Serenay Moon
Episode 59: Side-by-Side
©2003 Rocket Stevo 


The maiden stood as her hair blew through the wind, smiling at the orange haired girl. “So? Are you worthy?” Mika didn’t know how to reply, but all she could think of was how Moka and Derak looked after their fight with the Shrine Guardians. Aura smiled, “You are afraid aren’t you?”

Mika shook her head, “No, I’m not afraid. I…I’m just…”

Aura giggled, “Fine by me! To be worthy of my weapon, you must show me your heart.”

“My heart?” Mika looked puzzled and then scared. “You’re going to open my chest?!”

Small laughter came from Aura, “That is for you to figure out.” A purple glow surrounded the Guardian and with a wave of her hand the glow headed towards Mika. It hit Mika surrounding her with the purple glow. Mika closed her eyes as a bright light blinded her.


A hooded girl came up to one of the guards carrying some fruits. “What do you want girl?” The guard asked.

“I thought you would like some fruits for doing a good job on guarding.” The girl replied holding up her branch basket filled with assorted fruits.

“Well, thank you miss. I would like to have a bite of mother nature, rather than these grubs the Queen serves us.” The guard said picking a fruit. He was about to take a bite when he noticed something, “Hey! There’s something weird with this fruit.” The hooded girl seemed worried and was about to take the fruit back when the guard went to the sink.

“Oh no! I’m doomed!” The hooded girl trembled.

“Next time girl, wash the fruits. It brings the juice out of it.” The guard said washing the fruit and then took a bite out of it. “Hey these pink apples taste really good, like…” The guard didn’t finish his sentence when he collapsed to the floor and started snoring. The hooded girl cheered softly and took the keys from the guard. She ran toward the cell where Fanen, Lyre, and the rest were.

“Pack your stuff up cause I’m busting you guys out of here.” The hooded girl said unlocking the cell door. Lyre ran up to her and hugged the hooded girl.

“Oh thank you Vola. Your great plan has worked!” Lyre cried.

“Yes, I did it for you to be safe with me.” Vola replied.

Lyre hugged Vola close to his chest. He lifted her head up and kissed her on the lips. Then he said, “I love you Vola, forever and ever.”

“And I love you forever, Lyre.” They kissed again.

“Aww!” Reia and Aries said, “How romantic! How sweet!”

Kaim made a face, “How disgusting.”

“I hate to break this love thing, but we need to get out of here before other guards will come.” Fanen said.

Lyre nodded and turned to Vola, “Lead the way, sweetie?”

Vola giggled, “My pleasure, honey.”

The two lovers lead the group with the two sisters giggling to each other. Fanen and Kaim sighed as they watched the group ahead of them.


The light died down and Mika opened her eyes. She still saw Aura in front of her, but she didn’t know what this maiden did to her. ‘What did she mean about showing my heart?’ Mika thought. At that moment, she saw a shadow looming behind her. She turned to see a black figure holding a scythe. “What the…” Mika trembled a bit, but stood brave. The black figure reached from behind his back and pulled out two heads. Mika screamed, “Mom! Dad! You horrible monster! Charm Chaos!” She charged up her power, but nothing happened.

“No, no spirit girl, show your heart.” Aura’s voice echoed around Mika.

“But…But...What does…” Mika tried to ask, but the black figure disappeared into her body. Mika felt a stab in her heart causing her to kneel down. “My heart! It’s hurting!”

Aura looked at Mika trying to stand up. “Hmm! This isn’t working!” Aura started charging up her power, “Perhaps this should work.” She started chanting a spell and then another purple light aimed towards Mika.


Derak lifted up his head from the ground. “Oy! Ok Maureen! I’ll marry Kitt if it is the last thing I…” Derak realized he was on the ground. He stood up, but felt pain as he lift himself up. “Oh yeah! I’m hurt. How can I forget that?” Suddenly Derak saw a bright purple light coming from the left of him. He saw Aura aiming the purple beam at Mika. “Mika!  Don’t give up!” he yelled, “Don’t give up! Don’t…”

A purple light surrounded Derak that he couldn’t move or his mouth. “No forest boy! She has to show her heart by herself.” Aura said. Derak looked at Mika trying to keep herself from letting the pain in her heart hurt her.



After picking herself up, Mika watched as Aura was casting a spell at her. “I don’t want to do this anymore. What good is this supposed to do? How will it help me?” Another shadow appeared before her. It changed into a boy with black hair looking in a different direction. “Moka? You’re okay! Are Zach and Kitt safe?”

Suddenly a black haired girl came up to Moka. “Hey Moka! I got your favorite candy that you like, just for you.”

