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Forever Young

Eternity 1:

New to this World

By Kim Houtzager

First printing

On the planet Seken people have one certainty: no matter how long you live, you won’t die of old age. For Matsuru, a young man, life was nothing more than getting up, working on the fields and getting back to bed. But when Matsuru finds a mysterious girl who cannot speak or even think, he realises that his normal life is gone forever. After all, on this medieval planet there exists one more rule: Magic attracts Magic… and it turns out this strange girl has more magic than anyone has ever seen!

Includes bonusses after the story and a preview of Forever Young Eternity 2: Heritage.

ISBN: 9789085397199
Taal/Language: English
Pagina’s/ Pages: 392
Hoogte/ Height: 24 cm
Breedte/ Width: 17 cm

Recommended age: 12 years and up

This story deals with: fantasy, magic, magical beings, murder, death, death by magic, war

Price: €32,00 (Pick up: 23,95)

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