Serenay Moon
Episode 60: It was about time!
2003 Kitty Ocean 


Derak ran at Mika. "You did it!" He cheered. "You beat her! I knew you could do it!" But then he saw the tears in her eyes. "S... something wrong?" He asked worried.

Mika looked at him, smiling and shaking her head. "No... it's all perfect!"

"What is perfect?" He kneeled at her. "Hey, why are you crying?"

"They are all right!" Mika cried. "My friends are all right! And they helped me! They are still in their own bodies!"

Derak took her in his arms. "So we can free them? Just simply chase away the evil spirits that keeps them...?"

Mika nodded. "We can cure them! All 4!" Mika then jumped up. "We've got to find Moka!" She decided. "I've got to tell him this and..." But then she held back. She placed her hand on her heart. "It's time that I..."

Derak looked at her. He smiled. "You've grown a lot..." He whispered.


Zach, Moka and Kitt reached the lake underneath the waterfall. Zach put down Kitt. "Kitt, are you with me?" He asked demanding.

"I... I think so..." Kitt whispered.

Zach looked up to the cliff and then quickly turned back. "There's no time, I need you NOW Kitt!"

"Zach, she can't..." Moka started, but Zach pushed him away.

Zach looked at her with a firm glaze. "Derak and Mika hit the water but never came back to the surface!" He stated. "If they didn't drown, what has happened than?"

Kitt tried to think clear. "There... must... be an underwater current then."

"Are you certain of that?" Zach demanded.

"Zach!" Moka tried again.

"Shut up Moka, I need to know if she is certain!"

Moka stared at Zach; he had never acted like that before! Was there something wrong? But then he heard laughter in the air. "Be prepared kiddies, here I come!"

"Black Typhoon!" Moka whispered. Now he knew why Zach acted like this... there was no time.

Kitt nodded and Zach took her shoulders. "Kitt, I've never asked more from you than you could give, but I need you! I need you to protect us."

Kitt looked at him, with a painful face. "I...I don't think I can! I feel so..."

"Kitt!" Zach yelled. "There is no time! You HAVE to protect us!" Kitt still looked doubting. "I order you to give all you got!"

Kitt understood it and nodded. Both Moka and Zach helped her up and walked at the lake. "Ready?" Moka asked and Kitt nodded again.

And they jumped into the water.

Immediately the underwater current grabbed them in its mighty force. Both Moka and Zach clinched to Kitt, holding their breaths while it felt the raging water would tear them apart.


Black Typhoon landed on the floor. "Hmpf." She folded her arms. "You think that will stop me?" She smiled. "You took the risk... AND SO WILL I!" And she jumped after them.


The cat rubbed it's head against Tiamat's leg. Tiamat looked down and lifted the cat. It purred in her arms while she stroke it. The other Guardians sat uncomfortable, looking and observing this strange new Guardian.

"So... eh..." Lady Kim tried to get her attention. "Why haven't we seen you before?"

Tiamat looked up and smiled. She looked much younger than they did. "You know the answer Lady Kim." Tiamat smiled. "Just like you, I always knew there were other Guardians. We were born from the same crystal." She put the cat down. "But, we all have different tasks. Mine is alike yours."

"You know our task?" Lady Gaia wondered.

Tiamat looked up. "Just like you know mine. I'm the Hidden Guardian and..." The cat asked for attention again. "Not now Saigo, your mother is busy!"

All stared at Tiamat. "Did she just say...?" Lady Ignis gasped.

"She is right." Lady Kim said. "We've always been aware of each other... in our dreams." She looked at her sister. "She is not our enemy, she is like us. And she isn't looking for Zach, or any of the others."

"I'm looking for my own Soldiers." Saigo Ryuko crawled on his mother's lap. "It's time that they are being awakened."

"How will you find them?" Lady Aqua asked.

"I send my Soldier to find them..."


All 3 gasped when they finally reached the surface. Exhausted, Zach and Moka had to help Kitt on the shore. She breathed heavily, and her heart pounded in her chest.

Zach put a hand on her shoulder. "Well done..." He smiled. "I knew you could do it..."

Moka slapped away his hand. "How can you be so cold?!" He yelled. "You know how injured she was, how could you ask this from her?!"