Moka took the candy, “Thank you Jane! You’re very nice to me unlike this other girl I know, who wanted me to pay money for all her stuff. Let’s go have some fun.” The two kissed and embrace for a long time.

Mika became sad watching Moka kissing. “No! Moka! You said you loved me!” Her heart started to hurt and she felt she couldn’t stand up. Moka and the girl started to walk away. Mika got up and ran after them as fast as she could. “Moka! Moka! Don’t leave me!” Mika cried as she ran. Finally she stopped and watched the two go away. Her heart felt more stabs and she screamed, collapsing to the ground. “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me!”


Derak saw how Mika was in so much pain. He used all his strength to talk to Aura. “Aura!” Derak tried to move his mouth a bit, “Stop this! You are killing her!”

Aura looked at Derak, “I told you forest boy, she must show me her heart and then the pains will stop. Now stay quiet.” She used the same purple light and this time Derak had turned into stone. Aura turned to Mika, “This better work otherwise, she’ll died of a weak heart.” She chanted another spell and send it to Mika. 


As Mika was in pain, she felt images coming to her head of everyone she encountered and she heard voices. The yelling and the screaming made her feel everything was her fault. She saw Kitt’s angry face talking right in front of her. “What can’t you just grow up? You need to take care of yourself. Why have people to take care of it for you?”

Mika tried to hold back her tears, but she couldn’t help thinking about how she mistreated people. Another image appeared, but this time it was Zach and he was angry too. “It always has to be you, you, and you! You’re always selfish about wanting the things you want. I’m sick of all of this.”

“Wait! Zach! Kitt! Come back!” Mika yelled, “Don’t leave me too! Please! Come back!” More stabs hit Mika hard into her heart and she held her chest with pain. She screamed as if knifes were going through her body. Then as she felt the stab slicing her heart in half, she fell hard onto the floor and didn’t move at all.


Auras looked at Mika’s clothes fluttered as she floated down and gently rubbed her head. “Poor girl! I fear her heart wasn’t as strong enough! Now she has gone from this world into a better place.”

From the other side of Aura, a tear came from the petrified Derak. Drips of the tears came out then it became streams of water. “Mika…” He seemed to cry.

Suddenly a pink glow surrounded Mika and Aura floated away from her. “What is this?” She gasped frightened. The pink glow lit the whole room as Mika started to float into the air.


Sunlight shone on Mika lying on the ground feeling sorry for what she has done. ‘This is my fault for getting my friends into this mess. I failed everyone and I failed my friends.”

“Hey stupid!” a voice called out, “Stop crying!”

Mika didn’t know where it was coming from, but she knew it was Aura’s illusion tricks again. She turned around ready to face another angry face, but she saw a red-haired boy smiling at her. The boy came up to her blinking his brown eyes.

“I don’t want to drown in your flood of tears!” The boy said.

Mika wiped away a tear, “Rocket Stevo?”

The red haired boy smiled his cheerful smile, “That’s correct!”


Near the waterfall, Moka and Zach were trying to decide how to free Kitt. “Come on boys!” Black Thunder smiled, “Try to free your girlfriend, if you can.”

“Yeah! Let’s see what you got!” Black Storm said getting her Shadow Rings ready.

“Time is running out as your friend slowly dies!” Black Hurricane smiled evilly.

Suddenly Black Typhoon cried out, “Hey Thunder, something is wrong with your chest!”

Black Thunder looked down at his chest that was glowing pink. “What the heck? I hope it wasn’t those vitamin sodas I've been drinking?”

Black Hurricane suddenly saw the pink glow coming from her chest and Black Storm saw it on her chest too.

“What’s going on?” Black Storm cried.

“I don’t know, but I hate to die young.” Black Hurricane yelled back.


In the Guardian’s cave, the Guardians all sat around Tiamat who sat in the center. Lady Luna came out with drinks.

“I thought you might be thirsty from your trip.” Lady Luna said giving Tiamat a glass and then to all the other Guardians.

“Blech! What is this? Tastes like it is from someone’s no…” Lady Ignis started to say, but Lady Kim gave her the look. “Um….yummy! Oh Luna, you should give me the recipe.”

Lady Gaia stared at Tiamat, “What are you doing here? Are you good or evil?”

Tiamat let her multi-colored hair fall down and smiled. “I’m not good nor evil. I’m a Dream Guardian, protector of everyone’s dreams.”

“Oh joy!” Lady Ignis said very bored, “Are you here to put us to sleep and letting us think we are in some la-la land?”

A spray of water splashed Lady Ignis in the face.  Lady Ignis wiped the water off and glared at Lady Aqua who swirled her finger in the air. “So what brings you here, Guardian of Dreams?”

“I’m here because I wondered if you have seen my soldiers?” Tiamat asked.

