Serenay Moon
Episode 52: Awakening
2002 Kitty Ocean 


The light was dim. When Zach opened his eyes, he noticed he was lying on his back. Slowly, he tried to get his brain back on-line again. 'Cave..,' he thought, when he saw the ceiling, 'I must be in a cave. Cave looks' Zach shot up, suddenly realising where he was! "The Chibi's!"

"Not so loud Zach...." Zach looked aside and saw Kitt lying next to him. She didn't move. "I'm having a headache..."

"Kitt!" Zach shook her. "Get up! We are back on Serenay Moon!"

"I said... HEADACHE!" Kitt still didn't move. Zach now remembered how Kitt's mood was when she had a headache. Last time she had it, she yelled at a guy who was fishing, for no reason at all!

"Strawberry..." Zach heard Mika mumbling. "I want Strawberry Ice Cream... with Raspberries all around it... and those pink apples from Umbra 6..."

When Zach looked around, he saw Moka and Derak trying to get up. Moka noticed where he was too and tried to wake up Mika. "Mika, we are back at Serenay Moon!"

Kitt now got up too. "I don't want to do any more missions!" She growled. "I want to go home, stay home and sleep!"

"Maybe it's not a mission." Derak answered. "Maybe they just saved us."

Kitt looked devastating at him. "And where the hell did you come from?!"

Zach whispered at Derak "Headache..."

"I wanted to introduce my gang to you when I saw those 4 kids attacking you." Derak explained. "We tried to help, but they kinda used their powers against us." Derak stood up. "I wonder... where my gang is?"

"Your gang is safe, Derak." Derak looked around and saw Lady Gaia walking at them. "We send them home, and they will be safe."

"Great, them again!" Kitt growled and stood up too. All the others followed her and Derak's example. "What is it this time?!"

Zach had enough of it. "Kitt, behave! If you have a headache, then don't blame us for it!"

Surprised by Zach, Kitt didn't react but just put her hands in her pocket and sulked. "Did you save us from those 4 kids?" Moka asked.

Lady Luna hugged Moka. "Yes, we had to. I'm so glad you are okay, little moon of mine."

"Luna, stop overreacting!" Lady Ignis snapped at her.

Lady Luna let go of Moka and stuck her tongue at her sister of fire. "Why were they after us?" Mika liked to know. "We haven't done anything to them, have we?"

The Ladies looked doubting at each other. "Maybe it's time..." Lady Gaia said to Lady Kim.

"Time for what?" Zach asked.

"Can I tell them?!" Lady Luna begged.

Lady Ignis pushed her aside. "No, I can tell them! Their leader shares my element!"

"Tell what?" Zach asked again. "Leader? Huh?"

"I'm not sure..." Lady Kim doubted.

"Awh, come on Kim!" Lady Aqua tried. "You kept the truth from them for about a year!"

Lady Kim nodded and both Lady Luna and Lady Ignis turned around at the same time. "When darkness tries to take over the universe, the Guardians choose protectors of Light." Lady Ignis began.

"These protectors are destined to fight evil and make the universe safe!" Lady Luna added.

"So, we have to find some protectors?" Derak asked.

At the same time, Lady Luna and Lady Ignis yelled the truth. "You are that Soldiers!"

Shocked, it was silent for a moment. "Excuse me?" Moka began.

Kitt walked at Lady Luna and Lady Ignis. "Have you been drinking that milk again? I told you it had an expiration date!"

Zach tried to get things straight. "Wait a minute!" He yelled. "What do you mean with 'destined to fight evil'? We are just normal kids!" He then spotted Mika, Moka, Derak and Kitt. "Okay, maybe not that normal, but we are not special!"

"Yes you are." Lady Gaia smiled. "Only the Soldiers could stand a chance against the Ancient Warriors and the NightWing."

"You mean... it was like a test?" Mika asked. When the Ladies nodded both Kitt and Mika looked at each other... and broke down crying.

"Everything we did was a test?" Zach tried asking above the crying girls.

