Serenay Moon
Episode 63: 3 Sweet Words
© Rocket Stevo 2003 

She looked down at the warm fire before her. Softly, she touched her hair, taking the bands around her pigtails, and letting her long hair touch her back. She sighed as she watched the burning orange fire. It cracked a bit as a string of dark gray smoke came up.

Zach watched the girl as he helped Derak finding some sticks. “Is she still sad about it?” He asked.

Derak nodded his head in agreement. “Every time Kitt sees you, she can’t help thinking about what she has done. I keep telling it’s not her fault she couldn’t tell the difference, but she believes it is.”

“I'd better talk to her, telling her that it isn’t her fault.” Zach said and turned to walk towards the fire, but Derak caught him by the shirt.

“I wouldn’t do that! Kitt needs time alone. She’ll get over that whole mess after we rest up.”

“And if not?” Zach asked.

“Don’t worry! Geez, it’s not like she can't go on about this as long as you don’t mention it.” Derak grumbled as he picked more sticks up.

Zach watched Kitt hanging her head down to her knees. He shook his head as he picked two sticks to add to his pile.


Aside from them, Moka sat down by the fire with Mika in his arms. They both smiled as they snuggled close together. Mika placed her head against Moka’s chest as she looked at the roaring fire.

“Mmm! The fire is nice and warm.” Mika smiled as she hugged Moka, “Especially since I got a warm bear to lie onto.”

Moka smiled as he held Mika close to him. He rubbed his hand through her soft orange hair. “And I got someone to cuddle with.” He brought Mika closer to him as they held each other tight.


“What is it Mika?”

Mika looked down at her feet and then turn to Moka. “I want to thank you for all these years, you have protected me and took care of me all by yourself. I feel that you were the one who I can trust everything to, and nobody else.”

Moka blushed and tried to say something. The only words he can come up was, “Er... Um... Well”

“Yes, sometimes when I was little, I wondered if I would be happy in the future.” Mika continued, “I would be with my friends and be with my family. When they were all gone, I know I was going to be alone with no one to be with. But you…”

Mika hung her head down and started to cry. The ground was filled with tiny drops on the floor. Moka held up her head and gazed at Mika’s crying eyes.

“Mika…” He managed to say, “You are happy. You have many friends who are helping you to make you happy. We all are trying to get your friends and then you won’t have to be sad or alone anymore. And believe me, nor I nor anyone else would ever break that promise.”

Mika sniffed and started to cry again. Moka thought he had said something wrong, but when he saw Mika’s face, it was a happy cry. Her smiling turned up and tears came down her eyes.

They both looked at each and then finally kissed each other. “I love you!” Mika said.

“And I do too!” Moka replied as he brought Mika close to him.


Kitt sighed as she watched the two kiss and turned over to her side. She covered her face to protect anyone from seeing her crying eyes. ‘Stupid me! Why did I have to do that to him?’ Kitt thought, ‘Maybe its time to tell him the truth. I can’t hold it back anymore.’

At that moment, Zach and Derak arrived with a bunch of sticks in their hands.

‘Here goes!’ Kitt thought and went up to Zach.

Before she could reply, Derak dumped some sticks into her hands. “Well since you're up, how about putting these into the fire.” Derak said.

Kitt growled, “Yes, Derak, I’ll go do that.” She turned around and grumbled, “Stupid Derak, jackass, mother f…”

“You said something Kitt?” Zach asked.

“No!” Kitt yelled and dumped all the sticks into fire; causing the fire to go out.

“Aww!” Mika pouted, “And it was nice and warm too.”

“Its okay, I can make another one.” Zach said.

“Don’t bother!” Kitt said really pissed off, “I’m going to sleep so I can save up my energy.” Off she went behind a big rock and plopped behind it. Soon, Kitt was sound asleep and snoring very softly.



On Umbra 6, Fanen stood guard with Lyre as they watched their friends rested up.

"It has been a while since we have been with each other." Fanen replied.

Lyre nodded, "Ever since Queen BlackHeart took over this planet, this land wasn't safe at all. Even the water tasted dirty that the last time someone drank it, their blood turned cold."

Petting one of the animals, Fanen nodded his head. "I thought as soon as we got rid of her evilness, we could live in peace. But as it turns out there was some bit left of the evilness to take over Princess Vena."

Lyre sighed as he touched Vola's hair, "Now it seems we might have to kill Princess Vena in order to end this, but she has helped us before her mother started take over this planet."

"Might be, but I believe there is still some miracle out there." Fanen said as he looked up into the sky.