“Soldiers?” All the Guardians said wondering.

“Do you think she is talking about Zach and all those other people?” Lady Luna whispered to Lady Kim.

“I’m not sure!” Lady Kim whispered back, “But we’ll see if she is talking about Zach and his friends.”

“I hope so!” Lady Luna replied, “Cause I feel something weird about this dream Guardian.”


The red haired boy smiled more as Mika got up. “Why are you on the ground?” Rocket Stevo asked.

“But how could you…” Mika started to say, but she didn’t know how to react.

Rocket Stevo laughed, “It’s okay Mika! I know how life is getting you down. Even thought you have the biggest heart, you mustn’t let anything keep you down.”

Rocket Stevo kneeled down in front of Mika, “I know you’re afraid to lose me, Kem, and RB, and that you’ll be alone. Your heart seems to show it. Even thought I may be gone for a while, I’ll always be with you no matter what. You’ll always be our friend.”

“Our?” Mika said very puzzled.

From behind Rocket Stevo, two girls popped out and smiled. Mika’s eyes filled with happiness when she recognized them. “RB! Kem! You’re okay!”

“Of course, we’re okay!” RB said grinning, “We would never leave you alone.”

“You’re the best friend we ever had.” Kem said, “Come on! Let’s take you home!”

Mika felt herself running towards her three friends. “Let’s go!” She cried as she reached for them.


Suddenly the pink glow surrounding Mika, exploded around the whole cave area. The force of it was so strong; Aura went flying towards the cave wall. The stone dissolved from Derak and he could finally move. Aura got up slowly while holding on to her injured arm. “What in the world was that?” She thought.


Meanwhile, the three black soldiers were terrified to find a pink glow on their chest. They tried to rub it off, but the pink glow stayed on.

“What won’t it come off?” Black Storm cried.

“Black Typhoon!” Black Hurricane called out,  “Try to see if you can find out what this pink thingy is.”

Before Black Typhoon could punch in the right code in her computer, the pink glow on Black Thunder’s chest exploded causing him to let go of his electric whip that had Kitt attached. Soon, Black Storm and Black Hurricane’s chest also did the same thing and all three lay on the ground.

Zach and Moka stared in amazement. “How did that happen?” Zach puzzled.

“Who cares?” Moka said, “Let’s just go!” The two ran off carrying Kitt with them.

“Hey!” Black Typhoon yelled at them, but the two boys disappeared. She looked at her comrades all laying on the ground. “I’ll come back for you guys later! Right now, I need our catch of the day.” Black Typhoon floated off after the two.


In the Shrine area, Mika woke up and grabbed her head. “Am I home yet?” She thought, but then realized she was in the cave, “So it was a dream then.” 

“Mika! The weapon!” Derak called out.

Mika turned around and saw the Crystal Wand lying in front of Aura. Aura quickly noticed it and saw Mika running towards her.

“Oh no! You don’t! I’m not giving up yet!” Aura said and cast a water spell. Water splashed onto Mika’s face trying to push her away, but she kept going. Aura then tried to blow her away with a wind spell, but Mika dig her feet into the ground still trudged on. Her determined face stood strong, as she got closer to the weapon.

“You’ll never dodge this!” Aura cried and cast a fire spell, which headed towards Mika. The fire burst into flames and Mika vanish into the flames. Aura smiled, but then suddenly a shadow came out of the flames. A pink glow surrounds the shadow as it came closer. The shadow revealed Mika bruised and scarred, walking strongly towards the weapon.

“It’s over!” Mika said and grabbed the Crystal Wand. A lot of energy magically transformed her into wearing a pretty pink dress.

“Not yet!” Aura cried releasing a purple energy ball.

Mika grabbed her crystal wand with both hands chanting a spell.


The purple ball came closer to Mika.


An image of her friends smiling made her heart warm.


The purple ball swallowed Mika, but was instantly exploded by Mika’s attack. The attack surrounded Aura as she screamed in pain. She collapsed to the floor as Mika’s spell wore off causing the dress to disappear. Mika sighed a relieved and kneeled to the floor.


Aura got up and went towards Mika. She smiled, “You have done well spirit girl. The heart is what keeps you strong because you trust your friends and they trust you. Keep your heart up and all the bad things will leave you alone.” She kissed Mika’s cheek and suddenly disappeared into Mika’s body. The Crystal Wand magically turned into dust and sprinkled over Mika’s hand. Some was blown at Derak and his injures were healed.

Mika felt the warmness in her chest and she placed her hand over it, feeling her heart beat. “Thank you my friends!” she said, “As soon as we free you, we’ll all go home.”


End of episode 59

Dedicated to my friends and families. Thank you for caring about me! I hope we stay together forever! 

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