Serenay Moon
Episode 57: Panorama
©2003 Rocket Stevo 


“Yay!” A girl with white hair clapped her hands as she looked into one of the mirrors, “My little star got his first weapon.” She did a happy dance, but stopped when she heard grumbling from behind her.

“Stupid kids! I’m going to beat them till they are black and blue. That will teach them not to mess with us.” Lady Ignis growled as she fixed her hair.

The young girl started changing into her Lady form and hugged the fiery Lady. “Don’t worry sis, it will be fine! My star got his weapon first.” She did her happy dance and started bouncing around.

“Come down there Luna!” Lady Ignis growled, but Lady Luna didn’t listen and started floating in the air. “That does it! Final Fire Phoenix!”

The attack head towards Lady Luna, but she noticed it and quickly cast her spell. “Bubble Ball!” She cried and surrounded herself in the bubble.

The bubble bounced the attack back at Lady Ignis and the room exploded. When the smoke cleared, Lady Ignis’ hair was messed up again.

“L-U-N-A!” Lady Ignis yelled and started charging up her attack. Her whole body was surrounded by a burst of flames. Her messed up hair burst with fire blazing, as she got ready to attack. Lady Luna looked frightened as Lady Ignis’ eyes were blazing red. “Have a taste of Hades!” Lady Ignis cried and created a giant fireball.

As Lady Ignis was about to throw the ball, she felt a strong energy coming close to her. The blazing fire suddenly disappeared around her and the fireball melted away. She looked all around her.

“What’s up?” Lady Luna said as she floated down to the ground.

“Weird! I sense someone in our cave. It feels like a strong energy different from ours.”

“You think it’s the enemy?” Lady Luna said.

“No! It’s a different strong energy, but I’m not sure who it is.” Lady Ignis sweated, “Better get all the ladies here quick.”

“Ok!” Lady Luna said and quickly vanished.

Lady Ignis glared all around herself. “She better hurry quick, I can feel this energy coming really close.”


Deep in a different cave, Zach and his friends continued along the way. Zach and Kitt were arguing with each other, Mika was holding onto Moka, and Derak grumble to himself watching them.

“…and he got his weapon after defeating her.” Zach yelled at Kitt, “See the hero always get his weapon first.”

“But that’s different. There was one show where three girls had to find their swords, but this blue haired girl got her weapon first and she wasn’t the red haired heroine.” Kitt said, “See! Show us what you know!”

“Yeah right! Let me see that, if we ever get back!” Zach growls and spat on the ground.

“Yay! Moka got his weapon!” Mika said rubbing her face onto Moka’s.

“Um…I hate to ruin your conversation, but do you know where this cave is leading us to?” Derak asked.

“I guess we’ll find out when we reach the other side.” Moka said.

Suddenly they saw a light from far away.

“An opening.” Zach gasped, “I wonder where that will lead to?”

“I guess we’ll have to see.” Kitt gulped as they all walked towards it.

As they got closer the light grew larger, larger, larger, and larger. The light was so bright that they had trouble seeing.

After the light died down, they all opened their eyes. To their amazement, it lead them to a forest! The birds were chirping and the smell of flowers surrounds them.

“Whoa! Beautiful!” Derak gasped as he looked around.

“Look Moka! Apples!” Mika cried and ran off to one of the trees.

“Slow down Mika! You’re going to get lost.” Moka yelled as he and Derak went after her.

Zach looked at the forest and rubbed his eyes to see if he was dreaming. “This cannot be right.”

“I know what you mean.” Kitt replied, “How can a forest be growing where there is not sunlight or fresh air. You think this is an illusion?”

Zach shrugged, “Beats me! We better find Mika and Moka before something happens.”

“Yeah especially Mika. Sometimes Moka should just tie a rope to hang onto her.” Kitt sighed.

“Well, how about one for you since you always runs towards the sea non-stop?” Zach joked.

“Don’t make me strangle you!” Kitt growled as she tried to grab his neck.


Somewhere in the forest, Moka and Derak had caught up to Mika who was trying to get the apples off the trees.