Zach jumped up. "She was the only one who could protect us!"

"In the mean while you forgot to tell her she should protect herself too!" Moka was very angry.

"You never disagreed with me!" Zach snapped back.

"Maybe I should have!"

"Look, the Guardians pointed at me as your leader!" Zach defended himself. "I had to do SOMETHING! This was the only thing I could think off!"

"Then maybe you are not fit to be our leader!" Moka screamed back.

Zach boiled with anger. "You think I WANT to be your leader?! If you want this gig I'll be happy to step aside!"

Moka was silent. Both boys just looked at each other. Then Kitt stood up and walked between them. "The choice has fallen, the decision was made." She said with a tired voice. "Now let's do what we are chosen for..."

Kitt wanted to walk into the corridor, but Zach stopped her. "No..." He said. "You have to rest." Zach stepped before her. "Just like the old days huh?" And he winked.

Kitt smiled and climbed on his back. She put her tired head on his shoulder. Zach turned around. "Are you coming?" He asked Moka.


Mika and Derak walked through the corridors. "I hope we'll find Moka fast!" Mika eagerly hopped.

Derak smiled. "Calm down Mika, we'll find them. So far we always managed to find each other again."

"Yes, but we have been walking for hours now!" Mika jumped up and down.

"Actually, we've been walking for 10 minutes now." Derak sighed. Mika could be so impatient. What was so important that she wanted to find Moka this fast?


Black Typhoon reached the surface. She coughed and crawled on the land. She then took her mini computer. "Good." She sighed. "Still works... didn't expect it to be... this long..." And for a few minutes... she just stayed laying down.


Moka and Zach walked through the crystal corridors. "This must have been the Spirit Shrine!" Zach concluded. Kitt had fallen asleep on his back.

Moka nodded. "Do you think Mika...?" He asked worried.

Zach smiled. "Don't worry! Mika can handle it! She's stronger than you think!" But then he got curious. "Why are you so worried anyway?"

Moka looked away. "I eh... I eh..." He blushed.

Zach didn't get it and looked forward again. "I wonder if Mika already fought... or that she's still fighting. And I wonder where Derak is."


Moka looked up and before he could react a girl hung on his neck. "We found you! We found you! We found you! We found you!"

"Mika!" Moka replied. "We found you! We found you! We found you! We found you!"

And while they went on with their 'we found you'-s, Derak walked at Zach. "I guess we found you." He smiled. "Hey, did Kitt trick you again?"

Zach looked back. "Long story." He smiled. "So, how are you?"

"Feeling much better now." Derak smiled.

Mika let go of Moka. "Moka!" She smiled proudly. "I got my own weapon!!" She jumped up. "I fought with a Shrine Guardian! And I won!"

"You did?!" Moka stood up too. "That's so great!" And they hugged.

Zach and Derak interrupted them smiling. "Mika, congratulations." Zach said. "But maybe you could take a look at Kitt?"

"Sure!" Mika happily skipped at Kitt. "Something wrong with her?" She placed her hands on Kitt. "My goodness, she is exhausted! How did that happen?"

Zach looked sad and then at Moka. How would he respond? "She saved us." Moka just said.

Kitt slowly woke up. Zach felt happy that Kitt was going to be fine again, but in the mean while it was still bugging him what Moka had said. Had he been right? Black Typhoon was only one Black Soldier, they could have had a chance at beating her...

"Mmm?" Kitt mumbled. "Mika?"

"Don't worry, you are going to be fine!" Mika smiled. "Everything will change from now on!"

"Indeed, everything will change!" All looked back and saw Black Typhoon putting her hand through her hair. "Okay, I'm ready now!"

"So am I!" Mika turned around and let the Crystal Wand reappear.

Black Typhoon smirked while Kitt stepped from Zach's back. "So, you got your weapon huh?" She stood ready for battle. "You are still not accustomed to your weapon! I still have time to take it away from you!" She raised her hands. "Frozen..."






Both attacks went through cave and blasted at one another. The attack exploded and both girls got thrown back. Mika clashed against the wall, just like Black Typhoon, but Black Typhoon jumped up again.

"Frozen Time Typhoon!" She yelled once again.

"Mika look out!" Moka jumped at her and pushed her away in the nick of time.

