Serenay Moon
Episode 54: Friends in Darkness
2002 Kitty Ocean 


The cave was filled with dust and smoke. While it slowly cleared up, all what anyone could hear, were small coughs.

"Oh man!" Black Hurricane yelled and tried to get the dust from her. "Couldn't these Guardians clean this place up sometime?"

Black Storm stood up. "Yeah, it's not like they have a use or something!" She looked around, seeing the shorthaired Black Typhoon standing up too. On the ground, lay their mighty leader, Black Thunder, dizzy and completely knocked out.

"In the name of our queen." Black Typhoon sighed. "You've got to be kidding!" Slowly she saw Black Thunder coming by again.

He groaned a bit, holding his head when he suddenly looked up. "Did we beat 'em?!" He asked eagerly. He looked around, seeing nothing but his comrades. "All right!"

Black Typhoon smacked him upside his head. "Moron." She cursed. "Of course not! You know what they really are." She looked up. "No, we chased them away."

"What time is it?" Black Storm suddenly asked. "I think Lord Inferno is waiting for our report."

Black Hurricane turned around, letting her hair smack the face of Black Thunder. "Oh boy, he's not gonna be happy! Who will tell him about this?"

The girls were silent for a moment, when Black Storm's eyes began to shimmer. "There is only one suitable person for it." She grinned and looked at the recovering Black Thunder.


While the Black Soldiers vanished from the cave, the Guardians hit behind a corner. Lady Aqua felt her wounds. "How can they be so strong?" She asked.

Lady Ignis' hair was all messed up. "If it wasn't for the fact we need them, I would have personally loved to kick their..."

Lady Kim stopped her angry sister. "We can't do anything, nor are we allowed." She sighed.

Lady Gaia helped Lady Luna up. "We know, but if we can't do anything, how on Serenay Moon can Zach and his friends help them?"


Far away, the bubble burst and released Zach and his friends. Hard, they landed on the ground. "The Guardians." Mika sniffed. "I can't believe it!"

Moka held Mika in his arms. "Have faith Mika." He said. "I'm sure they managed to survive."

Zach looked at Derak and Kitt. "So, what's the plan?" He asked.

"I guess we should go and look for those weapons, like you said." Kitt agreed. "Any idea where to look?"

"Something is bugging me." Derak suddenly said.

"What?" Zach liked to know.

Derak looked up and took off his sunglasses. "That Black Thunder guy is actually Mika's friend Rocket Stevo, right?" He saw Mika nodding. "And he's possessed, right? Possessed by some darkness spell or whatever."

"We already knew that Derak." Kitt replied annoyed. "So when will you finally come to the bugging part?"

"The Guardians."

Moka looked up. "You are right!" He said, understanding what his friend mend.

"What do you mean?" Zach asked. "What's with the Guardians?"

"They said 'friends'." Derak explained. "The Guardians said: 'in order to help Mika's friends'. Friends is more than one."

Mika jumped up. "You mean?!" Her face began to lit up. "Do you really mean we found my friends Moka?"

"Kem and RB did vanish at the same moment as Rocket Stevo." Moka thought. "And Black Storm has the same braids as Kem."

"I knew it!" Mika cheered. "I already thought Black Hurricane reminded me of RB!" She ran at Moka and hugged him. "We've found them! We've finally found them!"

"I'd say they found us." Zach said.

"But what about Black Typhoon?" Derak noticed. "Who is she?"

It was silent. No one knew who this Black Soldier was. "Though..." Zach broke the silence. "She does remind me of someone..."


On Umbra 6, a small boy walked through the very long and high corridor. "Oh, what am I going to tell him?" Black Thunder sighed depressed. He reminded what his companions had said to him: 'You are our leader Black Thunder, you should tell him!' "If I'm their leader, why do they boss me around?" Black Thunder walked further with lead in his shoes. "I can't tell him we lost them. He might use my mouth as a pencil sharpener. Or make me pull weed in the garden again." He reminded what happened the last time that he had to do that. "I don't think my health insurance will cover the hospital bills again."

He sighed deeply and raised his fist. Black Thunder swallowed a bit and then knocked on the door.


On the other end of the corridor, his companions were waiting for their leader. Black Hurricane was doing her hair, while Black Typhoon did some 'Puzzles for Geniuses'. Black Storm played a game on a small computer.

Suddenly they heard their master yelling. "I think he told them the Guardians let them escape." Black Storm said between two beeps.