"Well, not entirely." Lady Ignis sweated. "We had some other tests, but when Queen BlackHeart took our sister we had no choice then to gamble and hoping we thought right."

"So..." Zach couldn't take the crying any longer. "Kitt, Mika, shut up!" Mika and Kitt stopped crying. "So, if it turned out we weren't those 'destined ones', we could have been dead!?"

"It was a possibility..." Lady Kim confessed. "But we have never been wrong before."

"Well, you are now!" Zach turned around. "I'm not going to be that Soldier you want me to be."

"Wait, Soldier of Fire!" Lady Ignis tried.

"No!" Zach yelled back. "I'm sick of fighting. Maybe you can find some other kids who want to fight for you, but I am retired!"

"Me too!" Kitt added. "You assume we want to fight, but we don't want to."

"But you are destined!" Lady Aqua said.

Kitt fumed with anger. "I don't care about that! I don't want too! No more killing!"

Mika, Moka and Derak nodded too. "Good luck with finding you Soldiers. We are gone." Derak turned around.

"Soldier of Earth!" Lady Gaia tried, but all Derak gave as an answer, was a waving hand.

The 5 of them left the room they had been in. "Mm, this was unexpected." Lady Kim mumbled.


Walking through the dark corridors of the cave, none spoke at each other. All shared the same feelings. Anger, doubt and fear. Zach was thinking the most of all. 'Destined?', he thought, 'Impossible! We are not special at all. And we couldn't beat those kids at the mall too!'

Kitt was thinking too. 'If I have to fight, I would have to kill again. And after Ryu... no, I had enough of killing. No more!"

"Does anyone know where we are going?" Mika asked around, but no one replied. Soon, the friends reached a corridor that was full with crystal shards. The walls reflected each other's images, but this time, Mika was not affected. She was too serious at the moment. She always pictured herself having a nice life, with peace and rest. Now, she was suddenly a super heroine who was destined to fight evil! Which evil? Mika even wondered if she could call herself a super heroine.

Still walking, Mika looked sad at the walls. She saw the reflections of her friends and herself, steady walking trying to find an exit. Suddenly, Mika spotted something different. She saw a girl with short firey hair, grinning to a dark skinned girl. A girl with long brown hair stuck her tongue out and the last one was a boy with a ninja mask.

"Ehm... Moka?" Mika tapped on her best friend's shoulder.

"Not now Mika." Moka replied. "I'm thinking."

"But Moka!" Mika tried again. "Could Courage create illusions?"

"Mika." Derak replied. "Courage is a ghost, not magician."

"Then I'd suggest we'd... RUN!" Mika pushed Moka before her and all obeyed her command. The crystal wand blasted into shards and the 4 kids came out walking the dust and smoke. "Hehe, that was fun!" The shorthaired girl smiled.

"I never thought the Soldier of the Spirit could be that stupid, did you, Black Hurricane?" The brown skinned pigtailed girl asked the brown-haired girl.

"I wonder how these losers killed the mighty Queen of the NightWing." Black Hurricane pondered. "They are not dangerous at all!"

"Then let's finish it quickly." Their leader grinned. "Venom Volt!"


Black Thunder's attack went straight at the running kids. "Duck!" Zach yelled and again, all obeyed. The attack slightly burned Derak's hair, but everyone was all right.

"My hair!" Derak cursed. "That does it, they are toast! Gaia's rose!" Derak threw his rose that tried to capture the 4 Black Soldiers of Death with its vines. The Black Soldiers however, jumped away in the nick of time.

"Puny attack." The shorthaired girl replied. "You'd better taste mine! Dark Cyclone!"

The attack hit Moka and Moka smashed against the wall. "Moka!" Mika yelled and ran at him.

"I'm fine." Moka lied and got up.

"What do you want from us?" Zach demanded.

Black Thunder walked at them. "Little boy, you think you are a match for us? We are more powerful than you are. Face the wrath of Black Thunder! Venom Volt!"

"That wasn't what I asked for!" Zach dodged the attack. "I asked why! Ultimate Zako Y Chosen!"