"Moka, no!" Derak yelled, but it was too late... Moka got hit.

Kitt jumped in front and called upon her trident. "Aqua Dragon Love!" She yelled and the water dragon went through the air. Black Typhoon couldn't avoid it and got blasted away...

It was silent in the cave. Zach saw that Kitt dropped her trident. He didn't know how to react. Kitt had attacked her own sister to protect the others. How would she feel now? How could he help her?

But the words that broke the silence, were not his words. It was a name. "Moka?"

All turned around and saw Mika. She was standing before... Moka. His eyes were hollow and grey, just like the rest of his body.

"Moka, why don't you move?" Mika asked with a trembling voice. "Why...?" She touched him. He was cold. Stone cold.

Scared Mika stepped back. "No..." She started, shaking her head in disbelieve. "No, no, no!" Derak laid his hands on her shoulders. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Mika cried in Derak's arms. Zach ran forward. "Impossible!" He yelled. "This can't be!" But when he touched the stone Moka, he knew it was no dream. This was reality. Carved in stone.

"Zach..." Kitt wanted to put a hand on his shoulder.

"No!" Zach yelled. "I won't accept this! There has to be a way to help Moka!" He looked around. "There is a way, right? We survived everything! Deserts, storms, strangling vines- we survived it all!" He kept on yelling, refusing to accept it. "No matter how many times we got beaten up, we always came trough! Moka CAN'T be gone!"

"There you are!" Out of no where Courage popped up. "Man, you are hard to find!"

"Courage?!" All turned around, surprised.

Mika ran at Courage. "You know more of black magic than we do Courage!" She begged. "Please help Moka!"

"Huh wah?" Courage looked confused. Then she noticed Moka. "Man, is that Moka?! Boy, I knew he was a stiff guy but this is overreacting!" She floated at him. "Did Black Typhoon do this?"

Mika nodded. "Please tell me that you know how to cure him!"

Courage became silent. She bit on her lips. Mika stepped back in disbelief, but Derak spoke. "She knows!" He said.

All looked at him. "What?" Kitt asked.

"Courage knows how to cure him!"

"You do?" Mika looked with tears in her eyes. "Please tell me! Please, I beg..."

"No." Courage replied. "You destroyed my life, why would I help you!?"

Zach fumed with anger. "You're going to help us or..."

"Or what?" Courage snapped back. "You're going to kill me? Isn't it a bit late for that?!"

"Get out..." Zach growled.

"No, I won't!"

"Get out!" Mika added. "Get out! Get out! Get out!" She cried out with a voice unknown to anyone. "GET OUT!"

Derak tried to calm her down, but Mika burst into tears. Heartbroken she cried her heart out.

Courage floated up and turned around. "Fine by me..." She reached the ceiling but then stopped. Courage turned around, but stopped herself. She sighed deeply. Then Courage turned around once more and left, leaving Zach and his friends devastated behind.


"Ouch!" Black Storm rubbed her head. "What was that?"

Black Hurricane and Black Thunder came by too. "For a moment it felt like I was someone else!" Black Hurricane mumbled.

"Whatever it was, I don't want to go through it again!" Black Thunder moaned.

At that moment screams filled the air. The Black Soldiers looked confused around and then looked up. With her arms waving hard, Black Typhoon flew through the air and crashed on Black Thunder.

Black Storm and Black Hurricane coughed because of the dust until they heard someone screaming. "I hate them! I so hate them!"

While the dust cleared, they saw Black Typhoon on top of Black Thunder. "Girl, what happened to you!" Black Hurricane pointed. "You look like hell!"

"Get off me!" Black Thunder pushed Black Typhoon off. "Man what more can go wrong?"

Black Typhoon stepped up and dusted herself off. "We were too late again!" She growled. "That Spirit Twerp got her weapon!"

Black Thunder mumbled. "Weakling..."

Black Typhoon was ready to kick his butt back to Umbra 6, when she stopped. She looked thinking. Slowly she bend over to him.

"What?" Black Thunder asked. The others were confused as well.

Suddenly Black Typhoon grabbed Black Thunder's mask and ripped it off! "Hey!" Black Thunder tried to get it back. "That one is mine! Give it back!"

