Serenay Moon
Episode 61: You're Fired!
©2003 Rocket Stevo

He walked down the hallway. With each step he took, the sound echoed into each room. At last, he approached a giant door that reached 10 feet high. To his side, there was a table with a vase filled with black roses. He took one of the roses as he opened the door.

A bunch of servants ran pass him and out the door. "Sir, I wouldn't go in there unless you want to get killed." One servant said.
A maid quickly grabbed one of the servant's hands. "You'd better leave," She said, "The queen is about to let go a scream that is worst than Jennifer Lo Spears."

As the servants ran off, he walked in the room where a young girl sat on the throne. The young girl was ripping heads off dolls and action figures. He noticed some dolls with purple hair and action figure guys with green hair were set aside.

"Something troubling you?" He asked.

The young girl stopped with what she is doing and looked up. She looked as if she was dumped on her Senior Prom. Her eyes were puffy and red as tears streamed down. Without replying, she picked up a purple haired doll and a green haired action figure.

He smiled and placed the black rose in her lap. "I know you want the revenge against your mother and your boyfriend's death, but the time will come soon." He patted the young girl on the shoulder. "Just wait for the right time and then you'll show them all."

The young girl nodded and hugged him, "Thank you Lord Inferno! You have been so trustworthy to me. I'm glad you are always beside me."

"I will always be with you, Queen Vena." Lord Inferno replied as he gave a kiss on her forehead.

"My queen," one of the servants came up to her, "Your prisoners have escaped."

She whipped up her dress and turned to Lord Inferno, "Prepare some of the soldiers, we must find them."

"Right away, my queen." Lord Inferno replied and disappeared out the door.

Queen Vena followed behind him still holding onto the doll and action figure. "They are not getting away." She said gripping the doll and action figure in her hand, "I'm going to do it for my mom and Derak."


"A-Choo!" Derak sneezed.

"You sick, Derak?" Mika asked waving her hands so the germs won't get near her.

"Maybe from the heat!" Derak said fanning himself.

The group had been travelling in the lava cave for many hours. They all started to sweat and trying to stay cool.

"So hot…" Moka started to say, but felt dizzy from the heat.

"It feels like a hundred degrees in here." Mika said clinging onto Moka's arm.

"Um…if it was a hundred degrees Mika, we would be dehydrated."

Derak smiled a bit as he took off his jacket. "Don't worry you guys! We survived the desert at Umbra 6. We should be able to handle the heat in here."

"But the heat wasn't this much." Moka replied trying to stay balanced.

"Maybe Kitt can cool us off with her water power." Mika suggested.

"Not in this heat!" Moka said, "It would dissolve just like back then."

"Plus it might hurt us if she puts too much strength in the water." Derak pointed out.

"Aww! I want to be cool! Where's Kitt?" Mika asked.

From the back of them, Kitt and 'Zach' (Black Thunder) were trailing behind. Kitt noticed how Zach didn't argue with her or even say anything. "Zach? You alright?" Kitt asked the yellow haired boy.

The yellow haired boy didn't listen for he was feeling dizzy from the heat. "So hot!" He thought, "How can that idiot wear these kinds of clothes in this place? Stupid Typhoon! I'll just shred her papers and books and then beat the sh…"


The yellow haired boy turned around quickly and came face to face with Kitt. He screamed as he fell backwards to the floor. "Zach!?" Kitt surprised, "Are you okay?"

The yellow haired boy got up and held his head, "Yeah I'm fine! Don't worry!"

"Are you sure? You didn't hear me after I called your name 5 times." Kitt said. As she helped him up, Kitt look closely at the yellow hair boy and stared straight at him. "Zach…you seem different."

The yellow haired boy started to sweat as Kitt looked closely. 'I'm in deep trouble!' He thought to himself.

"You seem cuter!" Kitt smiled, "Somehow when the rocks fell on you, your hair became to look nicer. I should do that more often when I ever beat you up again."

The yellow haired boy didn't reply, but smiled, "Well, I guess this is what hair fashion should do to ladies."

Kitt laughed as she messed up his hair, "In your dreams."

The boy smiled as he took Kitt's hand. 'Finally! Someone understands my jokes.' He thought, 'She's better than those three twerps are. Maybe this is the girl I have been dreaming of.'

"Um…your name is Kitt right?" The boy replied.

"Yeah Zach! Did the rocks made you lose your memory?"

"No I just want to say…"

"Hey you guys! Check this out!" Derak's voice called out to them.

"No time Zach! Let's see what they found." Kitt grabbed the yellow haired boy.


When Kitt and the yellow haired boy arrived, there was a monument of a monk in front of them. He had his arms out and wings seemed to be in front of them. Fire was surrounding all around it bursting red and orange.

"Zoinks! That's some guy!" Moka said, "He looks like he came out of some kung-fu movie."