The brown skinned warrior lifted Zach with her dark magical powers. "You killed the Queen, and the Queen seeks revenge! And Black Storm always obeys her Queen!" She threw Zach against the wall, but kept him in her dark spell. She smashed him against a crystal pillar and the shards flew everywhere.

"Queen BlackHeart wants revenge?" Derak asked confused. "But she's dead!"

"So is Courage, but she keeps on bugging us!" Kitt called upon her trident. "Let Zach go! Aqua Dragon Love!" The attack surprised Black Storm, and the dark skinned girl let go of Zach.

"Black Typhoon, I think this Soldier is something for you."

The shorthaired girl walked forward. "So, you think you can beat us kid?" She dove on Kitt and used her nails to scratch Kitt in the face. Red streaks were on Kitt's cheek when she suddenly saw Black Typhoon's eyes... they were purple, blue and green...

Startled, Kitt didn't move at all any more. Derak jumped on Black Typhoon and pushed her away. "Are you all right?" Derak asked concerned.

"Yes... I think...I am, yes." Kitt replied doubting.

All 5 gathered in the centre of the crystal room. "I think we need to be attack as one to beat them!"  Zach suggested. All nodded. "Zako Y Chosen!"

"Ocean Explosion!"

"Pineapple Canon!"

"Gem Shatter!"

"Thunder Wings!" Moka added as the last one.

The attack hit the 4 Black Soldiers. The attack was so strong, it even ripped apart Black Thunder's ninja mask. "Why, you punks!" He cursed. Mika looked at the boy with big eyes. His hair was red, and his eyes were brown.

"Want more?" Kitt asked and aimed her trident. "Aqua Dragon Love!"

"No!" Mika pushed Kitt's trident up and the attack hit the ceiling. Crystal rocks fell down and separated the fighting Soldiers.

"Mika!" Kitt yelled angry. "Where did you do that for?! Are you crazy?"

"Don't hurt him Kitt!" Mika begged.

"They were about to kill us!" Zach was angry too. "Why on earth should we NOT hurt him?"

"Because he is my friend!" All looked astounded at Mika.

Moka laid his hands on Mika's shoulders. "Mika, why...?" He asked, but Mika didn't let him finish.

"It was Rocket Stevo." She said. "I'm positive about it."

Moka sighed. "Mika, it can't be Rocket Stevo." He said. "Stevo vanished a long time ago; he probably changed a lot since then."

"But I am certain about it! It was Stevo!"

Zach looked at the Crystal barrier next to them. "Well, whoever he is, he sure wants to kill us!" A red spot slowly began to grow. "And we need to get out of here too!"

Kitt nodded and suggested leaving through a corridor. Quickly they vanished in the cave again.


Only a few moments later the crystal wall got blown away and the Black Soldiers walked in.

"They fled." Black Hurricane, the longhaired girl mumbled. "Cowards."

"Don't worry." Black Typhoon smiled, with sparkles in her multicoloured eyes. "According to my calculations, they took THAT corridor." She pointed at the corridor the 5 soldiers left through.

"Wow, you did it that quickly?" Black Storm asked impressed.

Black Typhoon smirked. "Hey, I AM a genius."

Black Thunder growled at the girls. "Stop the chit-chat! We need to get them to our Queen!" The girls obeyed their leader and followed him into the corridor.


A lot further away from them, the 5 Soldiers sat down and huffed. "I guess, that the Guardians will turn up about right now." Moka sighed.

"Are you all right?" Lady Luna peeked over a rock.

"Told you so." Moka replied.

Mika jumped up and ran at the Ladies. "Ladies, you've got to help us!"

Lady Kim looked away. "In order to help your friends, you need to beat them."

"You... knew?" Mika asked surprised.

"But we aren't strong enough for them!" Zach burst in. "They kicked our butt without any trouble at all!"

Lady Gaia looked at her soulsisters. "Well, there is a way to get stronger..." She said hesitating. "You ran away before we could tell you."

"There is a way?" Derak asked.

Lady Gaia nodded. "But I'm not so sure if you are going to like it."

End of episode 52

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