"Black Typhoon, is everything okay?" Black Storm asked.

Black Typhoon observed Black Thunder closely. "Black Typhoon?" Black Hurricane asked now as well.

Then Black Typhoon grabbed Black Thunder's arm and pulled him along. "Why didn't I think of this before?! Regroup girls, I've got a great plan!!"


Crying still filled the cave. Mika hung on Moka's statue, letting her tears fall on the cold stone. Devastated Derak simply stared at his best friend. Kitt looked for comfort in Zach's arms, who felt more helpless than ever.

"There has to be a way..." He mumbled, but nothing came into his mind. All things crossed his mind. Using the magical weapons? But how! How could those help to cure Moka? They didn't even know yet how to cure the Black Soldiers!

And what about Mika's healing powers? But then again, it never helped when he was blind because of Queen BlackHeart's spell. And if Mika's healing powers would be strong enough against black magic, they wouldn't have to collect these magical weapons at all!

If only the Guardians were here... they would know a way... Then again, they weren't even sure if the Guardians survived the Black Soldier's attack at all!

Zach thought deeply, and then made a choice. "We have to get going."

"What?!" Derak turned around.

Kitt stared at Zach as well, whose face looked cold. "I said that we have to get going. Standing here won't help us finding a cure. If we'll get out of here then..."

"Then what?" Derak snapped. "You want to leave Moka behind? He is our friend!"

"Don't yell at me like I don't know that!" Zach snapped back. "But staying here won't do Moka good either! If we get out of here we'll be able to find the Guardians! They'll know a way!"

"How can you say that!" Kitt pushed him away. "I'm not going to leave Moka behind! Why are you acting like this? Is it because of what he said?"

"If you have any suggestions I'll be happy to hear it!" Zach answered. "But at this moment this is all I can think of! We have to find the Guardians!"

Derak grabbed Zach. He pointed at Mika and the statue of Moka. "Look at her! Look at him! And then dare to say once again we should leave!"

"I don't like it either, but it's the only way I can think of." Zach whispered. "They made me your leader..." He looked at Derak. Derak noticed the tears in his eyes. "Why can't I solve this? Why can't I make right decisions? I just can't do this!"

As a reply... Derak punched him in the face. "You selfish bastard!" He screamed. "You only think about you, you, you! Well guess again Mister, you are NOT the center of the universe!"

"Stop it!" Kitt yelled. "Stop fighting!"

But neither Zach nor Derak listened to her pleas when they dove on each other. Their fists hit each other and Kitt did the best she could to stop them.

"You try being into my shoes for once!" Zach yelled. "I HAVE to make choices! That's my task in this team!"

"A team is more than one person!" Derak screamed back.


On the other side of the cave, Mika listened to the fighting boys. "I know leaving you behind is the best option..." Mika whispered. "But I just can't! I simply can't.... I..."

And for the first time in her life she said 3 words to him... "I love you...." She sniffed. "I love you Moka... and now.... now...." She looked into his hollow eyes. Tears streamed down her young face. "If only you could hear it..." And then she rested with her forehead on his. Her breath was far from normal, as it went out all bumpy. "Farewell Moka..." She whispered and placed her lips on his....

Zach, Derak and Kitt became silent. Mika, with closed eyes, kissed Moka... but he would never return that kiss. And Mika knew that. She had waited too long... and now it was too late.

Mika let go of Moka and cried once again between his arms. Having no hope whatsoever, Mika also lost all will to live...

A pair of arms wrapped themselves around Mika. It startled her, and her eyes widened open. A hand went through her hair. Mika looked up. "M... Moka?" Moka smiled at her. His eyes were filled with life and happiness. "MOKA!" Mika threw herself around his neck. "Moka, you're normal again!" Tears came out again. Not from pain and sadness any more, but happiness. "I love you Moka! Always have, I was just too selfish to notice!"

"Hush..." Moka took her into his arms. "Don't say anything... just listen... I..." But then he stopped. Mika looked at him surprised; what did he want to say? But Moka just couldn't say it. Not yet. First there had to be done something else. He touched her cheek... and returned her kiss. "Please... never leave me again." He said. "I... I love you..."


Zach, Derak and Kitt gazed at them. No one knew how to reply... "Eh..." Zach just said.

