Serenay Moon
Episode 65: Aie! Aie! Tsunami!
©2003 Rocket Stevo 


A loud scream filled the room so that everyone had to cover their ears. The room started to rumble and it the floor started to crack. “NO!” The voice echoed down the hallways making the windows shatter into pieces.

“Queen Vena, calm down! There is no need to scream with your lovely voice.” Lord Inferno comforted the young lady.

“Why should I?” Queen Vena sneered and pounded her fist on the throne. “We lost our prisoners and those Black Soldiers of yours haven’t killed the ones that murdered my mother.”

“They are doing their best, my queen.” Lord Inferno bowed, but Queen Vena didn’t smile or look happy.

Instead she whipped her hair and looked over to her side. “Be gone!” Queen Vena said as she flicked her hand up, “I want those Soldiers dead or ELSE.”

With that, Lord Inferno turned around and went out of the room. He turned around a corner and into a dark room. Inside there were some boxes and weapons lying around. In the centre, Lord Inferno approached a large mirror. He spoke something and the mirror started to hum.

“They'd better be there.” He grumbled as he griped his hands tight.


“Cosmic Shield!” Mika cried out as she tried to stop the strong attack.

Black Typhoon pushed forward her hands. “Your defence won’t stop this attack.”

“Don’t give up!” Zach said to Mika.

Mika pushed her hands forward with all her might. Black Typhoon did the same as both attacks started to go back and forth. Sweat pour down their heads, but neither would let their hands down.

“It’s over!” Black Storm said as she and Black Hurricane pushed their hands forward to Black Typhoon. The attack went straight through the shield and hit Mika. Her crystal wand dropped to the floor.

“Mika!” Moka cried and caught her in the nick of time.

“Ha! Three persons are better than one!” Black Typhoon smiled as she charged up her attack.

“Frozen Time Typhoon” She yelled as the attack headed towards Moka.

Derak pushed Moka out of the way. “Watch out!” He cried and tried to stop the attack by using his axe. “Emerald Forest Ni...” He cried, but Black Typhoon’s attack was faster that it hit him first. His axe dropped to the floor and Derak stood frozen standing up.

“Dragon Fire Rings!” Zach yelled as he send the attack towards the three Black Soldiers.

Black Storm jumped out of the way and kicked Zach in the face. Causing that, Zach let go of his sword and fell to the ground.

“I’ll take that!” Black Storm said grabbing the sword, but Zach kicked her foot.

“If you think I’m going to let you take that sword, you’re...”

“Hurricane Hawk Claws!” Black Hurricane cried. The attack bashed Zach into the wall of the cave. He collapsed to the ground after the attack disappeared. His hand lost the grip of the sword and it hit the ground.

“Zach!” Moka cried as he ran over to him.

“Oh no you don’t!” Black Storm said letting her Shadow Rings appear. “Black Shadow Rings!” She cried as the attack sliced Moka’s clothes to shreds. He crashed down to the floor and his bow clanked towards the Black Soldiers.

The three Black Soldiers stared at Zach and his friends lying on the floor. Not one was moving and the weapons were right in front of them.

“Alright! We did it!” Black Typhoon cried as she gathered up the weapons.

“Lord Inferno is going to be happy when we tell him this!” Black Storm smiled. “Maybe he’ll get me a new game player.”

“Or some new make-up!” Black Hurricane sighed as she imagined how pretty she would look afterwards.

Suddenly there was a ringing noise that echoed through the cave. “What’s that?” Black Storm said.

Black Typhoon took out her little computer, “Oh I just got a v-mail from our boss.”

“V-mail?” Black Hurricane said looking suspicious.

“It’s short for video mail.” Black Typhoon replied as she pressed a few buttons.

“LISTEN UP!” A voice yelled on the screen. “You ladies there?!”

“Uh...Y...Yes Lord Inferno!” Black Storm nervously replied. “W...W...Wassup?”


“W...W...Well...B...B...Boss....” Black Hurricane tried to say, but was nervous he was going to yell again.

“Hey! Chill Boss!” Black Typhoon said, “Look what we got!” She held up the weapons in her hand. “And look at this!” She showed Zach and his friends lying on the ground.

Lord Inferno was surprised and blinked his eyes a bit. “Oh! Well now, that changes everything!” He smiled and rubbed his hands. “Bring them all to me quickly! And hurry up! The queen is starting to get mad.” The screen went blank and Lord Inferno’s face disappeared.

“Let’s go now!” Black Hurricane said gathering up the weapons.

“Hey where’s Black Thunder?” Black Storm said looking around.

“Who cares about him?” Black Typhoon growled, “He’s not worth our trouble.” The Black Soldiers laughed and started to gather up the weapons.

As the black soldiers gathered up the things they needed, bubbles appeared above the water.

Then a huge tidal wave formed and it crash against the Black Soldiers. As the waves died down, Black Hurricane got up and shook her hair.

“Oh high ones!” She screamed, “It got messed up again!” She jumped up and down. “Who did that?”

“I did!” A voice said.

The Black Soldiers turned to see Tsunami holding Kitt in her hands. Although she was dripping wet and tired, she looked ready to protect Kitt.

“So you’re the one!” Black Hurricane said, “Well! I’m not going to let someone mess up my hair! Hurricane Hawk Claws!”

