bumped against a shelf and the shelf fell down. A framed picture fell on the ground and the glass shattered. Mika tried to calm down the crying Liberty. "She didn't mean it that way..." Mika hushed the kid, but was actually quite angry at Kitt. "How could you say that to a girl?"

Kitt sighed, even she realised she had gone too far. 'Why am I so high strung lately?' She wondered and ashamed she turned around. She saw the frame on the floor and picked it up. Slowly she turned it around and the last glass shard fell from the frame. Kitt looked at it falling, but then looked at the picture, and paled out.

"Something wrong?" Zach asked, but when he saw what she saw, he paled out as well.

Curious Mika, Moka and Derak came closer as well, but only Mika could speak. "Hey Kitty!" She said with a big smile. "Her mother looks just like you!!"


It was getting late on that day when Zach walked into the Aquarium. "Kitt?" He asked and it echoed through the empty centre. He finally found her between 2 large windows with fish behind it. The colourful fishes danced in the water and didn't seem to notice the sniffing girl between them. "I thought I found you here."

"Oh goody...." Kitt sniffed and rubbed away some tears.

Zach leaned against the glass window. "Liberty said the dryer would probably be done soon." But he saw Kitt was still sad. "Are you all right?"

"Am I all right?!" Kitt burst out. "I just found out I'm gonna have a kid, that the past me will yell at her, insult her and that I will die when she's 6 years old while daddy dearest is no where to be found!!"

Zach took her into his arms. "I understand it..."

"How can you possibly understand it!" Kitt yelled. "She didn't tell you what your future will be! You didn't just hear you will die!"

"I'm sorry...." Zach apologised. "I just wished... Can't we change time one more time?"

Kitt looked sadly. "I bet that by saving me that world will end up in great misery."

"You shouldn't think like that." Zach tried to cheer her up. He took her in his arms once more. "You know you'll never be alone."

"Correction, I know I will be alone one day." Kitt mumbled.

Zach didn't know what to say, when suddenly Moka carefully came around the corner. "Eh... Mika just got a message from the Guardians. They will take us back..." He said. "I thought... you would like to know that."

"We'll come soon." Zach said back and then looked back at Kitt, who just wanted to hold him.


The sun started to set when everybody was outside again. Zach and Kitt's clothes were clean again, and fortunately they didn't shrink. All were underneath a tree, but Kitt was still away with Liberty. They sat on a bench a bit further away. "I.... eh... I'm sorry I yelled at you..." Kitt apologised, but Liberty just shrugged. "Liberty... could I... ask you something?" Liberty shrugged once more and Kitt gathered all her courage. "Will I... was I... a good mother?"

Liberty snapped up and gazed at Kitt. "Well... eh..."

Kitt smiled a sad smile. "I already thought so..." She answered softly. "I never saw myself as a good mother. I'm sorry Liberty. I wished I was a better mother to you."

"Kitt, we got to go!" Zach yelled.

"I'm coming!" Kitt yelled and stood up. "Farewell Liberty...." She said. "And... I'm sorry." And she walked at her friends. Zach offered her his hand and she took it.

"Kitt..." Liberty started, and saw that they were getting caught in a big light. "Kitt... wait.... WAIT!" Liberty started running. "Kitt, don't leave me! Mom, don't leave me!" But they were gone. Liberty crashed on the ground and started to cry. "You were the best mother...." She cried. "Ever... don't leave me... not again..."


Back with the Guardians, they were all greeted and told many stories, but Kitt remained silent in a corner. Mika, Moka and Derak looked at her. "It's sad to know she... you know... but at least we know she and Zach will marry one day! How cute!"

"Are you certain about that?" Derak asked.

Moka looked at him. "How so?" He wondered.

Derak looked back at him. "Think about it." He said. "Why hasn't Kitt told us who the father will be?" Mika and Moka thought for a second. "If it would be Zach... wouldn't she tell us that then?"

"You think...." Mika looked at Kitt. "You think Zach will NOT be the father?"

End of episode 66

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