Derak didn't wait any longer and walked at Moka. Both boys just stared at each other. Then Derak grabbed him and swung him around. "Jeez, that took you way too long to admit that!"

Kitt stepped forward. Moka looked at her. Both had never been the best friends. Kitt sometimes hated that Moka let himself push over by Mika. But now, she was just too happy he was back and put her arms around him. "I'm sorry for all the things I ever said to you." She apologized.

"Which things?" Moka asked grinning. Then he noticed Zach. Zach just stood there. Not knowing what to do Zach turned away. He had been wrong again. If they would have left...

"You made the right choice once again..." He then heard. When he turned around he saw Moka. Zach wanted to reply saying he didn't understand it, but Moka stopped him. "If you didn't make the decision to leave... There is one thing that can cure all evil spells. Worked out a million of times, but it's right. You're decision triggered it."

Zach still looked confused, when Mika joined him. "Love." She answered. "When you decided to leave I realized once more how much Moka meant to me."

"And so did I." Kitt admitted, along with Derak. "Maybe it's not the same love as Mika has, but friendship is a kind of love too..."

Moka raised a hand. "Well done leader." He smiled.

Zach felt proud, but then it disappeared once again. "No." He shook his head. "I can't accept it. I still have a lot to learn. Derak was right, a team doesn't mean going solo. Once I learned that, I might accept it, but not now."

Kitt smiled. 'Grown once again' She thought.

"Welcome back Moka." Zach smiled and turned around. "Let's go, we have a shrine to find!"


"But it's mine!!" Black Typhoon pulled on a suitcase. "Can't you take Black Storm's?!" Black Hurricane cried.

"No!" Black Typhoon said. "You've got what I need." She won the tug war.

Black Hurricane grabbed her leg. "Please, don't do this to me! I have so little!" She cried her lunges out.

Black Typhoon ignored her and walked at Black Storm, with Black Hurricane crying on her leg.

Black Storm had tied Black Thunder to a chair. "Hey, what's the big idea? Let me go!" He yelled.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Black Storm wondered.

Black Typhoon opened the suitcase and took a bottle out of it. "Trust me, they'll so fall for it!"

"What is that in that bottle?" Black Thunder tried to get out.

"No!" Black Hurricane cried. "Not my peroxide! Please, don't take anything from my tiny make up kit!"

Black Typhoon sighed. "Hold his head still." She ordered Black Storm. "I don't know how well my aim is with her on my leg."

She unscrewed the top of the tiny bottle, and both Black Hurricane as well as Black Thunder began to scream.


Walking through the corridors once again, Mika laid her head on Moka's arm. She didn't want to let go any more. Kitt walked next to Zach.

"Zach, are you okay?" She carefully asked.

Zach nodded. "Yes, I'm fine. Don't worry. I know I have a lot to learn. Just promise me you'll stay with me."

Kitt smiled. "Of course I will."

"How about you?"

Kitt looked up. "What do you mean?" She wondered.

"Are you okay?" Zach asked.

"Why shouldn't I be?" Kitt shrugged.

"You used one of your strongest attacks against your sister." Zach looked aside and saw that what he had said affected her. "I thought that you might feel..."

"I had to do it." Kitt filled in. "There was no time to think. I had to do something to stop her."

"Do you think...?"

Kitt smiled. "We've thrown so much at them and they still survived. We are not strong enough to actually hurt them... not yet."

They reached a small river once again. "Look!" Zach pointed. "Water! This time I'm positive, your Shrine is near Kitt!"

"Well, you said that last time too!" Kitt folded her arms. "Water is a common thing you know?"

"I know, but since I wasn't the first who got my weapon I have to be the last!" He grabbed her arm and started running. "Come on!"


Black Hurricane sat in the corner sniffing. She looked at her make up kit. "Poor things..." She said. "What did she do to you?" She looked at the mess inside. Powder was all over it, as well as half empty bottles.

"Hold his head still!" Black Typhoon ordered once again. "I can't do his eyebrows if he moves this much!"

"Why are you doing this to me?" Black Thunder yelled. "I thought we were a team!"

"Stop moving!" Black Typhoon replied. "We are! But trust me, the next weapon shall be ours!" Then she stepped back. "There, done, FINALLY!"