"Yup." Black Hurricane agreed.

All of a sudden they heard a big blast and saw their leader running by. "I think he told him that we have no clue where they are." Black Typhoon concluded.

In the hallway, not far away from them, stood a boiling Lord Inferno. "Imbeciles!" He cursed. "Morons!" Frightened the girls tried to hide behind each other. "I gave you life and this is how you serve me?!"

"Forgive us!" Black Hurricane pled. "If it wasn't for those pesky Guardians...."

"Find them!" Lord Inferno bellowed. "I want them DEAD! NOW!"

The 3 girls turned around, dragged their leader along and quickly ran away. Angry, Lord Inferno blasted a stone pillar into pebbles. He huffed and puffed, until he heard a soft voice behind him calling.

Recovered, Lord Inferno turned around and bowed. "My dearest Queen, how can I serve you?"

Queen Vena walked at him. "What is going on Lord Inferno?" She asked. "I heard some explosions."

Lord Inferno looked up. "I just had a small problem with my minions." He explained. "Don't worry, we will find those evil soldiers who killed your mother soon."

Queen Vena took his hand. "I thank you, Lord Inferno. I wouldn't have known what to do if it wasn't for you." Her face became angry. "I want my revenge!"

"Of course my Queen." Lord Inferno bowed and walked away.

Queen Vena turned around also. On her throne, she sat down and looked towards the ceiling. "Oh Derak." She prayed. "You were gone after those intruders came. Did these evil soldiers kill you too?" She closed her eyes. "You seemed to have vanished from this planet." She opened her eyes, full of determination and hate. "I will avenge you too!"


Zach and his friends walked through a forest. "Maybe we should return for that print-out." Derak suggested. "Now we have no clue where to look."

"We can't go back!" Mika yelled. "There is no time to loose!"

"Relax Mika." Zach smiled. "We will free your friends." Zach then noticed Kitt, being silent and deeply thinking. "Something wrong Kitt?"

Kitt shook her head. "I don't think so... I hope." She only replied and went on thinking again. Suddenly, the ground vanished under her feet and screaming Kitt fell into a pit!

"Kitt!" Zach yelled and ran to the edge. "Kitt, are you all right?"

On the bottom, Kitt crawled up. "I fell into a pit, how do you think I feel!" She yelled back angry.

"Sounds all right to me." Moka smiled. "What is down there? What do you see?"

"Try nothing!" Kitt yelled back, still being annoyed. "It's too dark to see anything!"

Zach smiled and crawled into the pit. "Don't move, I'll be coming down for you."

"Just don't dare to land on top of me again!"

After a short while, Zach felt the ground under his feet. "I'm not standing on your feet, am I?" He asked to be sure. He put his thumb on fire again and saw Kitt trying to get used to the light. "Did you break anything?"

Kitt shook her head. "Not as far as I know." She looked around. "Well, better get back up there." Kitt walked at the wall.

"Wait." Zach said, after he had put a branch on fire. Kitt turned around. "What is that?" He asked, pointing at a corridor.

Kitt looked. "Looks like a dusty, full of spiders, corridor to me. No way I'm going in." She wanted to climb back up again.

"No, that!" Zach pointed towards something above the corridor. When Kitt looked better, she saw a small circle shaped stone with a triangle on it. It pointed upwards and had a line through it.

"I have no clue whatsoever." Kitt walked closer by. "Gimme a boost."

"What is down there?" Derak yelled. "Everything all right?"

Kitt climbed on Zach's shoulders. "Everything okay!" She yelled.

"Not on this side!" Zach tried to stand still. "Man you are heavy!"

"Are you calling me fat?!" Kitt burst out.

"No, no, not at all!" Zach tried to rescue himself. "You are not heavy at all; light as a feather!"

Ticked off, Kitt looked at the symbol. "It's a triangle all right." She concluded. "With a lot of feathers around it." Kitt looked down. "What do you think?"

Zach still had trouble standing still. "Please come down here first..." He gasped. Kitt jumped down, making Zach loose his balance. "I have no idea." He answered.

At that moment, Derak, Mika and Moka had come down also. "What is wrong?" Moka asked.

Kitt pointed at the symbol. "What is that?" Derak asked.

"There is only one way to find out. Come on!" Zach walked in, followed by the others. Suddenly, Zach noticed something and looked around. Kitt hadn't moved a single muscle! "Kitt, come on!"

"Ee...uu...aa..." Kitt could bring out noting more while pointing into the darkness.