"Jinkies, he sure is cute though. I wish I had a guy like that." Mika sighed.

"Mika!" Moka gasped.

Mika giggled as she hugged Moka tightly. "Just kidding sweetie!"

"Well Zach, this is it!" Kitt patted the yellow haired boy's head, "Let's see what you got!"

"Heh! Okay! I'll do my best for you guys!" The boy replied, "Wish me luck!"

As he turned around, he thought to himself, 'And when it's all over, I'll take the weapon and destroy you all with it.'

Kitt watched her friend going up to the statue. "You can do it Zach! I believe in you." She said to herself. As Kitt clapped her hands together, she felt something sticky on her hands. She looked down and saw yellow goo dripping from her fingers. Before she could say anything, a bright red light blinded the whole cave.


She shook the boy trying to wake him up. "Zach! Wake up! You have to stop those girls! Come on!" Still Zach didn't wake up or even move. Liz became impatient and yelled in his ear. "WAKE UP!!!!"

With a jump, Zach grabbed his head and groan loudly. "My ears!"

"Finally! Come on Zach, we don't have much time." Liz grabbed his hand, "If you don't hurry up, the Black Soldiers will take your weapon."

Zach let go of Liz's hand, "Why should I bother, I only make it worse for my team. Let them handle this." He walked away and watched the lava boiling.

"So you're telling me your not going to help your friends?" Liz surprisingly said, "Why? You're their leader and you have guide them to safety."

"Yeah Right! All I do is causing trouble for them and I boss them around. I'm not a good leader!" Zach pouted, "Derak was mad at me because I was going to leave Moka behind. I made Mika cry when I told Courage to leave if she wasn't going to help us. Kitt thinks I can't make any decision on anything; including which movies or restaurants to go to."

"But…" Liz started to say, but Zach turned his head away.

"No, I don't want to hear it's okay or everything will be okay. Who cares? I can't do anything right! I quit this leader thing and the saving the world. I'm going to leave this stupid maze cave and go home. Don't try to stop me!"

Zach ran into an opening cave and disappeared leaving Liz alone. Liz shook her head and sighed unhappy. "Zach Zach…Zach! What are we going to do about you?"


Vola pushed a stone away as the sun came out. "We're free guys!" She said as the rest came out.

"Man! I thought we were never going to get out of there." Ariës sighed, "The Queen needs to clean that place sometimes."

"Well at least we got out of the castle and didn't see that Inferno person again." Lyre said.

"Not really!" Fanen pointed as a bunch of black soldiers came out of the castle.

"Quick over here!" Lyre said hiding behind a rock. The group followed his lead as they watched Lord Inferno yelling at the soldiers.

"Find those people!" Lord Inferno cried, "They must be found and kill them."

"Yes your mighty dark sir!" The black soldiers cried and rush out.

Turning around, Lord Inferno held out a hand. "Ready to go, my Lady!"

A hand held on to his, as a Lady in a purple dress came out. "I'm ready!"

From to the side, Fanen gasped, "Princess Vena."

"We better leave before they find us!" Vola suggested, "We'll bring you to our secret town."

The group took off, but Fanen stayed behind the rock watching as Lord Inferno walked with Queen Vena. "Princess Vena…" He sighed.

"Mister!" Kaim tugged onto Fanen's shoulder, "Hurry up!" Fanen didn't move and Kaim had to drag him away from the rock.


When the light died down, Kitt opened her eyes slowly. "Dang! That was really bright! I should have borrowed Derak's sunglasses."

After rubbing her eyes open, she saw a monk standing in front of them. He was very young, almost the age of Derak. He had a red robe on and a belt wrapped around him. His eyes burned fiery red staring at the group around him.

"Who has dared awaking Phoenix?" The monk said in a quiet, but serious voice.

"Uh…I have!" The yellow haired boy said holding up his hand nervously.

The monk turned to the yellow haired boy and smiled. "Ahh! Yes! I suppose you want my weapon from my shrine."

"Heck! Yeah!" The yellow haired boy said nervously, but determined, "I'll just beat you up before you can even attack me."

Phoenix smiled, "Ahh! Such a hot tempered one you are. Well then, attack me with your own power."

"No problem!" The yellow haired boy said.

"Go Zach!" Kitt yelled out.

"Yeah you can do it!" Derak yelled out.

"Show him your fire power!" Mika cried out.

Suddenly, the yellow haired boy looked very shock. 'Fire power?' He thought, 'Oh man! I thought this was going to be easy, but if I show my thunder power, those twerps will know I'm Black Thunder.'

"What's the matter hot head?" Phoenix smiled as he stood there, "Can't stand the heat?"

"No, but maybe you should cool off!" The yellow haired boy cried and thrust a fist at the monk. The monk bends backwards and dodged the punch. He kicked the boy with his foot and the yellow haired boy fell.