"Let's hope, otherwise we might not live for long." Lyre sighed.



Back in the cave, everyone was asleep, but Zach stayed awake. He heard Kitt's snoring and wondered if what Derak said was right. "I hope she hasn't been too sad about me." Zach thought, "I mean there were some times we have been mad at each other, but she seem overwhelmed by this."

He scratched his head still thinking.

Behind the rock, Zach heard Kitt crying softly. She said something, but he couldn't hear it. "Maybe she will feel better in the morning." He thought, but felt he needed to do something to comfort her. "No matter what, she is still my friend that has helped me ever since I met her." Zach said to himself, "And I won't let her be sad."

He walked behind the rock seeing Kitt sniffing while holding onto her jacket. He touched Kitt's long orange hair from the top of her head to her shoulder. It was soft and twisted in his fingers. Kitt had stopped crying and felt very comfortable. Zach smiled as he covered her with his jacket. "Good Night Kitt!" He said softly and went back to the fire to put it out. Before he turned in, Zach looked at Kitt and said quietly, "I love you!" and went to sleep.

From behind the rock, Kitt opened her eyes slowly. "Hmm?" She said rubbing her eyes, "Did someone call my name?"

"Go to sleep!" a voice said to her softly.

Kitt turned around still sleepy, but managed to see a yellow hair boy holding something shiny in his hand. "Zach?" Kitt yawned, "Is that you?"

"Uh...Yeah!" The yellow haired boy replied, "Go back to sleep! I'm here to protect you!"

"Okay!" Kitt said as she closed her eyes, "Thanks for being here for me Zach."

"Sure!" The yellow hair boy sadly replied as he touched Kitt's long hair.

Then as Kitt dozed off, the yellow haired boy placed the shiny thing behind her hair. "Mission Accomplished!" He said to himself. Before he left, the boy turned to Kitt and gave a kiss on her cheek. He dashed off into a cave opening and disappeared. He didn't notice Kitt smiled and held tightly onto the jacket.



In another area, the three Black Soldiers were waiting for their leader. Black Storm was helping Black Hurricane mixing up something red into a bottle. Black Typhoon was working furiously on a machine.

Finally, a yellow haired boy arrived in front of the three girls. "Well?" Black Typhoon sneered, "Did you do it?"

The yellow haired boy didn't reply, but sat down away from the three girls. He touched his chest and a tear came down his face. "Still cold!" He said.

"Hey! You better not have messed up like last time, Black Thunder." Black Typhoon yelled, " Yo! Do you hear me? Hello?"

"Yes I did!" Black Thunder yelled back and send an electric shock towards Black Typhoon.

She dodged the attack and yelled out her attack. "Frozen Time Typhoon!" The attack froze Black Thunder and he was petrified. Black Storm laughed as she started to poke the stone Black Thunder all around him.

"Oh well! I guess we can dye his hair later!" Black Hurricane laughed as she placed the dye bottle in her briefcase. She walked over to Black Typhoon, "So what is this thingy? It looks something similar to Stormy's game machine."

"It does!" Black Typhoon proudly replied, "I call it a 'Control Conductor Machine'."

"The what?" Black Hurricane scratched her head confused.

"The Control Conductor Machine!" Black Typhoon said, "This machine controls a person to do what you want. See this shiny silver thing." She held up a silver hair pin, "This device will make the person become under my control. In this case, I gave it to the Water Soldier so she can bring the weapon to us after she achieved it."

"It looks cool, but how do we know where this Water Soldier is?" Black Hurricane said examining the machine.

"Easy! This shiny thing is also a tracking device so we know where she is."

"Ooo!" Black Storm said looking up from poking Black Thunder and went up to Black Typhoon. "Can I do the controlling? Can I do the controlling?"

Black Typhoon nodded, "Might as well! But wait till after she gets her weapon. I'll be following the group in case everything is not going okay. I'll let you know when to activate the thing."

"Oo! This is going to be so much fun!" Black Hurricane laughed as all the girls laugh along with her.



"Oooh!" Tiamat screamed in pain as she collapsed to the floor. "Mustn't let this happen."

"Is there anything we can do to help you?" Lady Luna said helping Tiamat up.

"Not yet!" Tiamat said, "I must leave now."

"Where?" Lady Kim replied, "Tell us what's going on!"

"No! I must leave right now! I'll be back!"

Within minutes, Tiamat disappeared leaving the ladies confused.

"Lady Kim," Lady Aqua turned to her sister, "What should we do?"

"I don't know my sister," Lady Kim said worried, "I just don't know!"

End of episode 63

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