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Pen-i Verzamelbundels in de shop (boeken) /
Pen-i Comics (Dutch) in the shop (books)

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Click on the title to learn more about the books and order them. Signed upon request.

Klik op de titel om meer over het boek te weten en hem te bestellen. Signeren is mogelijk.

Comics - Dutch / Strips - Nederlands

Pen-i Volume 1 Pen-i Volume 2

Pen-i deel 1

1st print

<10 copies left

Pen-i deel 2

1st print

<10 copies left

Novels - English / Leesboeken - Engels

Forever Young Eternity 1: New to this world

Forever Young Eternity 1

1st Print

<15 copies left

Artbooks - English / Kunstboeken - Engels

KIMagination -1

1st print/ Deluxe

<15 copies left

KIMagination -1

2nd print

<10 copies left

Colouring Books (Textless) /
Kleurboeken (Geen text)

Colouring Book 1

1st print

<10 copies left

KIMagination Part 1 - Stapled Edition KIMagination Part 1 ColouringBook

Currently working on /
We werken nu aan

1st print; price: euro 20,00

2nd print; price euro 9,95

(Pick-up price)

The 1st print will soon be out of print. The reprint will be smaller and will hold less extras. Story will remain the same.