Zach suddenly knew what she mend. "Oh, I see. Don't worry, we'll stay with you." He took her hand and together they walked in. "And if a spider comes near you, I'll chase it away."

"There are spiders here?!"


In the mean while, the Black Soldiers were walking in the same forest. "So you think they are going to look for some power up to become stronger?" Black Storm asked Black Typhoon, who was making calculations on a mini computer.

"We are too strong for them and they know that." She replied. "And the Guardians send them away, yelling that they should find some weapons."

"Whatever." Black Hurricane mumbled bored. "As long as we'll find them I'll be happy. I don't want to do all that boring paperwork again as a punishment."

In the mean while, Black Thunder had been walking behind them, still mumbling. "You are our leader..." He imitated the girls. "You should tell him. Darn, I don't think I can sit for 3 weeks! My butt..."

"You said something?" Black Storm turned around, seeing Black Thunder was suddenly gone! She stood before a hole. "Now, where could he have gone?"

On the bottom, Black Thunder lay knocked out on the floor.


After a while, the corridor had changed into a cave. Though there was no opening visible, wind blew hard around them. Kitt held tight to Zach. "Why did I ever let you talk me into this?" She mumbled. "And there must be spiders everywhere!"

Derak had heard that and turned around. "Hey Kitt, don't move, I think there is a spider..." He saw Zach waving his hands, meaning he shouldn't continue. "...on your shoulder."

Kitt screamed her lunges out until she saw Derak laughing. Softly she growled and became red. Zach dragged Mika and Moka behind a rock and together they hid from Kitt's rage.

When they looked again, they saw a huffing Kitt and a completely knocked down Derak. "Kitt, please calm down." Zach tried. "He was only joking."

"So was I." Kitt said through her teeth.

Derak tried to get up, when suddenly they heard laughter. "I'm impressed, Black Typhoon, your calculations were right again!"

"Of course." The answer was confident.

Zach and his friends looked around, seeing no one. "Show yourselves!" Zach demanded.

Laughter followed. "My oh my, look!" He heard. "Our little Zachy tries to be tough." The first Black Soldier showed herself. "I believe I haven't introduced myself right yet." She jumped agile from rock to rock. "I'm Black Hurricane." The wind in the cave played with her long brown hair. "With the powers from the destructive Hurricane, I'm the fastest, most agile and most beautiful Black Soldier."

Next to her jumped a brown skinned girl with 2 long braids. "I'm Black Storm." She smiled. "With the powers from the deadly Storm, I'm the greatest Black Soldier."

"Do they all have such a big ego?" Derak asked.

Mika stepped forward. "It's true! You are Kem and RB!"

Moka pulled her back. "But not right now Mika!" He corrected her. "Possessed, remember?"

Next to Black Storm jumped a boy. "Black Thunder is the name, and with the powers from the Thunder, I am their leader!"

Black Storm and Black Hurricane snickered a bit, but when Black Thunder looked at them, they both seriously nodded. "So true." Both said holding their laughter back. "Really!"

"Where is the 4th?" Zach demanded again.

Soft giggling filled the cave. "Darn, there went my great dramatic entrance." She showed herself, standing on a high cliff. Her bright short orange hair danced on the wind. "With the powers of the Typhoon, I'm the greatest genius in the universe! I'm the Black Soldier, Black Typhoon!"

"She really reminds me of someone." Zach said again. "But I don't know a shorthaired..."

"Star!" All looked at Kitt who gasped at the Black Soldier. "Get down this instant! I know you are afraid of heights!"

"Star?!" All yelled.

Zach grabbed Kitt, who didn't look at him. "You've gotta be kidding, that's Starleen?!"

"Oh man, not that girl I mistook for Kitt a long while ago." Derak mumbled and looked at the Black Soldier.

"I'm gonna tell mom!" Kitt yelled at her twin sister. "Does she even know you are possessed?" Black Typhoon was a bit startled by Kitt's comments. "And when did you cut your hair short?" Kitt added. "You said it was your greatest pride of the universe!"

"Stop talking to me like you know me!" Black Typhoon yelled back. "That stupid ponytail made me look like a kid!"

"You are a kid!"

"I'm the greatest genius in the Universe!"

"No you are not!"

"Yes I am!"

"No you're not!"

"Yes I am!"

All gazed at the fighting siblings. "Well, though one of them doesn't remember being a twin, they sure still sounds like sisters." Moka concluded.

End of episode 54

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