“They’re stuck!” Mika whined as she shook the tree with all her might.

“Mika! That tree is too big for you to shake.” Derak said, “You can’t get the apples that way.”

“But I’m hungry.” Mika said and started to cry.

“Wait! Don’t cry, Mika! I’ll get the apples for you!” Moka said.

“You can’t do that young man.” A voice called out.

“Who’s there?” Derak yelled and he and Moka got into their fighting stance. From behind a bush, four hooded people walked to them holding baskets.

“Those trees can make you fall. Only tough men can do those jobs. But I have some nice apples with me.” One of them replied as she took out a shiny red apple, “Here’s one for you and your two friends.”

“Um...thank you very much miss.” Moka said as he passed the apples to Mika and Derak.

“Go ahead, eat them.” One of them replied.

Moka took a bite and chew the part of the apple. “Hey this is great! Taste like candy.”

Mika chomped on her apple and smiled. “Sweet and refreshing.”

Derak didn’t bite into his, but knew something was up. Suddenly he saw a squirrel looking at him. “Must be hungry.” He thought and fed it some of his apple. As the squirrel nibble on the apple, it suddenly stopped and started twitching on the floor.

“What the…” Derak cried, when he heard Mika and Moka’s screaming. He turned to see Moka and Mika clutching their stomachs in pain. He glared at the hooded people, “I should have known. You’re the Black Soldiers!”

The hooded people threw their costumes off. “That’s right!” Black Hurricane said, “Black Typhoon, tell him what he has won!”

“Oh be quiet!” Black Thunder hushed her and walked in front of the girls. “I see the poison paralyse apples are starting to work.”

“I knew it! Apples aren’t always shiny as these are.” Derak as he toss the apple at Black Thunder.

Black Thunder dodge the attack and smile, “Foolish human, prepare to suffer the same fate as your friends.” He ran toward him, but suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He grasps at his body and took out an arrow. He looked down and saw Moka holding onto his bow.

"I'm…not…going…to...let…you…hurt…him!” Moka cried and shot more arrows at the group.

“Enough!” Black Storm said, “Shadow Spider Storm!”

A thousand spiders all crawled around Moka as he scream in pain.

“Moka!” Mika cried as the spiders headed towards her.

“Stop it!” Derak said as kicked the spiders from his friends.

“Be gone!” Black Thunder cried, “Venom Volt!”

“Dark Cyclone!” Black Typhoon added.

The attack was so strong that it smashed Derak through a tree.

“Hey! I was suppose to attack him alone!” Black Thunder growled at Black Typhoon.

“Geez!” Black Hurricane growled, “Just because you’re the leader doesn’t mean you have to do stuff on your own.”

“Um…you guys?” Black Storm pointed at Derak who got up and dusted his jacket.

“I said, stop this!” Derak yelled and punch the ground. “Rumbling Voice!”

The attack was strong that it shook the whole forest. Trees started crashing down. The ground shook and cracked open. Chunks of rocks hit the Black Soldiers and tried to bury them. Quickly Black Hurricane dodged the attack and released her spell.

“Hex Hurricane!” She cried and her attack blew the chunks of rocks away from her group. When the dust smoke cleared, the forest looked as if a twister went by. Moka helped Mika to her feet as they looked around.

“Hey where’s Derak?” Mika asked.

“Hey where’s Black Storm?” Black Typhoon said when Black Hurricane helped her to her feet.

The two girls stared at Mika and Moka silently. Then they glared at them. “Alright! You two! What have you done with Black Storm?” Black Hurricane said to them.

“Hey we didn’t do anything! You girls were hurting Derak. You must have done something to him!” Moka yelled back.

“Are not!” Both girls yelled.

“Are too!” Mika and Moka yelled.

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”


At that moment Kitt and Zach arrive where the two groups were arguing.

“Man, it felt as if I was going through that storm again in that other cave.” Kitt sighed as she leaned against Zach.

“Hey look!” Zach said pointing at the two groups arguing. He sighed, “Not this again!”


