Serenay Moon
Episode 53: Legendary
©2002 Rocket Stevo  


From down the cave opening, three girls appeared looking very tired and covered in dust. “You may be smart Black Typhoon,” Black Storm replied wiping the dust from her black outfit, “But next time warn us when the bats are coming.”

“Yeah! Look at me!” Black Hurricane sneered back as she took cobwebs off her head, “At this rate, I won’t have enough time to clean up when my date arrives.”

“Hey where did the powerful Black Thunder go?” Black Typhoon asked when she realised he wasn’t there.

From the cave opening, the girls heard a cry and then a loud buzzing noise. “Take that! And that! Two more! Six more!” After a few seconds, a boy with red hair ran out of the hole and quickly shove a giant rock in front of it.

The girls giggled at the dusty boy trying to catch his breath. “What’s wrong Thunder? Did the big bad bat, made you wet your pants?” Black Hurricane joked and the girls laughed their lungs out.

“S...Stop that! All of you!” Black Thunder growled as he took another ninja mask out. Suddenly they all heard a noise coming from one of the cave openings.

“That sounds like the soldiers Queen Vena order us to destroy.” Black Storm smiled.

“Oh joy to the world!” Black Thunder grumbled, but stopped when Black Storm glared at him.

Black Typhoon held her hands to her head and then point at the left cave opening “They’re in that cave opening there.”

“I hope your right.” Black Hurricane said, “I can’t stand to look even more uglier.”

“Why don’t you look in the mirror sometime.” Black Thunder mumbled and got whacked by a rock.


In another part of the cave, the Soldiers and Guardians all sat around a circled mirror. “What’s this thing?” Zach asked, as he was about to touch the mirror.

Kitt slapped his hand, “Stop that Baka! Why don’t you keep your hands in your pocket?” Without answering, Zach shove his hands into his pocket afraid Kitt was going to be grumpy again.

“This is the mirror of Infinity.” Lady Kim replied.

“Hmm! Looks similar to the Mirror of Eternity, Kitt talked about.” Moka said.

“Actually it is, but this one can play games on it.” Lady Luna grins, “I can even beat Ignis at Rhythm Beat.”

“Hey that’s because my control wasn’t working.” Lady Ignis yelled back.

“Anyway,” Zach interrupted, “What does this thing has to do with getting Mika’s friend back to normal?”

“You will find out soon!” Lady Gaia said and then nodded to Lady Kim.

Lady Kim mumbles something and the mirror display a land. “What the?” Derak gasped softly.

“A long time ago, there was a war between good and evil…” Lady Kim started to say.

“Haven’t I heard that saying somewhere?” Zach murmured. Kitt elbow Zach in the ribs.

“On the good side, five strong warriors led their army using their magical weapons.” Lady Kim continued as with a wave of her arms five people in armour appeared.

Zach elbow Kitt and cursed at her.

“Each weapon holds its own special power made by some god or someone.”

Getting angry, Kitt pinch Zach on the hand.

“With their powers they were able to defeat the whole evil army like blowing all the candles off a birthday cake.”

Zach’s face turned red trying to keep from screaming.

“Although they were strong against them, they didn’t defeat the mighty dark person.” Another image appeared as a person wearing a black robe walk toward the warriors.

Mika held onto Moka and Zach, who is still holding his mouth, for comfort.

“Even with both weapons combine, the dark person was able to defeat the five warriors.” The image shows the warriors combine their weapons and blasting it at the dark person. After the dust cleared, the black person appeared unhurt. He held his arms up and blasted it at the five warriors. When the dust cleared, the five warriors lay dead on the floor.

“But even thought they were defeated, the five warriors magically disappeared along with their weapons back to their shrine to be kept safe. Ever since then, they never came out of their shrines again.”

“Hmm! What a nice story.” Kitt yawn indicating that it was boring.

Finally Zach grab Kitt’s hand off and breathed for air, “So what those this has to do with us?”

Lady Kim turned to Lady Gaia and nodded her head. Lady Gaia turned to the soldiers, “In order to save Mika’s friends, you must go to the warriors’ shrine and get their weapons. With the weapons, use the power they have against Mika’s friends.”

“Oh no!” Mika scream, “There is no way I’m going to kill anyone with those weapons.”

“She’s right!” Moka cried back, “I don’t want to kill anyone.”

Lady Luna hugged Moka, “My sweet star, these weapons won’t kill anyone, but cure the darkness inside them away.”

“But where are the shrines?” Derak said feeling left out, “I mean are they still around here?”

“Yes there’re still around.” Lady Aqua replying, also understanding Derak’s feelings.

With a wave of her hand, Lady Aqua made an image map. The image map had five different colour shapes scattered in different places. “These shrines are somehow located in your time, so you’ll be able to find them very quickly.” Lady Aqua said.

“Uh…would it be too much trouble to print this out for us?” Derak asked.


At that moment, a voice cried out, “Dark Cyclone!” A windy air came into the room.

“Cosmic Shield!” Mika cried before anyone got blown away.

The four black soldiers came out from the cave opening. “Found ya!” They cried. The soldiers gasped as the black soldiers charge towards them.

“We’re going to die!” Mika and Moka cried. Suddenly a bubble surrounded them causing the black soldiers bouncing into a bunch of crystals.

The soldiers turned to see Lady Aqua casting the spell on them. “This should keep you safe. Now go find those weapons!” she cried and hurled the giant bubble down another cave opening.

The soldiers all yelled at her, but Lady Aqua didn’t reply and turned to the black soldiers.

“Hey blue hair freak! Get out of the way, so we can track down those soldiers.” Black Thunder said.

“Never! We’re never going to let you through.”

Lady Aqua raised her hand in the air, “Neo Crystal Revolution!” The ladies repeated sending their attacks at the black soldiers.

“Damnit!” Black Hurricane growled as she shielded the attack from her, “They’re so strong.”

“Well then, let’s shows them, our strongest attack.” Black Storm smiled

“Oh no! I’m not ready for that attack!” Black Thunder said under his mask.

“Oh so you want to die then?” Black Typhoon said helping Black Hurricane against the attack.

Black Thunder growled, but nodded his head. He turned towards the ladies and lifts his hands in the air. “Thunder!” he cried.

“Hurricane!” Black Hurricane yelled.

“Typhoon!” Black Typhoon shouted.

“Storm!” Black Storm finished.

All black soldiers held their hands as a giant black electric ball appeared.

“What the heck is that?” Lady Ignis said.

“I don’t even want to know.” Lady Gaia said.

The black soldiers stared at the guardians. “Death…Storm….”

The guardians pushed more power into themselves.


The black attack headed straight toward the guardians. “No!” Lady Kim cried as the attack headed closer.


From far away, the giant bubble carrying the soldiers was floating in the air. “You think the guardians are okay?” Moka asked unsure.

“I hope so!” Kitt said, “Those soldiers can’t be even more powerful than them.”

Suddenly they heard an explosion somewhere and saw black smoke coming from over the mountains.

“Nooooooooooooo!” Mika cried into Moka’s arms.

The soldiers all looked at the black smoke and knew the guardians couldn’t have survive. “So now what?” Derak asked.

Zach looked at the black smoke and then turned to the group. “I say let’s find those magical weapons now before anything else happens.”

End of episode 53

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