Quickly, Tsunami summoned a bubble shield that protected Kitt and herself.

“Hey stop defending yourself!” Black Storm yelled as she send her Shadow Rings at it.

Inside the bubble, Tsunami was healing Kitt from her wounds. “And now time to wake up!” Tsunami said as she touched Kitt’s Trident.

“That does it! Give me one of those weapons!” Black Typhoon ordered Black Storm.

Suddenly the bubble disappeared and a bright blue light filled the cave. As it died down, Kitt stood ready with her trident.

“Ahh! That feels good!” Kitt said and turned to the Black Soldiers. “Now it’s pay back time!”

“Try us!” Black Hurricane said as she grabbed the axe from the pile and ran at Kitt. With a jab from the trident, Kitt knocked the weapon from Black Hurricane’s hand.

“My turn!” Black Storm said as she shot an arrow at Kitt. Kitt twirled her trident that it knocked the arrow back at Black Storm.

“Try to stop me!” Black Typhoon smiled as she sent fire rings from the sword. Kitt dodged the attack and used her waterpower.

“Wave Crasher!” She cried as a huge wave smashed Black Typhoon against the wall. Black Typhoon wiped the water from her face and started to look furious. “Had enough?” Kitt smiled as she twirled her trident.

“Alright! That’s it!” She cried. “Black Hurricane, Black Storm, All together.”

The Black Soldiers placed the weapons together and charged towards Kitt at high speed. Tsunami smiled as she saw the Black Soldiers charging towards Kitt. “It’s time!” She mumbled something and suddenly Kitt’s trident started glowing green and blue. It surrounded Kitt and changed the clothes she had on. Kitt griped the trident and held it forward towards the Black Soldiers.

“Opal…” She panted.

“For Lord Inferno, we will rule!” The Black Soldiers cried.



Lady Aqua looked up from her argument with Lady Ignis. “What now?” Lady Ignis said. “Don’t try to pretend you can’t hear me because I know you can hear my annoying voice.”

Without wasting time, Lady Aqua tried to find Lady Kim. When she found her, she hugged her and cried out, “They did it! They did it! They got them all!”

Lady Kim just stared and said, “Huh?”


“Explosion!” Kitt cried and send her attack at the Black Soldiers. The Black Soldiers got hit by the attack and got knocked out against the cave wall. The weapons dropped on the floor in front of Kitt’s feet. Kitt twirled her trident in the air and held it by her side.

Tsunami smiled as she went up to Kitt. “Ahh! Very good Soldier of Water! You have received my weapon after all.”

Kitt looked puzzled after a while. “Huh? This weapon is yours?”

Tsunami nodded, “This was the trident that Lord NightStorm had taken away from me. That means you must have defeated him.”

“But I didn’t defeat anyone to get this. I just got it from this girl name Shelly Stellamare. How was I suppose to know it was yours.” Kitt said.

“Shelly Stellamare? Is she a Guardian that defeated Lord Nightstorm?”

Kitt rubbed her head, “I don’t know! It was a long time ago. Where’s my diary when I need it!” (see also: ChibiAqua's First Adventure; special 5 and Dairy of a Dumb-Ass I; special 7)

Tsunami laughed and took Kitt’s hand with the trident. “All that matters is that you got it.” Tsunami smiled. “Thank you again and I hope you can revive your sister! Time for me to become a part of you.” Within minutes, she disappeared, but sprinkled magic dust onto Zach and his friends. Soon all their wounds were healed once more.

Kitt looked at her trident and thought, ‘How did Shelly got this weapon and how did Tsunami know about my sister?’ She started pulling on her hair. "WHY? WHY?”

Zach rubbed his head and looked around. “Hey! Where did the Black Soldiers go?”

Derak dusted off his jacket, “Looks like they disappeared.”

Moka frantically got up and felt around himself. “Oh high ones! Where’s my weapon?”

Mika got up too and felt herself. “Mine too! They must have stole our weapons.”

“No they didn’t!” A voice said to them.

The group turned around and saw Kitt holding the weapons in her arms, including the trident.

“Kitt!” Zach cried. “Are you okay?”

“Yep!” Kitt smiled, “I also got my weapon!”

“You did!” Mika looked up, “Oh thank you Kitt! Now we can cure my friends!”

Derak looked at Kitt’s weapon and scratched his head. “Uh Kitt! This is the trident you always had.”

“No it isn’t! This is the weapon Tsunami lost in the past.”

“Whatever!” Moka smiled, “As long as we can cure Mika’s friends, that’s all that matters.”

Mika cheered and said, “I want to thank you all for doing this for me. It means so much to me.”

“No problem!” Zach smiled. “Now let’s cure your friends!”

At that moment, a rope wrapped around Zach and his friends. It zapped them with electricity causing them all to be knocked out. A red hair boy appeared from behind and smiled. “So you thought you could get away.” Black Thunder muffled under his mask. “Looks like you did the work for me.” He grabbed the rope and make sure it was tight. Black Thunder saw Kitt unconscious, but turned away. “I’m sorry Kitt!” He said as he took the weapons from Zach and his friends.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!”

Black Thunder turned around and saw a yellow hair girl. “And why not?”

“Because...” The voice said as she fixed her red hat. “I said so!”

End of episode 65

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