Somewhere, Derak got up slowly and grasped his head. “Oy! That wasn’t a good thing to do.” He dusted his jacket and looked around. When he looks above, he saw a light. “I guess after using my attack, the ground must have crumble beneath me and I fell down here.” Derak said.

“That was a smart move you have done.” A voice said to Derak and he got smacked on the head. Derak turned to see Black Storm dusting her cape and tossing her braided hair.

“Hey look, if you didn’t attack my friends, I wouldn’t have to use that attack on you.” Derak snapped back.

“Whatever!” Black Storm snapped back and looked above. “Oh man, it’s so high up, I can’t make it out that way.”

“There must be another way out.” Derak said looking around.

“You know a way out?” Black Storm said surprised.

“I said there 'must' be another way out.” Derak said sarcastic.

“Oh!” Black Storm said, “Well, go find a way out. Otherwise, I use my spider attack again.”

“Yes princess!” Derak said sarcastic.

“Actually, can you call me queen!” Black Storm said.

“Yes queen!” Derak said and trudged into the cave with Black Storm following him. “I can see she has a relationship with Mika’s intelligence, but still she’s smarter than her.”

“Hey, quit talking.” Black Storm said.


After much walking, Derak and Black Storm arrived in front of a statue. The statue was covered in vines with flowers surrounding the bottom. The statue had a boy with horns on his head and his body was part of a goat. He held a flute in his hand as he placed it to his mouth.

“Looks like a dead end.” Derak said looking around seeing nothing, but the statue.

“Hmm that’s true! Just only the statue of…hey wait a minute…” Black Storm looked at the statue. “This is the same statute that Black Hurricane told me about when she fought this angel-wannabe person and said it had that magical weapon, Lord Inferno wanted.” Black Storm thought. “So this means….Yes!”

Quickly Black Storm yelled her spell, “Shadow Spider Storm!” The attack headed towards Derak who was held to the ground by thousands of spiders. “Hey what are you doing?” Derak yelled as Black Storm walked at the statue.

“Sorry boy, but I know this place is where you will get your magical weapon.” Black Storm said, “And I’m going to get it before you!”

“No!” Derak said and tried to get the spiders off as Black Storm headed towards the statue.

At that moment, the statue started to glow and the vines surrounding the statue smacked Black Storm away. The statue started to glow green and started to dissolve into flowers. It floated down in front of Derak and Black Storm and it blew the spiders away from Derak. As the flowers combined into each other, in front of them stood a man that was half goat and half human.

“What the heck…” Derak gasped.

“Wow! What a man!” Black Storm sighed as if she fell in love.

The man looked at Derak and Black Storm and smiled, “So, you two woke the great Pan from his thousand years of sleep. I’m guessing you want the magic weapon that I have to keep.”

“What’s with the rhyming, Mister Pan?” Black Storm said, “What are you, the sphinx?”

“Thou wish a riddle you say?” Pan said, “Very well, what’s green and the colour of blood, and when you touch it, turns your hand in the same colour as the blood?”

“Oh great! He’s just liked the Chibi's.” Derak sighed.

“Uh…a snake?” Black Storm guessed.

Pan shook his head, “It's nor an animal.”

Derak thought and repeat the riddle, then he remembered, “A rose?”

“Why a rose?” Black Storm asked.

“Because,” Derak replied, “It is green and the colour of blood. Since its stem is thorny, if you touch it, your hand will bleed as the colour of the rose petals. Since it isn’t an animal, it had to be a thing, so I chose the rose.”

Pan nodded, “Young boy is correct.” His hands started to glow as a bunch of thorny vines appear heading towards Black Storm and Derak.

“Hey what is that for?” Black Storm yelled, “We answered your stupid riddle!”

“Thou shall not win my gift,” Pan said as his eyes glow, “If thou can't beat me in a quick fight swift.”

As he raises his hands, the thorny vines grabbed Black Storm and Derak.

Pan glared at the two struggling to free themselves and smiled, “Thou show me, what you can do.”


Somewhere in the forest, a young girl darted around. “Well someone has done a lot damage here.” Courage giggled, “I must be close to Zachy and his friends. I can’t wait to annoy them again.”

End of episode 57

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