"Had enough?" The monk said.

"No!" The yellow haired boy cried and threw punch after punch at the monk.

Still the monk dodged them and with a swift open palm hand, he knocked the yellow haired boy into a wall of rocks.

"Hmm?" The monk said again, "I think the monkey needs to think before he attacks."

Rocks crumbled away as the yellow haired boy brushed the rocks off him. "Hey it's not over bald boy!"

"What's with Zach?" Moka asked, "He looks like he's losing."

"Yeah and Zach usually sends out his Zako y Chosen fire ball thingy before attacking." Mika nodded her head, "It's as if Zach is a different person."

"Must be!" Kitt replied looking at her hand with the yellow goo on it. As she looked, the goo started to smoke up and Kitt screamed in pain.

"What's wrong?" Derak asked Kitt, "You in pain?"

"No really dummy," Kitt cursed as she held up her hand, "This goo thing almost burned my hand."

Derak took a look at Kitt's hand and did some thinking. Afterwards he replied, "It's peroxide. It's made of sodium and oxygen. It's a certain kind of acid. It's use for bleaching hair. I remember Maureen did it on Jimmy, but…"

"Wait!" Kitt interrupted, "This goo is used for bleaching hair." Derak nodded his head in agreement. Kitt turned to the yellow hair boy getting up and charging again at the monk. "Then that is not…"

"That does it! Prepare to taste this!" The yellow haired boy cried charging up his attack. "Volt Viper Bite!"

An electric attack went towards the monk and shocked him. The monk quickly moved his hand and the electric attack vanished.

"Ha!" The yellow haired boy smirk, "Nobody messes with me."

"Aha!" A voice alarmed the yellow haired boy as he turned to find Kitt in his face. "I knew it! You're Black Thunder if I'm not mistaken."

"Me?" The yellow haired boy was surprised, "No way! I'm Zach! You know I have the same clothes, hair, eye colour, and I use fire…uh…… oops!"

From behind, the monk dusted himself and smiled again. "Ahhh! Power of the Thunder I see. Let's see if you can defeat me now." The monk whispered something and within minutes, his arms turned into feathers. His robe slipped off as the rest of his body changed into red feathers. His face turned into a bird with a long beak. Within minutes, he changed into a Phoenix.

"Amazing!" Moka gasped as he watched the Phoenix fly down.

It picked up Black Thunder with its feet and flew through the air. "Hey put me down!" Black Thunder cried beating on the feet.

"Yeah! Drop him!" Kitt cried as Mika tried to hold her back, "So I can beat the crap out of him."

Black Thunder gripped onto the Phoenix's feet with his arms and legs. "Don't let go, mister monk sir. Please!"


Large stomps could be heard in one of the caves. Zach stomped off feeling very bad for himself. "I can't do anything to help anyone. No matter what I do, I always cause a problem. It's always has to be me and everyone blames everything on me."
Suddenly he heard some voices coming from another part of a cave. He went down that way and saw a phoenix diving at his company.

"Whoa! Cool! A phoenix!" Zach cried, "I never knew there is one in here. Oo! I wish I had a camera right now."

Suddenly the phoenix headed towards him and dropped a figure onto Zach. "Ow! I'm going to toast that big bird brain." The figure replied.

Zach pushed the figure off and saw a yellow haired boy similar to him. "Whoa! Either it's the heat that's making me dizzy or I'm seeing things."

"Uh…you're seeing things." The yellow haired boy said about to run away, but Zach grabbed him.

"Wait a minute, I know you! You're Black Thunder!" Zach said, "Besides my hair doesn't look like that."

"Well don't look at me! Typhoon thinks this is how you look." Black Thunder replied.

"Yeah well I don't look like it!" Zach snapped back.

"Just get this peroxide off my hair. I look like a dumb blonde." Black Thunder groaned.

"Hey! I'm not a dumb blonde." Zach cried ticked off.

Suddenly a wind of flames hit close to Zach and Black Thunder. "Found you!" Phoenix said.

"Uhh…he's the one you want." Black Thunder pushed Zach forward.

Zach stared at the giant red bird floating at him. It's fire eyes burst when it saw Zach shaking his knees. "Something tells me I should have gone back to where those Black Soldiers tied me up." Zach said about ready to scream as the Phoenix nose forward dived towards him.


A crashing sound came from the kitchen. A man ran into the room where a lady gazed as if she was in a trance.

"Honey! What's wrong?" The man asked.

"I…I…I don't know." The lady replied, "I just thought I heard him."

The man sighed, "Now, Now! We know Zach is out with his friends on a long trip. Remember? I'm sure he is safe. Don't worry!"

The lady hugged the man, "Okay! It's just I thought I heard him saying he wants to go home or something?"


End of episode 61

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