Black Storm crashed at the ground, panting heavily. "I so hope this is going to work...."

"All we need now is some clothes." Black Typhoon turned around and walked pass the crying Black Hurricane.

Black Hurricane looked up, looking at the cursing Black Thunder. She whipped away her tears and stood up. Curious she looked at the boy in the chair. "Mm..." She said, understanding Black Typhoon's plan.

"What?" Black Thunder asked. "What did she do to me?"

Black Hurricane untied the ropes and Black Thunder jumped out, searching for a mirror. "You know..., " She said to Black Storm. "I had never noticed the similarity between those two..."

Black Storm stood up. "Neither did I."

Then they heard Black Thunder scream. "WAAAAAAH!" He stormed back. "Why is my hair yellow?! Why do I look like that twerp?!"


"We must be getting close, I simply feel it!" Zach got really exited. "Just 2 more weapons to go!"

"Why are you always so happy?" Kitt snapped. "I wonder if you are going to be so happy when it's your time to get beaten up!"

"Don't be afraid Kitt." Mika tried to encourage her. "I know you'll be able to make it!"

"Well, I don't feel the same way as you do!" Kitt sighed.

Zach pointed forwards. "Look, doors!" He pointed at 2 large bronze heavy doors. A large bird was carved on it. "This must be it!!"

Together with Derak and Moka, Zach tried to open the door. It didn't want to open before Kitt and Mika decided to help. Slowly the doors opened... and the Shrine got revealed.

Fire. Lave was bubbling everywhere. The heat coming from it made them believe they were in the heart of a volcano!

Kitt placed her hands in her hips. "Sure Zach, this MUST be the water Shrine! It's so cleverly hidden! No one suspects a water Shrine amidst FIRE!" She sarcastically said before folding her arms.

Zach looked confused. "But... this can't be! It's your turn! I should get my weapon last!"

"You should not get any weapon at all!!"

All turned around and saw the 3 female Black Soldiers. "Typhoon!" Black Typhoon yelled.

"Storm!" Black Storm yelled.

"Hurricane!" Black Hurricane raised her arm.

"Black Soldier SMASH!" All 3 yelled.

Before anyone could react a storm raged through the cave. It blew all over. At the same time an earthquake appeared and released boulders from the ceiling. Kitt tried to look. "Zach, look out!" She yelled, but boulders covered him.

When the danger was over, Kitt ran at the boulders. "Zach, please say something to me!"

Derak looked up. "Where did the Black Soldiers go?" He wondered, but then started to help Kitt as well.

"Zach!" Mika and Moka yelled. "Zach!"

Soon the boulders opened a hole and Kitt looked in. "Zach, say something!" She pushed her hand in, hoping she would feel anything. Suddenly something grabbed her arm. Derak and Moka made the opening wider and out came a boy with yellow hair and brown eyes.

Kitt threw herself at Zach. "Zach, you're all right!"

And a reply followed. "Don't worry, I'm fine..."


But far away, in another part of this maze cave, a boy was tied to a pillar. Badly injured he hung there. A girl raised his face. "Hey Zach..." Black Typhoon smiled. "Why don't you stick with us for a while?"

Zach tried to look at her, but was feeling too weak. "How about that Zach?" Black Hurricane smiled. "You've got 3 girls all for yourself!"

"Just leave him." Black Storm decided. "He's not going anywhere. If we wouldn't have taken him out of there he would have surely died." She turned around. "Let's make sure Black Thunder won't screw up again."

And laughing evilly the 3 Black Soldiers left.

It was silent for a while. Zach tried to think, but his head was beaten up too much. What had happened? He did remember seeing the boulders fall, but he didn't recall them hitting him. But he was in so much pain... was it the truth?

A hand touched his face. Zach tried to look. ".....Liz.....?" He asked.

There was a blond haired girl before him. He had seen her before! A while ago, when he was on Umbra 6. She had saved him from Ryu's nightmares!

"There is no time Zach." Liz said and untied the ropes. "If you won't go the Black Soldiers will get your weapon." But the moment the ropes let go Zach crashed on the ground. Liz kneeled at him. "You must get up Zach. I don't have healing powers like Mika... Zach? Zach!"

End of episode 60

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